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October 18, 2009


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Yes, I saw the Special last year! Both of you were smashing - so talented! My sister enjoyed the Kathy Griffith Special, too bad I missed it...

Have a great and spooky Halloween this year, 2010!

Love the black tapers! Woohooooo! Ballsy!


This is so much fun! Fabulous to finally see someone going all the way with the scary factor this year!


p.s. This is what we're dressing up as: http://tearinguphouses.blogspot.com/2009/10/this-is-love-more-halloween-sidekick.html

Yours was hands down the best! Sophisticated, but still spooky and fun for the kids. I loved every bit of it! BRAVO to you and Jaithan!

The Halloween block party special was fantastic! You gave me so many great ideas for our Halloween party! Loved the pumpkins and the headless horseman the most!!

Just got to thinking, it should have been CREEPY Hollow instead of Sleepy Hollow. Oh, btw may I borrow the wig?!?!?! JK

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Halloween Block Party special. I searched for you on the internet because I was hoping to find step by step "how to's" for the projects shown on the special. However, HGTV does not have it nor does your webpage. You should consider putting together a holiday how to project book for us to be able to do all the wonderful projects you think up! Please please please? I'll buy the first copy

I heart it Eddie. I totally enjoyed watching you:-)

Absolutely fabulous! I was in awe of all three parties, but yours wins my vote for being able to carry through past Halloween. Can we look forward to a Christmas special?

I loved it! You were by far my favorite. You totally need your own show.

Loved the episode! great job!
Mellisa-cousin in law to Kirby

It was all absolutely wonderful! I love the lights along the walk. This year I want to do that for our little "trick-or-treaters". You were super! I hope that they will ask you to be a part of more specials. How about a Christmas one? I would love that.


Who knew you could make cobwebs so darn stylish :)


What a wonderful job you did! Just spooktacular.

I did enjoy watching the show. You are very talented, and I'm so glad I got to go on the D.C. Big Flea with you!

You need your own show!!!
Great job and you, as always, were totally charming!

I can't wait to see it. I DVRed it. I threw a brunch yesterday and my guests were STILL at my house until 9 PM. I guess I shouldn't be such a charming hostess...tee hee hee! I learn from the best {wink}

Loved it!! But, I knew I would. Great job. Enjoy, you and Jaithan deserve a toast and a day off. Wait, you're in the country -- no days off -- yard work.

Love your blog.

Brillant show!! Finally HGTV gets their act together -- and features you and Jaithan! Honestly -- you two really should have your OWN show -- you are so GREAT together!! LOVED the Sleepy Hollow House -- a great theme for the season! Many thanks for all of the ideas! Can't wait for your first Halloween-based book too! :)

Jan at Rosemary Cottage (lot 13 on Cemetery Hill!)

wow, little ol Alameda, one of my favorite places looks great. I love the houses in Alameda and this one was perfect for your talents. You really fitted the occasion to the house, I liked that. Unlike the East Coast, decorating for Halloween and the Fall is a relatively new thing on the West Coast. You have inspired me for sure to break out the pumpkins!

super-spooky! love the tall black tapers and the Spanish moss. can't wait to watch my DVRed episode tonight!

How fun! Love all the pictures!
P.S. I tried the bat napkin ring! Thank you for the template!

If it were my house, it would be like the cheek that got kissed, never washed nor changed, it would be spooky all year long!
love all the details.

Good Morning Eddie...

After watching the PATS (football) do really well, hubby and I switched over to HGTV...I had forgotten to set the DVR for your show...I was so happy to come upon it. We LOVED it...fantastic job Eddie, I told hubby I know him, LOL , I follow his blog !!!

I wonder if you would tell us how you made the goodie bags...loved that idea !! I always do the store bought bags and would love to mix some of those in !!!

Congratulations on a job well done !!!

All the best,
Kathy :)

The show was fantastic! I'm watching it on my DVR while I decorate my house for Halloween. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration - I'm sure I'll watch this again and again. You certainly get my vote for favorite!

Wow...the house looked spectacularly spooky, or dare I say spooktakular! I especially loved the mantel pumpkins and headless horseman brought to life! Bravo!!

Thank you for a fantastic show filled with creativity and brilliant designs. I can hardly wait until you have your own show that we can tune into regularly. I would be the first in line to work for you! Congrats on an amazing job.

Fantastic special. I love the use of items that can remain throughout the season.

hey eddie! i watched in awe! i love the ideas you come up with! amazing! i did a little shout out to you on my little blog! i would love for you to stop by! keep the great ideas coming!

Watched it, loved it. So glad you got to be involved in it.

I thought it was really interesting how different each house was. The Hansel and Gretel house was totally kid-centric and great, while the mansion had wild, grown up, drunk-fest written all over it. Yours was really natural, tasteful, and had a hand-crafted feel that was unique among the three. Those pumpkins were insane.

...and the Countess is going on record regarding Jaithan and his sometimes wearing glasses, sometimes not. We say get the man some contacts, that face is far too handsome to hide behind Elvis Costello glasses. :)

Loved the Show! Hope HGTV uses you some
more for specials. Loved the natural
elements that you used.

Spooktacular ideas & design! I love those HGTV Specials for holiday's ......always a great show full of idea's!
Thanks, & luved the costume Eddie!

You were brilliant!!!!! Loved the show, can't wait to see the next one.


Truly a wickedly fun fest ~ love everything!

The whole family watched and enjoyed! So clever!!! Your ideas are amazing!

What an adventure in Holiday Decor!! Beautiful job!!

I watched it tonight. So glad I stumbled upon it. Loved all of your choices - especially the natural elements. What fun!

I LOVE it, Eddie! I taped the show tonight and will watch it tomorrow. I can't wait. Thanks for these preview pictures to appease me until I can watch. Bravo!

you guys did awesome! i loved your house, i just wish the special was longer, you needed an hour, at least, for just yours.
i'm really hoping you have your own show soon!

I just finished watching you on HGTV. You did a fantastic job! You were my favorite designer and your house looked the best. Those chips were sooo great!

You all did a fantastic job! Classy and spooky at the same time. :D I really enjoyed the show!

HGTV...are you listening? We WANT more shows like this....and Eddie & Jaithan need their own show.

Congrats to you both for a nice, creative and innovative show! Keep 'em coming and I'll keep watching!

just finished watching the show, congrats!

well done and hands down my favorite. loved the tombstones and valances on foam board, jute-like netting, table scape, cornstalks indoors and the use of organic materials abundantly.
when will you get your own show?!

Enjoyed the special a lot and loved all the houses.

Eddie & Jaithan--you totally rocked the block! Loved everything you did. Now--why don't you come down to Atlanta for Halloween and check out our neighborhood "spirit fest"--which is actually one big floating cocktail party.

Spooktacular! I am eating this whole show up with a spoon! Wow did you ever put a ton of work and energy into it...Amazing!

Truly a work of Headless Horseman art!

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