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October 25, 2009


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Masterful!!Looks gorgeous- you have done so much work but it is really fabulous so it's so worth it.

I absolutely love this design for a Halloween party! I think you are truly talented! You have inspired me to decorate this year with a colonial theme.

You are my new hero! I love your classy Halloween design. We are hosting a Sleepy Hollow Party theme this year spurred on in large part by your portion of this HGTV special!

Your Halloween eerie bedroom scene is utterly Spectacular, spooky and beautiful - all in one! You're so talented!

Cute, cute, and cute!
Happy Halloween, 2010.

I second Fina's comment: Amazing!

You really need your own show, an hour long daily show!
Go Ghoul!

I love, love, triple love what you did with the house for Halloween!!! The headless horseman display in the yard is genious -- my 8 year old son can't wait to do this on Saturday for the big night!!! I adore your blog and all the ideas you share with us! Thanks a bunch and Happy Halloween!!!

Finally watched the show last night (on On Demand). All the houses looked great, but your was by far my favorite! You left nothing un done inside or out, your design still left the house functional & didn't cost tons of money. Great, great job by you both!

Loved the show, Eddie! My only complaint is that they should have given you a one hour follow-up show to go into details about all your wonderful projects and ideas. Or, better yet, they just need to give you and Jaithan your own show! I

he show was great and full of east tips! Congrats!!

I love the behind the scenes! You did such a fabulous job on this project and I loved the show. The inspiration has got me looking forward to next year when I hope the house remodeling and landscaping are to the point we can go all out! Your decorating posts lately have been such a blessing to me as I have been at such a creative standstill. Thanks for all of the wonderful things you have put together!

xo, jennifer

How much fun was that!!! Those 2 boys were darling little stinkers! The big boys were wonderful too! Looks like it was worth all the hard work.
I must say that I just love that you first posted about the wonderful Davis Ranch.
Your a good man Eddie Ross...

I just caught the show this weekend, and loved your Sleepy Hollow theme! I would have liked it even more if they'd shown more of what went into it (like flea market shopping, of course). I'm inspired to make merangue bones...they look fancy yet easy, something totally up my alley.

I, too, was wondering about budget. I was under the impression that everyone was "on a budget," but with the $8/yd sheeting that went up on the Hansel & Gretel house I wasn't quite sure what sort of budget it was supposed to be. Certainly not one that I'd have.

What a fabulous setting for a Halloween Party! It has inspired me to actually get busy and carve my pumpkins! I've heard so many wonderful things about you but just happened across your blog this morning. I love your work! I especially love your stories of creating great spaces without having to spend a lot of money - it's so exciting to see the Salvation Army transformations! I love that stuff! Trina

Oh, how I wish I knew you were in the area...I'd have invited you to try another fab find from the Davis Ranch ~ their sweet corn! Devotees travel for miles during corn harvest to stock up, some for immediate eating and some to freeze for the coming winter. Their corn is absolutely divine and well worth the pilgrimage. BTW, I loved your designs on the show.

Love what you did here and the show was fabulous! I love the behind-the-scenes look...can't wait for more!

What a great time you all must have had. It was great to see Jaithan on camera! I might be predudiced....but I think your house was the BEST. I also think you were adorable in costume, although your friend Lori looks as if she is sizing you up for a dinner! LOL. Happy Holloween! Great show and hope you are doing one for the Xmas/Chanukah season!


Thank you for giving us the play by play. I have watched the show 4 times and I love it each time! I will watch you whenever and wherever you are on. I agree with everyone else, you definitely need your own show!

The show was wonderful and you were great! It's so nice that we get to see all these behind the scenes pictures!

I'm so excited to see the pics after hearing all about it at the DC Flea! You and your team did (yet another) FANTASTIC job! Amazing! Can't wait to catch it on Hulu. :)

You were by far the best designer and created the perfect,classic Halloween theme. I so agree about the hiring of a carpenter for Halloween!
What a challenge, finding Harvest/Halloween things in July. Makes it even more impressive.
You and your crew were delightful. I hope to see a lot more of you on HGTV. What a score for them to get you : )
See you in December!

Once again, you amaze and inspire!


