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October 21, 2009


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Hi Eddie ~ I watched the block party! Your decor looked amazing and the food yummy. I'm so gald you shared this recipe great for the holidays!

You never cease to amaze!

What a fabulous idea!

Hi Eddie

I watched the block party - I thought it was very good as where your decorating idea and designs; not in this post but in a previous post the flock of bats holding napkins flying out of the food cover really caught my eye - very clever and and attractive! You go Eddie!
PS: you looked cute on TV and Jaithan was down right handsome!

I am so glad I discovered blogging, especially yours. I loved you on Top Design,so I was very excited to discover you had a blog. You ideas are wonderful, yet easy to duplicate. I can't wait to try the fall leaves, and maybe even some goulish shapes for my Halloween night chili get together.

What a billiant idea! Can't wait to try them this weekend!!

Love the leaf chips! They were one of my favorite things on the special!

Eddie and Jaithan...this is just too darn cute!! Thanks for sharing.

I simply love your page!!!

Eddie and Jaithan, you are both just out of this world, I would love to be an angel on your shoulders for a week. Maybe the inspirations for these unique creations would rub off on me.....but then I have the two of you!

Hi Eddie,
Love the leaf chips. I don't fry, but I am thinking about baking them. I am not a cook, think you could bake them? I will try.

I'm so glad I found you !!

Barbara- My daughter and son-in-law live in Zurich, and they say yes, indeed, the trees turn all sorts of colors, including red!

Eddie- We very much enjoy your blog. We agree that it is time for you to compose a book!

Eddie,so glad you shared this! I thought I had caught the idea of it on your special, but this reaffirms it! =) Hopefully we are doing this for a party on Sunday that we are hosting! Too bad you can't join us!

xo, Jennifer

Very clever!

Your wonderful picture reminded me of something I heard the other day, probably on the weather channel. They said that in Europe, the trees do not turn red like in America. They just turn yellow. I have never been there in the fall so I don't know if it's true. Anybody ever heard this? By the way, I already tried the chips and my neighbor proposed. Too bad it wasn't marriage he wanted.

Brilliant! Love this!!
You are so great!!


Eddie, hubby and I commented on your leaf tortilla chips when we watched the show. We will definitely make some! If you get the chance pop over to see my Halloween tablescape.

oh my gosh what a great idea!!! you're too much & it's TIME FOR A BOOK!!!! :)

xoxoxoxoox byeeeeeeee

Eddie, that is a great idea and one I might try, they really look like fallen leaves. Being from Calif we don't have all the fall color around us, I have to drive to the mountains for that but nothing compares to the East Coast beauty you get to experience. I can only imagine how wonderful you farm is in the fall, Enjoy! it for me too, hugs kathysue

Those are the cutest chips ever and I love the presentation. Thanks for the great idea.

You can do these tortillas this way with powdered sugar, too. They are great!

What I love about you and your styling is that it's affordable and doable and oh soo chic! Thanks for all your sharing. You're such an ispiration!

Thrilled you like the leaf chips, everyone! They're easier than you think. Princess, I use corn oil and until I have a recipe tester (or 10), I cook pretty unscientifically. Heat your oil up, drop one in and if it starts to fry, you're golden.


Yall are just too much! I love this idea! Just adorable!

I saw the show, very nicely done. I love the leaves! Yum... ghoulish guac and sinister salsa. xoxo

Okay, I saw these on the HGTV show on Sunday and want to make them for a party I'm going to on Friday.. Just wondering how hot you get your oil.. things I fry (like french fries) never end up crispy enough. And do you just use regular vegetable oil?

ps: I loved your house the best.. and it's not just because I'm biased. lol.

By the way: I had made pumpkin soup last Sunday, that would fit right in with your theme, check it out on my blog if you like....
:) Victoria

Looks like the real thing... too pretty to eat! No, maybe not, of course I'd eat them!
You are unstoppable!


Again another BRILLIANT entertaining idea! Thanks, Eddie!

This is SUCH a fabulous idea! Thanks so much for the great inspiration.

Brilliant! I'm doing this one this weekend.

GREAT idea!!! love, love, love it!

Eddie, this was one of our favorite ideas when watching your show! Easy + Very Clever + Yummy looking!

Awesome idea!!!!

Loved this from the HGTV SPECIAL the haunted horseman ........ wonderful idea for chips!

You never fail to surprise and delight! Thank you for all you do.

What a great idea! Such a cute display...I love it!

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