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October 29, 2009


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Please pick me to win that pillow. I love this blog.

That is the coolest veggie presentation I have ever seen!

Iam waiting anxiously to get the slipcover I from slipcovershop.com!!! I'm thinking that gorgeous pillow would look perfect on my new slipcover!! Are you going to be in the Seattle area soon?? Thanks for all the great inspiration Gina T

I did your cabbage crudite for a party on Friday as I recently commented about and everyone loved it. It was the hit of the party! I gave you all of the credit, of course. Keep up the great posts, I love getting onto your blog every morning and anxiously awaiting what new, great idea you have in store. Hope you come to Portland, OR sometime. I would definitely buy tickets to whatever you were doing!

Love ya Eddie! We used some of your photos - hope you don't mind.

Eddie, Made your sangria recipe last night for my Halloween party & it was a HUGE hit! I used a red Spanish wine (from World Market) along with the Fresca & some fresh fruit. So easy & everyone enjoyed it, plus the red color made it more spooky. Thanks for sharing your easy & delicious recipes.

You will now really be encouraged to eat your veggies...
Fun fun fun!
Enjoy tonight!


Lipton Onion Soup Mix and sour cream how perfect, some things are not to be fooled with.

You are so right! That is my favorite dip! In fact I have some in the fridge right now.! It all looks delicious and perfectly Halloween.


Beautiful spread, Eddie! You always make everything picture perfect. Hope you have a great Halloween weekend. Thank you for stopping by to see me! :)

How gorgeously creepy! I am going to try and recreate a scaled down version for my Grandkids that are going to be with us Saturday night. You always have the best suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing your special talent with all of us.

no no no...not the lasagna...the baked brain. go back! click on baked brain in the sidebar. this is something you will really love!

you should really check out the baked brain on my blog. you will love it!

Love it...

Kathy :)

Yum! The colors of fall are always so gorgeous.

This is brilliant, Eddie! I love the beautiful colors of the creepy crudite- and that Pom punch sounds delicious!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. The AsianCajuns (and our mom) are huge fans of all things Eddie Ross- always an inspiration. Thank you!!!!

good way of getting kids to eat veggies!
clever...and a creepy!

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