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October 03, 2009


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i love everything about your place, it's perfection! xo susan

The most loving, poignant, touching story. So proud to be your friend!

Everything is so beautiful and tasteful. Not that I am surprised by that, but perfectly charmed by it. xoox, Patti

Gorgeous place...I love everything you did. Congrats!

Your house looks so beautiful. Your taste in interior is flawless. It sounded silly when I said this but you are refined. You and your boyfriend always dress impeccably (reminded me of Dirk Bogarde and Tony Forwood's era where you'll see the couples in colour co-ordinated shirt and cravat. Please see the photo in this following link as an example. http://www.dirkbogarde.co.uk/archive/photos/index.php)

You've come a long way baby!!!! I can't believe I haven't been up to see you, Jaithan and your gorgeous home ... Let's change that in November! Xo

How do I get a copy? There is such a void without my favorite magazines and this is sooo right for me. Love it.

Hi Eddie!
Your homestead is really chic and homey all at the same time - very nice! The sconce with the bird nest caught my eye. Last year I had a family of sparrows build a nest in a hanging basket right outside my door!
I could not be in Washington DC for the "DC big flea" although I wanted to be there. I am sure it was a very fun event!
Thanks Eddie. Ciao.

i think it's safe to say i love you!

Absolutely wonderful article. I would like to sub. to the magazine. Once again, just this wonderful glimpse makes me want to come visit you. You and Jaithan are simply charming.

Seriously, Eddie and Jaithan.... you are AMAZING!!! Getting a glimpse into your incredibly decorated home is such a treat - thank you!!!

Your place looks really wonderful and the magazine layout looks fabulous! Congratulations.

Eddie, you are such an inspiration. I love your cottage!

I love it! Your cottage is so lovely... just perfect!

absolutely stunning!

Wow..Eddie really love this photo shoot...I really wasn't into the whole Lonny thing because it was on-line and I spend so much time w'blogs, etc. But now after seeing your great place...lovely, gentle but not out of this world, million dollar home no one can afford these days in real life. Thanks for the inspiration, Roberta

Eddie, what a lovely editorial! I was so excited to see your home in full bloom on the glossy pixel pages of Lonny. This new magazine looks beautiful and thoughtful. Congrats on being included. I'm fabulously impressed with your home. xo, Bec

You have no idea how excited I was to finnaly see more photos of your beautiful country house!! I'm going to have to bring it to the Boston flea market so you can sign my copy- I love it that much!!!

Congrats Eddie and Jaithan! Your home is absolutely beautiful, just as I imagined it would be. Hope it brings many joys and a lifetime of blessings. God bless!

Eddie and Jaithan,
You know what they say, when life gets to be to much...You need to move out into the country! Good for you two! Great mag spread too.


You won't believe it, just drove up for a couple of hours to the lamp shop and came back tired, still to run to games with the kids and now checking on my favorite bloggers and find your fabulous home at Lonny's brand new online magazine!
Congrats! It's so glamorous! Love the detail shots, great job!
Big hug!

What a beautiful layout of your home, Eddie and Jaithan! I savored every detail while enjoying the article.

Now I must ask you, are those miniature horses yours? They are absolutely adorable!


Eddie & Jaithan! What a pleasure to see your "spread" -- as in the spread of your new abode, a spread across a lovely table, and a magazine spread.

Loved your place and loved the magazine - posted about it on my blog today with a little link back to you. Bravo on a beautiful home. Enjoyed the pics you included of Michelle and Patrick in action.

What a beautiful house you have. ;-)

The house looks fantastic! Great work in a short amount of time!

thank goodness we finally get to see your home! congrats on lonny and for having fabulous style!

It's fabulous, Eddie. I too have moved from the city (Los Angeles) to the country (outside of Philadelphia) and we are buying an old house with big plans to fix it up. I was SO INSPIRED when I read your post in January about your big move (bye bye city, hello country!) and have been waiting to catch a glimpse of your new (old) home!

I gave a little scream at my office when I saw you and Jaithan in Lonny! Your home is terrific and I thank you for bringing "chic" into a historic country home. Looking forward to many more issues of Lonny!!!

okay, my ♥ is pounding out of my chest!
I just found your link over roomservice 101.

hope u don't mind me visiting often.

PLEASE peek at my latest workbench masterpiece ... I'd love your feedback

I just loved everything about the new magazine and all the fab pics. I wish I could have this in hard copy. You actually made me sort of like Country chic LOL.

Sorry guys. I will have to look at this later, after I get over the unflattering picture of gorgeous (well usually gorgeous) Jaithan and the shot of Eddie's bare white feet. Ok. Now I can enjoy the house. I am so looking forward to it. Thank you in advance.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your home. It was just what I expected plus more. Great way to show off your country home.

I want your camo tote!
Great spread by the way.

Eddie and Jaithan you're both geniuses! You should turn your beautiful home into a B&B so I can come and stay forever. I promise to clean up after myself. Congratulations, I love your home!

Only Eddie would have an Uncle who just happened to have a zebra rug! And, on top of that, it looks spectacular in a farmhouse. Obviously what we can't see is the back breaking work that goes into such beauty.

What a wonderful way to spend a cozy Sunday morning at home- a new feature on you guys wasn't only inspiring but also led me to a fabulous new magazine! THANK YOU!

Bravo! You are both true gentlemen farmers who have mastered cozy elegance.

Oh your place is just stunning. Cozy, relaxed yet an air of elegance. Lovely!

And the mag....super cool! Yipeeeee!

Your home looks absolutely stunning. Equal parts glam and rustic, really just the perfect mix of each. I'm thrilled to get another peek into your beautiful world.

