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November 04, 2009


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Eddie, your new lamp looks fabulous, and I'm glad to see a little more of Shandell's, which I've had bookmarked for quite some time. Susan is a fabulous artist with a unique medium.

I love the idea of painting the inside - so smart! Beautiful project.

I absolutely love this post! Your style is impeccable, and Susan's shop is overflowing with eye candy. I've never seen a wallpaper roller before, now I'm going to have to track one down.....

Oh man...That is so beautifully and elegantly gorgeous! LOVE it. What a talent she is!

Gorgeous end result [of course]. Love all of those creams and textures in the picture of the new lamp's home on the chest at your friend's beach pad.

How fun to have such a talented friend like Susan to share in making a lighting masterpiece with such character.

P.S. Glad you still like the petite silver lamp.


Jolies photos !
Voici mon site:

Wow that really turned out beautiful! I never would never have thought to coat the interior with paint. What a clever idea!

This is so inspiring I really love it!! Yup talented folks like Susan should be known.. Thank you Eddie for sharing the process.

Eddie & Jaithan - the jar turned lamp is awesome!!!! Brilliant! Susan is truly talented!

xoxo Leila

just beautiful! and the lamp bases made from wallpaper rolls? genius!

Lovely lamp. Susan is a true talent.

Beautiful work. You really have the most creative spirit! Loved seeing you on PVE's site today. Congrats on the Rooms with a View event. Look forward to hearing more about it!


was it really $24?

wow, not only a stunning result but more great inspiration

to be honest I get tired of so called 'designers' showing us what we can do for oh a coupla hundred 'budget' bucks or two, this however speaks to me and all that I do - scour and source for old special things, add my touch to it, usually by painting it white...and normally from a thrifted, junked or garage sale source

nice post ;-)


love it! it turned out beautiful!

I love the lamp, but her lampshades really are fabulous!!!! I wish I wasn't all thumbs. I need an Eddie!!!

Oh wow! It is so gorgeous! ANd I LOVE the styling of the vignette!

How beautiful, and so wonderful that you saved it and allowed it to have a new Life, many would have thrown it in the trash (or the recycle bin...) and I loved learning more about the Lamp Arts!

Wow, truly fabulous!

that looks awesome...and great tip about adding the latex paint to the glass- wouldn't have thought of that!

Hey! I was with you when you bought that gorgeous glass creation. Who knew it could look even better than it did that perfect work day in Sag Harbor?! I will certainly bring some lamps that need loving up your way and perhaps we can stop by Susan's and drop them off. MISS YOU!

Great things just happen along the road of creativity!
Where dreams come true too!


It's like a perfect beautiful egg. Learning to make lampshades is on my list of things to master!

When I read "...we decided to use paint.." i thought, Oh No, not on that beautiful glass!! But that quickly changed to "Oh MY"!!!! I guess that is proof you shouldn't doubt talent!!! This turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!

When I first moved to Newburyport, MA from Boston, Susan's store was my saving grace. I still miss her unique sensibilities and wonderful store. Great post and great to see Susan has an Etsy store! Thank you. Barbara

Fabulous! The lamp, you guys and Susan.

Just a suggestion, maybe some piping vertically down the lamp and the cord could have been hidden underneath? Thats how I managed to hide a cord. I put the piping in the North, South, East and West locations on the jar and then in the back, Northside I glued the cord over the fabic piping and then laid another strip of the piping over the cord. You cannot see the cord and the piping is in keeping with the room! I love the fact that Susan is in Millerton, I have a ton of old shades that need to be redone! Thanks for the tip! Warming the car now to drive out to see her shop! Thanks for the tip

Wow i love the lamp. It's so hard when you find a pretty lamp to match a shade. Susan has a great eye. Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration.

Oh wow! I want to go play with her sometime!! I have some old Ethan Allen lamps from the early 60's and would love for her to help them with lampshades. Gosh, I wonder how much shipping would be? LOL See, I am already dreaming of her expertise!

Unbelievable, the lamp is absolutely beautiful. You have such an insight for so many possibilities with even the most unusual objects. This jar was so beautiful and due to the broken neck who would have thought? What a transformation!!!!! You did it again Eddie. Enjoy the beach house!!!!!!

Susan is marvelous. I just picked up some lamps for her today and sending them to her to work her magic! Now, all I think of when I see a great lamp or the possibility of one, I think of her and her ability to "light up" the room.

WOW!!!!!!! Your friend, Susan, has INCREDIBLE talent! The lamp is amazing!

Absolutely gorgeous. Striking simple in appearance, but so eye catching. I am also keeping my eyes peeled for an opportunity to use latex paint in this manner -- I always love the finished product, whether in a simple vase or this lamp..!

Bravo! It turned out amazing. You're such an inspiration.

love the lamp,eddie...

What a great lamp!!!! But then I would have liked it WITH the cord showing coming from the top of the lamp too. What a great idea to put the paint inside. Thanks for the intro to Susan as well!

It is so gorgeous! What a treasure turned into such a fabulous lamp. Thanks for letting us know about her and her Etsy shop!

oooh like the vignette too -

Iye Yie Yie Gorgeous!!!
Any chance you are selling this one on Etsy? or marketing it to Circa lighting -
it really is that beautiful! nice size too!!!

Eddie, not only did I get to know Susan of Shandell's through friend and fellow blogger Patricia van Essche, but I got to see her amazing shop, her detailed work and many beautiful lamps and lamps-to-be.
I have already one happy client with a pair of her lamps to proof it.I admire her craftsmanship and I hope to have many opportunities to work with her.
And I met you through her....up in Millerton....the circle of friends widens....: )

This lamp is gorgeous! Love the hight, the milky glow and that shade, it's a treasure to behold!
See you tomorrow!!!!


Such wonderful things at Shandell's. Must come up in person asap! Thanks for a great post Eddie and Jaithan.

Wow, that was gorgeous - and what a fabulous website Susan has, thank you for sharing that, it's just wonderful.

What can I say? Absolutely glorious. You never cease to amaze me.

Simply beautiful!

Love, love the lamp, what a clever idea to use paint on the inside,now that is ingenuity and great design.I only wish I had a shop like Susan's on the west coast, what a great find for you , Eddiie.I am a lamp addict, My husband says I have never met a lamp I did not like. He tries to bribe guest to take a lamp home. Great post, Hugs kathysue

Just beautiful! Love that the paint was on the interior so that the "feel" of glass was still there along with the footing :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Such a beautiful lamp!! I love how something broken and overlooked turned into something stunning!

I think that the lamp turned out wonderfully, sure to light up your lives!!
Great shape & colors too.

I am honored, you brought tears to my eyes as I read this post. You and Jaithain are so special. So glad to have you as my friends and neighbors.


Eddie, that is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for a pretty lamp and that one turned out stunning.

Great job to Eddie & Jaithan for seeing what the jar could be and to Susan for accomplishing it!

That looks fantastic!

A stunning result. Kudos for the vision and hat tip to Susan's skill!

I love that lamp Eddie. I will keep her in mind for up coming projects.

Big Hug....

Love the lamp..the interior paint is great idea. What a stock pile of findings Susan has in her shop.

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