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October 19, 2009


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Hi Eddie,

Love the wreath. Plan to make one and a white one to use at Christmas time. I'm curious what dollar store you have in your area. Is is Dollar Tree?

Hi Eddie...saw the spook special :) So fun and I really liked the non-evil aspect of your house. It was groovy creepy and not scary creepy. I've never been one for the spooky part of Halloween, but like the fun part with costumes and trick or treating. You really made me like a bit'o the spooky because it had theatre effect...that is just funky! Good job!!!


Edie - any tips on a source for black tapers? If I had my choice, I'd find some that were black all the way through - not just dipped. Care to share?

Great idea! Thanks!
Can you share your ideas for decorating a staircase for Halloween? It's so hard to find sophisticated ideas for Halloween. Particularly straight banisters/handrails that are exposed to the front entry?

I LOVE this idea! Looks so easy and the effect is smashing! Could do a white one for Christmas, too!

Genius, Eddie! Love it! You make it look so easy. :)

Great project! Thanks for teaching us some new tricks n' treats!
Love how it look very uptown scary.

You always do such a wonderful job styling your shoots! Thanks Eddie.

only you, Eddie, only you. btw, where did you find those scissors??? EEE

this so rocks...off to go Dollar store diving. Thanks for the inspiration.

Great minds think alike.... I made this 2 weeks ago and it's been hanging on my front door ever since. I got the feather boas from the $1 store too - gotta love frugal finds!
- Danielle

I love the wreath. I have to make one, which means I have to leave work now to run to the Dollar Tree. Yikes! Thank you for showing us how to make that perfect bow. That is so much easier than the way I have been doing them. I hope mine looks as good as yours. Thanks again. Angie

So cute! You could do this for any holiday just change the color of the boa! And we LOVED the Halloween special, I think I want to clone you and keep you with me at all times! (Hopefully that didn't sound creepy-lol) :)

Fabulous idea...thanks so much for the tutorial!!

MAN so you use a boa....nice!

You lucky duck. I couldn't find any boas at our dollar store. The ones at Joann's were too pricey. I'll keep looking. I LOVE this and had plans on making one earlier.

Marvelous! Love the price points, of course.

Even I can create this too cool wreath! And of course your Sleepy Hollow house was my favorite too!

Love it Eddie! I'm amazed at what you create from Dollar Store finds. You'd never know this was so inexpensive.

P.S. I thought your house on Halloween Block Party was on a totally different level than the others. It was so great! I want you to come do my house now. :-)

{ Lindsey }

I'm so glad you posted on this!!! I was dying for this wreath (already made) at Target & couldn't justify buying it!!! NOW I WILL MAKE ONE for the kiddie party!! (and my new orange front door!! :) yay!!! you're the best!!

How you come up with these fab ideas! Very fun and looks easy! I think I will try it!

Too funny, I was just about to head to the dollar store after work to make this exact thing for my halloween party! Great minds think alike :)

Wreathly ...... interesting! Luv the black boa / our version of Hobby Lobby has some wonderful chocolate boa's & burnt orange too! Of course, black is always chic! Even in feathers!

I made one this year and I've been meaning to post. Will have to do that pronto!

Love, love,loved the HGTV special. I need to watch it again!
Mommy dearest reference toooo funny!

eddie, i LOVE it!

Great idea and I'm going to use this next year. Every year I give a Halloween party for my niece and her friends and we have a different theme each year. I was thinking of doing THE BIRDS next year so this would be perfect!

In fact, they could all make one and take it home. Great quick and cheap craft project for them. Thanks!

Watched your show today and LOVED it! You come up with such great ideas.


Eddie, you are a GENIUS. I always hated Hallowe'en decorating 'til you came along. You make it look positively elegant and enticing! GREAT idea. Thank u.

xo Terri

That is just brilliant! Thanks for the how-to. laurie

hey eddie! wow! i am so excited! i did the same exact thing last year but in white for christmas!

beautiful! I just finished one of my own the other day: http://thealexandersut.blogspot.com/2009/10/why-is-raven-like-writing-desk.html

I also used a 14" wreath but instead of wrapping the boa all the way around the wreath (I'd only picked up a single boa and I was working on it after the store closed) I first covered it with black felt then used floral pins to pin it in a circular motion. It went around the wreath just the right amount of times.

We must think alike!

Totally love the wreath! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

I LOVE this idea, Eddie! And loved all you did last night on the HGTV Halloween special!!!!

I love how you make dollar store items look like they came from high end stores!!! You really are AMAZING! I will have to try this one myself.

Oh my gosh, this is wonderful Eddie. What a wonderful easy wreath to do for Halloween. Definetly going to try this one. I always enjoy swinging by for inspriration.. hugs ~lynne~

I just made a very similar wreath-I spray painted a brown twig generic wreath black, then covered in black glitter, and stuck in long black feathers around the entire wreath. Your version looks amazing!! Wish I had seen it first! Haa!!!

This is perfect!
Congrats to the Kreativ Blogger Award!!!

I love the spooky wreath, Eddie. I'm shopping a lot at the $ Tree lately. You can really find some cute things there.

I watched the tape of the Halloween Block Party tonight, and you did such a great job! Your house was my favorite, as I loved all the natural elements of the hay bales, corn stalks, pumpkins and gourds.

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