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August 23, 2009


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Your table feels like one where I could snuggle right in and feel special and cared for by the host.

The table dressing is gorgeous!!!Very delighted to have dinner there.Thanks for the beautiful post!!

This is ravishing!!! Wherever did you find the pagoda salt and pepper shakers?!? I'd die to get my hands on a pair!
XX Kate "the NEO-trad"

I ahve the exact same Pagoda S and P shakers!!! I must be doing something right:):):) Gorgeous table, Eddie!

Thank you for such a simple-yet-stunning idea. I have a collection of my mother's teacups and saucers. They'll soon grace my dining table, filled with a delicious mix of colorful blooms. How perfect!

Love the flowers, you two! So inspirational as always! Thank you for blogging!


oh, how i LOVE nasturtiums! i remember my mother showing me how you can pick off the ends to suck honey out of them... they add so much lightness to the table - fantastic pairing!


I always enjoy your various tables and vintage finds! You're the perfect shopping partner for me --- I love vintage!

I have been an avid follower for a while, but I do have question, when you say HomeGoods, do you mean that as Marshalls? (as in Marshalls Home Goods)?

Thanks so much!
Rachel's Cottage House

Love the late-summer setting!

I just placed an order with Creative Candles -- and even found a sale in a color I love! (Of course!) I love their product. Thanks for the discount, Eddie. Can't wait to see your own brand!


I love to use nasturtiums in my summer salads. They provide a nice and unexpected pop of color. Great post!

Hi Eddie,
Another hit by the dynamic duo! Great table settings-lovely floral arrangements, very appealing! Thanks for sharing!

So pretty, HUNS!

The flight over the Golden Gate and other
spots in California reminded me of flying in my late husband's plane many years ago..Thanks for the memories..Beautiful photos..

Beautiful! And I'm very jealous of your garden!

Gorgeous! Loving the gold with the yellow. And look at the pagoda salt and pepper shakers! They're such a nice touch.

I love that butter shade of yellow...it's so flattering on the face...like a buttercup!!


I am not ready for the end of the summer so, I will think of this as perfect fo rIndian summer perhaps? Masterful, as always,

Sorry to say that it's now very hard to read your blog (that I love) with the Febreze ad hopping all over it.


Those gilded goblets are sooo pretty. I love a bit'o regal mixed in to a casual table. Great job! Off to Brimfield in September!!! The vintage clothing and fabrics show is always so cool!


You two are terrific and talented. I am definitely inspired!

Oh Eddie..well, you've done it again.
Beautiful. It looks so end of summer.

And leave it to you to score that great yellow tablecloth at the Goodwill.

You are so much fun...and inspiring...I love that you find alot of your stuff "junkin" around".

I don't get it when people look for inspiration in Macy's.....HUH?

More later

oh my gosh - just gorgeous!!!!! loev the yellow for summer- so fresh & pretty!!! LOVE!!!

Oh, I love nasturtiums! I grow them in pots on our balcony- as a bonus, they are really easy to grow from seed, even if you have a black thumb. I have cut them for salads, but never thought to use them in an arrangement. Gorge!

Colorful and chic - Eddie, you've done it yet again. So glad to see zinnias in an arrangement, too - this is one of the loveliest table settings you've created.

Wonderful Eddie!! You always amaze me with your style.

red hot reds and oranges, just what I needed for a foggy morning here in Northern California, thanks!!! Those colors punch up the day.

I am totally loving the color mix here, the red and pinks are just to for for :)

Wow, what a great way to start a Monday! I love seeing how you set your tables, I always get such great inspiration from them.

Yet another inspiration..hugs ~lynne~

Eddie, you always set such a lovely and comfortable table. And by comfortable I mean one that I feel like I might be able to imitate or achieve a similar result. Some table settings are so stiff and extravagant that they feel like a movie set. More art pieces than welcoming places of repast. Your table feels like one where I could snuggle right in and feel special and cared for by the host.

You never cease to amaze me.
I would love to be sitting at that table.
Such a pretty scene.

lovely as always..

Oh my such Beautiful inspiration! And it is the inspiration desperatley needed to get me busy around here. Keep it coming!

Happy Monday to you,
Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

This is wonderful, Eddie! I don't mix reds and oranges with purples and blues very often, but your arrangements are gorgeous. I love this table setting.

Can't wait to meet you in Round Top!

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