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November 11, 2009


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I'm swooning over the stripes. So bold and beautiful.

What a wonderful shop! I will make it a stop when i am in Manhattan next month as i lived in that neighborhood before i left for the country. Speaking of neighborhoods....I spent the day with mom in Millerton, NY. What a fab town.....we had tea at the Tea House.

Pink Pig!

I love them both, however I think the white one would create a more pleasant ambiance at night.


The black one with gold trim!!!

What a divine place - like a lolly shop for design hungry people like me! :)
Have fallen head-over-heals for the cloisonné vases. Would look heavenly in our downstairs hallway!

Thanks for sharing & have a lovely weekend

The black looks much more chic!

love the liz taylor pic!

Wow, I just stared at those pics for so long! I've come to the conclusion that I'm drawn to the way the white shade photograph is styled, but I think overall I like the black shade better on the lamp. BUT, I like them both and would be happy to have either in my home ASAP!


I will drop by her lovely store the next time I make it to town!
I love her colors, all so fabulously mixed and not so matched...really great!
LOVE your vases/lamps, black shade is my favorite! Somehow makes more sense to me!
Right now I am packing to fly to Europe, much excitment on all sides of the Atlantic....

Take good care, my friend!


If I had one of those wonderful lamps, I think I would have gone straight for the white shade... BUT seeing your choice, I definitely prefer the black! Perhaps I need to be more daring??????

Sounds like a glorious store!

I love the black shade - very posh.

And you are cute as a button in your bow tie!

xo Terri

I so enjoyed the etsy sale last evening. Thank you both for taking the time to highlight etsy craftsmen and artisans. You featured wonderful ideas and it was so much fun!!

All the best,

Deborah has amazing taste and those lamps are tres chic! Nice work Eddie. XO

I like the black shade best. Makes the colors pop. Great post Eddie, really enjoy reading how you get things done and the logic behind putting a look together.

Stunning and Exquisite Lamps! Once again, you inspire the old to new. My Christmas Wish List is that you would once come to Bowling Green and work your magic on my studio space. BTW, that RED COUCH is to DIE FOR, drop to the floor kicking FABULOUS!

The lamp looks great with either, but I do love the black shade.
It gives drama against that fabulous stripe paper. Looks like a super fun shop. I want to illustrate that vignette with the lamps.

What a fantastic "make over" for these vases. I adore the lamp with the white shade.....Aaaahhhhh! :)

Wow, looks stunning!

Love the lamps - the BLACK shade has my vote, although some interiors may dictate the white shade. Thanks for sharing your creative process!

Great post. I have to say I prefer the softer feminine look, but they are both exquisite.
And what a brilliant idea for a book...it's not easy to create fabulous vignettes. I'll be buying her book, for sure!!
BTW-I gave you an award on my blog:)

Love the vace turned lamp with the black shade. I would love to visit New York and her shop, such lovely things.

Gonna have to go with the black! I love turqoise with black or choclate brown and accented with red. My fav combos.

Hi Eddie and Jaithan,

First off, I must thank you for hosting that fabulous shopping event on etsy, tonight! It was so much fun to go shopping with you guys! I must admit that the couple of items that I tried to purchase went before I got to them, but I just know that I will find other wonderful items in your shop very soon! It was really fun watching you both in person. I only know you from your blog, so it was quite a treat! I do hope that Eddie is not suffering from heat rash after being that close to the fire!

I love both of the vignettes, but I really like the extra height that the candlesticks add in the more feminine one.

Be well!


Oh yes the Black shade---the wow factor is just not there with the cream one. Every room needs an accent of black! Eddie, you and Jaithan need to come to the Metrolina Extravaganza Flea Market---in Charlotte NC. I promise you will not be disappointed. The next big one is in April. The November one was last weekend--I kept thinking"I wonder if Eddie is here?" LOL!

Definitely the black shade,it makes it more current & dramatic.

Hi Eddie and Jaithan,
Enjoyed learning all about Deborah and Buck House...something tells me I'd could get into some serious trouble shopping at her store online. ;-) I'm off to check it out!

I inherited an old vase my great grandmother painted and had it made into a lamp last year. I have enjoyed it so much and think about those special relatives every time I turn it on. I enjoyed seeing your vases made into lamps.

The black shade makes the lamp. White would have been toooo cliche, IMO.

So beautiful! Wish I lived closer but next time we pop up for a weekend, I'll have to drop in. Those lamps are absolutely beautiful! Great job!

Thanks Eddie....great minds, I knew what was coming & what a great solution!
I will be in New York in the near future!
I must stop by the store....thanks for the news!

The lamps are amazing. I personally like the look of the more masculine shade. The colors are incredible!

I hope you don't mind that I mentioned you in my blog today and used your thanksgiving pictures from last fall.

I put the links to your page and also your etsy page with each picture. Please let me know if this is ok. I will never have as many readers as I would like but the ones I have I know would enjoy your blog so much!

You are an inspiration! Thank you!

Hi Eddie, Love the touches of Chinoisserie, it always makes a room look so elegant and interesting as if it has a story to tell.I died when I saw the black shade on that gorgeous turqouise lamp, Perfection. See you tonight on Etsy, Hugs Kathysue

The store looks incredible. Love that you showed us two tableaus to compare.

I love the lamp with the black shade.What a great idea. Thanks for all you do.

What a beautiful store full of treasures! I just love what you did with the vases. (thought about doing that with one of my own). The black shade with the gold trim is great! Thanks for sharing.


Can't wait to stop by! Thanks for the tip! And now I have to rush home and uneven the tableau in my foyer!!! - or maybe I should just pickup something from your etsy shop tonight (@ 8pm)! See you on the web! - Wendy

Love the vase turned lamp !!!

I so agree with you anyone can have a house but its the little touches that make it a home....

Good luck tonight...

All the best,
Kathy :)

The lamps are divine!! I adore them. Can't wait to check out her store next time I am in the city!

I think that she's a Baltimore girl, too! We all have such great taste. ;-)

Fabulous store! I will have to add this to our list of places to visit when we make it to NY in the spring. I love how everything is all set up in groupings. You did a fabulous job on the lamps. It's amazing how a shade makes all the difference.

Thanks for sharing, Eddie!

xo, Jennifer

What a great insight to Deborah's new store. Her taste shines through. Next time I am in NYC I will have to stop and see the new shop. The hanging fixtures came out fabulous.

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