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October 07, 2009


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Can you tell me the name of the grey paint color you used? Pretty pleeeaasse. I have been searching colors for literally a year. And I would love to hire you as my decorator.

Eddie, Nice work. Saw the Halloween show.
You took over.

Marge, you better not diet so much. You're disappearing.

Walt, I need you to bring the recycling bin all the way up to the back door next time.

black doilies...now that is amazing, I think I gave mine all away...this is a must get some and try! Off to the thrift store by the weekend, thank you for the beautiful post your pictures are fab.

Fabulous. I am telling you Eddie, no one can do this like you.

I completely agree with all of the comments. It's amazing. I especially love the painted pumpkins in the punch bowl. I come across punch bowls often at estate sales and can never think of a modern use for them. You're a talented man!

I am one of your new followers and I am so glad I found your blog!
It and your ideas are amazing!
I loved this doilies post and it is something I will definitely do with some of the old heirlooms I have lurking in corners of my linen cabinet..
Like you I will opt for husky greys, charcoal and possibly a dark thunder blue/grey.. Excited now!


I know this just boils down to repetition but, like many others, LOVE the dyed doilies. Somehow that grey shade gives them a slightly modern edge and I love that contrast. Can't wait to do the same. Adding it to the list. The long, long list. ;)

Please, please, please can I be your friend? You are so amazing!!

I love, love, love the doilies. I will add this one to my Halloween bag of goodies.

Yes Yes Yes!!! The dollies and your creativity are absolutely amazing!!!! But what about the mouth watering recipes you spoke of? Care to share? ; P

you are so talented.
pure genius; the way you translate the mundane into fabulous.
seriously, what a pleasure you and your blog are to all of us.
thank you.

Um, I need your living room wall paint color STAT! I have been searching for that shade of gray everywhere! Pray tell!?

The "grey" with the silver is so unexpected and so refined...you have made "retro" doiles...lol No way do these remind me of my grand-mothers arm rests...oh my...I'm crackin' myself up here remembering the plastic covers and the crocheted doiles on the arms. I can see turquoise and orange glass with this grey for a refreshing palette all year long. Thanks Eddie!

These ideas just pop into your head, which is why you are such a great designer! I love the charcoal doilies, and I must get some of the Lestoil!

what a stunning way to use doilies... makes me wish I hadn't gotten rid of all the ones i had...hmmm maybe there are one or two still tucked away...off to see.

love your blog,

sweet pea

Thank you Eddie for a wonderful inspiration

That's genius. I'm never going to ass up those stained thrift store doilies again. How perfect for Halloween. Thanks SO much for sharing this easy and elegant idea, I'll be linking.

You continue to amaze me over and over again. They look fabulous! Well really the whole thing looks fabulous, but I really do love the dyed dollies!

Wow these look sensational - I have loads of doilies - what a fab idea :)

Fabulous idea Eddie! Great result!

I love the continuity, and the way you have used them throught. Great in other colours I imagine, as well.

Beautiful photos ;)


oh my gosh just PERFECTION!!!! you're THE BEST!!! so beautiful & I never tire of seeing your apt.


ps- crazy week, weill give you guys a call!!

I forgot how much I loved your old place! I'm going to have to pull out that issue of Domino and drool all over it again....

What a great host you are Eddie... surely someday we'll need to have a soiree together, no?

this was really just lovely. i love your use of an unexpected "springy" color in fall...it totally works. i think this is such a good example of how a space or party can feel seasonal but not in the commercial, cheesy way. thank you for sharing.

I SAW THOSE IRONSTONE butter dishes at my thrift store yesterday....now I have to go get them.
They were 10 cents !

First, since someone pointed me to your blog, I have enjoyed every single entry! Thank you. Second, I think if you do a little research, you'll find that it is "butter PAT" (not "butter PAD"). Thank you again!

I love your mantel piece, and all those lovely black doillies, Have a sweet day!

Looks amazingly stunning! You always make me want to go flea marketing!!

I remember that fun night, festive setting, and of course, those delicious hors d'oeuvres! xx

I remember this one -- and it's even better the second time around!


Grey? Dated? How could you! Had you considered black or lavender or pewter plates? I cannot imagine what you were thinking!

This is absolutely fabulous, sounds so corny, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart! Love those granny doilies made instantly chic. Whatch out, there will be a revolution....!
Your party decoration is devine!
Enjoy the spooky saison!


i love your NYC apartment..and love how you set the table.

Eddie - you rock. :) I love everything!!!

Spectacular, when I first saw the picture of the doilies, I thought they were my stash!! The color that you chose is absolutely gorgeous!! I really love your blog!
Enjoy the rest of your day!! xOxO Nerina :)

Lavender roses against that grey is STUNNING! Love the dye idea...brilliant!

Wondefully Halloween! This is fantastic. What kind of crystal are you using for your silverware behind the sink. I sometimes put silver out on the table for a buffet and I have tried the cradles but I want something different. Any ideas?


I remember this post and how I thought your doilies were to dye for! So glad you brought this back.

Now that looks great!!!!
Guess what I am doing tomorrow :)

the doilies look amazing as does the whole scene...thank you....now i need to get busy and have a fall party:)nna

What great tips! Already thinking of ways to translate this idea, thanks!

The doilies look great dyed....but have you ever tried Efferdent for cleaning delicate white fabrics? I used it years ago to restore my great-grandfather's christening gown. It worked beautifully!

everything in this post is absolutely stunning. i also love what you did with the your etsy sidebar. i am counting the days until your halloween special is on. i cannot wait.

I have this saved from last year, but I totally forgot about it till now. Thanks for the reminder, I think this idea will be great for my Halloween party!

amazing! I never would have thought of that but now I want to run to my closest thrift store to find some beautiful things to restore.

Eddie, you have the most creative spirit and I enjoy all of your ideas so much! Such wonderful inspiration to kick off the Halloween season! Thank you for sharing!


I love the idea of taking something that we generally consider (for lack of a better word) old-fashioned and giving it a modern twist. Gray is such a sophisticated color and looks marvelous beside glass and silver.

I would love to borrow your brain for my next party ....you have the greatest ideas Eddie :)

Yum on the shrimp....

Great post....

Kathy :)

I love everything about this! you did such a beautiful job with the doilies and now I have to try. Also, that shrimp looks delish!

Another terrific Idea. As always, Thanks Eddie

Love it! Gray is my go to color and I am going to have to dye some doilies now! Thanks for the inspiration!


I totally remember this from the first time it was up - I had just started reading. Still a great idea and a lovely party!

I love your dying of the Doilies! They look just beautiful! Thanks for your wonderful blog.
Fall Blessings

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