What fun. Thanks for sharing your experience. I would have never guessed it was July. We just finally got really awesome big gourds and white pumpkins here in Oklahoma these last few weeks. Hope to see you both again on HGTV soon.

oh my goodness how amazing!!!! you guys are the best!!! i want to eat that whole table right now!!! PERFECTION.


Hi Eddie, Watched the show last night and loved it! Your designs were my favorite. We are going to use some of them this weekend for my tweens Halloween party.

Eddie and Jaithan, I watched the show last night and was so impressed with all the decor you used. I liked the sophisticated look of it all, using natural elements is the way to go in my book and you did it perfectly. Your house was by far my favorite. It felt real and doable, you are always so inspiring, Great show, Great Job, Kathysue

This is just great fun to see you all as the fairies behind the action...
What a tear-iffic job for all little ghouls and witches!

Love - Victoria

I watched Halloween Block Party today and was so blown away by your design for the John family that I googled you!

From the John house, to the food, to the luminaries on the show (as well as what I've seen on this blog today) you have the knack for giving a "one of a kind" air to everything you craft!

I'll be following your marvelous work from here on out.

Watched the show last night and was so inspired. Great decorations and fun to read your post today and get a little behind the scenes info. Great show and decorations! Love the pumpkin man in the front yard!

Eddie and Jaithan -- thanks for scaring (oops, sharing!) what went into your dastardly design for the HGTV special. Especially love that meter long black candle and the little touches like the spiders on the chandelier shades.

Looks great Eddie and Jaithan - hope you've had a great response to the show - so fun to see all the behind the scenes!

You have absolutely outdone yourself Eddie!

We had unexpected guests so only got to see part of the show last night. What I did see of the show looked excellent. Hope HGTV runs it again before Halloween.

Seeing the behind the scenes with you an Jaithen are great. Your energy just shines through. I do not know which picture is my favorite, but the carved pumpkins are fab.


Great job! I loved watching you pull this all together. I am definitely loving that haunted photo you made and am going to incorporate that into our haunted decor. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!

Eddie and Jaithan, love seeing you two artists, creative designers at work The carved pumpkins and luminaries are wonderful!

I watched the show last night on HGTV with my daughter. We loved it. I am always amazed at how much creativity goes into decorating for Halloween.

As I was watching, I was really wishing that I could have been there and had a part in creating those beautiful scenes. It would be a dream job for me to be part of something so creative.

Thanks~ Jamilyn

I loved watching this last night. Wherever did you find that great pumpkin scoop, just a regular cooking store like Sur La Table?

absolutely brilliant! so many inspiring ideas, i don't know where to start. well done!

I thought their home was beautiful before you decorated for the holidays. To have it transformed like you did was amazing. I was just curious as to why you had the least amount of money of all the designers. I would have thought you each had the same. Just me being nosey, don't answer if you cannot.

Great post, wonderful photos. Really enjoyed reading all of it. Thanks Eddie and Jaithan.

It's terrific that you chose to use inexpensive materials and items that could remain in place until Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look. It is interesting to see all the effort it takes to put together a program.

so so good. you are adorably nerdy!
i LOVE the washington irving illustration! i can see it in the table you created for shiz~

I am sooo amazed you found such a bounty of pumpkins and gourds in JULY! And they truly made your design!!

I was interested to hear that you had the least $ to work with...was it show generated (in which case it should be even, no?) or client generated (did each family dictate a budget they could handle?)

You and your team did a manificent job!



We watched..me and the kids and they loved you Eddie. I had to say...."he likes mamas office"...but really you did a great job.

Eddie-we are at Camp Miola and I am up in the middle of the night with Maurice who is barking at various night creatures. What a great blog. So fun to get a behind the scenes look of the special. And thanks for mentioning the candles. Great ideas for next weekend's celebration.Happy Halloween!

What a fun behind-the-scenes post! I bet those kiddos were thrilled to be celebrating Halloween in July.

Behind the scenes are the BEST! I knew you were doing this in summer, and I WONDERED how you got pumpkins!

But Eddie...you need some FARM SHOES! FlipFlops and Soil don't go together :)

Did the crew do one house at a time? Or were there THREE different crews?


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