So nice to finally see the whole house. You have done and amazing job in such a short time.
Glad to see you enjoying the country life.

Loved the spread in Lonny, loved your house, especially the zebra rug! Thanks so much for sharing and I will be looking for Lonny, great times, great people and great design! Another home run hit for all!

Love it!! Love it all!! It is even better than I imagined and I have a very good imagination!! You go boys!!

Hi Eddie and Jaithan,

I love sseing your farmhouse! All the details are so inspiring. Lonny looks wonderful...cannot wait to see it!


Eddie and Jaithan,

Love the house and the country setting. Just looked at all of LONNY, a great read. You find such amazing things and are so creative in rethinking them. I'd love to see the kitchen! You guys are my heroes.


I read through Lonny this morning. It was nice to see your new house in the country. How lucky you and Jaithan are to have that wonderful home to design just the way you want to. It is lovely!

What a wonderful tribute to two fantastically talented men! You deserve all this and more for sharing your gift, here on your blog, and for your determination to make this world a more beautiful place. LOVE the article.


Wow. That is quite a feature article! Love that some behind the scenes photos were included. And it really looks like your home, not just your house. Keep inspiring us, please and thanks.

I kid you not -- my girlfriends and I have been emailing each other "Lonny" all day! We love it. And I love the spread with you and Jaithan. Your home is FABULOUS. Please tell the Lonny folks we are so excited for it's arrival!

Eddie...it's just easy and chic and cozy and everything a charming country home should be. You are one smart cookie...you didn't change the feel of it, you just brought the elegant feel of the city into a farm home...Love it!!! You both did a great job, but you know that :) The old sink in the loo is so great. I grew up in an old rectory being a preacher's kid, and we had those old sinks too. Ooh...and the wee horses out back! That is too cute for words, I'm done!


You all are a talented duo and it is beautiful! Hope you are enjoying life outside of the city!

Congrats, Eddie & Jaithan! I'm going to announce Lonny on my blog too and I can't wait to go back & read every word. What a great feature, you 2!

first...this IS exactly what we need!

second...i am SO enamored by your country home. A city girl myself, I have such an appreciation for quaint, rustic, cozy homes such as yours. You have done a beautiful job with it. congrats!

It's all wonderful! And you guys look great! Hope to visit you there sometime soon!
xo xo

Just fantastic, I love the space you have for all of your amazing finds. When we go house shopping I will be toting pictures of your butlers pantry as a must have! Im so happy for you both it is just perfect.

Eddie and Jaithan, I love the article and what you have done with your home! You're the best!


The butlers pantry is so utterly divine and I love all the copper in the kitchen.

What a wonderful spread...I so look forward to reading and enjoying your little corner of the world.

Thanks for the photo tour. Everything seems to be shaping up nicely. Can't wait to see your winter photography! ♥Rosemary

Your home looks wonderful! I am loving Lonny and I hope that it continues to grow and have great success!

Fabulous and just perfect! The farmhouse gets better and better! Thanks for sharing your lives again and again.

Ha! I spotted "Lon'ney's Cookbook" on the mantel when I clicked to enlarge! Not a coincidence, for sure! Too cute.


Loved seeing your house in Lonny! One of my favorite shots was the bedroom dresser with the gorgeous blue in the background. Couldn't be sure but think it's a tri-fold screen. Oh all the accents in the bathroom - inspiring.

Thanks for your kind comments about my yellow/gray tablescape. Looking forward to the HGTV Halloween special!

Wow, quite the spread and very exciting. I have to get the issue! Congrats!

What a wonderful article! Your house is beautiful and your hard work evident. I love your style and the fact that you share your ideas with us!

Beautiful home Eddie and Jaithan. I've been waiting to see your transformation on your new place and you surely did not disappoint. Very inspirational. Congratulations.

Your place is so well done. Good work. Love it. Lonny really captured it well, great photos. I'm still loving the Butler Pantry the best!


Congratulations, what a wonderful event, the arrival of Lonny!! You must be so proud and excited...

Congrats!! Your spread is so amazing! Really inspirational as was the whole magazine! We needed this!!

Since you are on the inside, any word on whether we can ever expect Lonny in print? The online mag is fab, but there is nothing like holding it in your hand and devouring!

Congrats Eddie....Gorgeous !!!

Kathy :)

I am going to be you for Halloween too!

Ohhh the porch! I've never seen it looking so beautiful! And the rest of the house looks pretty good, too. :)

It looks amazing!

beautiful spread! loved getting to peek inside your home, it's just as beautiful as expected!

speechless! wishing lonny all the best!
just what we need now!!!

you know I love it!!

Oh wow! Congratulations -- this is just spectacular! Your house is beautiful, and the magazine looks wonderful. I'm going to have to search it out now!

your home is beyond beautiful!

Congrats on being featured in the first amazing online magazine. Simply brilliant.
The house looks fab.

Your home is stunning. I love it.

This is so exciting, can't wait to get a copy. And congratulations on being in the first edition! Hope to see you both soon. Dana

I loved every word and picture! Thank you for sharing your home ....no one is quite as good a host as you are.

OMG This is so very exciting I can not wait to devour ever page! The house is simply STUNNING!
Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!



Hi Eddie and Jaithan, I just sent you an email this evening to congratulate you both on being in the first issue of Lonny. It seems to be a great on line magazine. Fresh and full of inspiration and as always you were the main inspiration. Kathysue

It's amazing! What is it 25 pages!!! Lonny is amazing and I am so glad to see your place in this first issue.
The behind the scenes photos are great- I always like those!

Beautiful! Just beautiful! Congrats on being in the 1st issue!


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