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November 17, 2009


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You make decorating fun! You could make any home look like a celebrity home Eddie! Keep up the great ideas and come visit us out west for goodness sakes! Oregon would love you and you would love Oregon! Can we decorate a cabin or two? :) I'd love to with you!

Whitney Edman

Please please PLEASE tell us how to make the paper icicle garland you created for the Gifford's mantle. I absolutely loved it! Getting to work on the plaid ornaments tomorrow. Thanks, Eddie, thanks for the fabulous work you do!

Hi Eddie, I just happened to catch the broadcast last weekend and I was so excited! You were awesome and your simple and traditional holiday designs were absolutely fabulous. Can't even tell you how much I loved it!

Eddie & Kathie Lee- two of my favorite celebrities! Love getting the preview of this show. Kathie Lee went to ORU here in Tulsa- wish she still lived here. Would love to see you do an event in Tulsa! Thanks!

Dear Eddie,
Please, PLEASE, give us step by step instructions for making the great christmas tree , and garland ornaments you made for Kathy Lee Gifford

Eddie, I can't believe how great your butler's pantry looks, with such little change. Brilliant. What would you do with the mantle in an old 1880's victorian dining room, stunning room, all quarter sawn oak, raised paneling, arts and craft kensington tiled mantle, inset tiffany window in chimney, w/ three tiers of shelves - georgeous but frou frou for my taste. Rest of room is clubby - I have huge navy brunschwig chairs, mahogany georgian furniture and old engravings layered above and on on the panels, a lovely 20's sarouk but these mantle shelves are crying out for a stroke of genuis. any collector ideas? Any inspiring unusual mantle ideas?

Eddie: You continue to impress and surprise! You were very instrumental over a year ago in my cousin Brian and Tina's wedding in Greenwich, and I have been following you ever since (actually, I think I remember you from doing the centerpieces at Brian's graduation party at Grass Island!). You are talented and wonderful, and you and Jaithan have the most beautiful surroundings! Keep up the good work and the inspiration for all of us! ~ Pattie Zeman-Coviello, Norwalk, CT

She looks amazing by the way! Better than ever!

How fun she always cracks me up!! That shows sounds like a great one - can't wait to watch:)

I think your blog gets so much on attention because there was so many variety of topics you've got in here. Have a happy holiday! You guys are awesome.

Deirdre G

Oh, fun, Eddie! I've always liked Kathie Lee & this sounds like a great show. I'll be watching. Happy Thanksgiving to you & Jaithan!

From what I have seen in the past, Kathie Lee Gifford has always had the most gorgeous homes. I cannot wait what you have done. I am going to copy the ornaments above for the tree on my front porch. The plaids and checks are perfect for what I am doing out there. So, thank you for that inspiration. I can't wait for the special. Thanks again!

Mother/Son Christmas Card photo 2009!
p.s. Brrrreaaaakfassssst!

I can't wait to see how you decorated everyone's home. I wish you could decorate a star's home every week!

Designer to the stars! I do love watching YOUR rising stardom! Here's to the show and to many, many more well-deserved successes!


OOOOO so good to hear how sweet Kathie Lee is. Usually you only hear the negative about famous people. I can't wait for the program to air, and I'm dying to know what that "book" was. Especially since you thought it was so great!!!!
xxxx kim

What a fun experience Eddie, Love the top picture of you two. ;)

Wish I could watch it here in Australia.

Sounds like she is an absolute gem, but don't forget that she wouldn't have given you the book had you not been a gem in return!


We cannot wait to watch you make magic...
Again, and again and again
From coast to coast and sometimes in the midwest. We are so looking forward to hosting you during your visit in Kansas City. Your friends at Creative Candles.

i can't wait to see it!!! looks like you guys bonded!! :)

One Christmas is nervewracking enough. I can't imagine two. Had I been Kathy, I would have just kept everything up for the rest of the year!

Watching hour 4 of the Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda and during commercial, checked my favorite blog -- how's that for kismet? Congrats on the show and the extra connections that this must bring your & Jaithan's way.

Will look for your show! Well of course she gave you the book silly!

I have always liked her I think she gets so much bad press...the way she gave that book to you...that is the real Kathi :)

I can't wait to see this show !!!

Kathy :)

ps all Kathy's are sweethearts LOL

Looking forward to the show!

I know this will be a very exciting show! I love Kathie Lee!


Of course you had a wonderful time like attracts like. Goodness spreads like a home holiday fire. How great is that? I can't wait to see the show. Hope you had as much fun as your smiles revealed.


Eddie, Just look at you, now you are designing for the stars. I must say I knew you would reach the stars someday.Speaking of stars I think they are aligning for you my dear man. Great things to come. I just noticed it airs the same day you will be in Alameda, I better record it, I do not want to miss this.Hugs Kathysue

I can't wait to see what you have done with Ms. Gifford's home. Christmas is the perfect season to pull out all the stops.

CONGRATS! dec. 6th is marked on my calendar. have fond memories of how this show came about. exciting.......more inspiration on the way! do tell eddie and jaithan what else is in store?

I'm so excited to see the show. I have always liked Kathie Lee and thought she got a bad wrap in the press. She's funny, kind and has a big heart.

Wow, that is so great that you had the chance to do this!! She looks like she would be a blast to hang out with...then again so do you :)

Sounds like fun Eddie and don't you know, celebrities are just like the rest of us and many are down to earth and lovely. So glad it was a good experience for you! It looks great. You've been a busy little bee lately!

Her home looks amazing and so does she. What a wonderful opportunity for you to meet and decorate her home for the holidays, so cool!

I have always thought of Kathie Lee as a class act, glad you had day with her...what book did she give you? That was really nice, no matter what, she did not have to do that...classy all the way...
Regards, from Canada (Carol Ann)

I can't wait to see the show and all of the other treats you have to share! You are super talented and so much fun (from the impression that I have gotten) so I am sure everyone who meets you just adores you. =) It looks like there will be plenty of inspiration heading our way as the holidays kick off. It's such an exciting time of year!
xo, Jennifer

Sounds like a blast. Can't wait to watch to show in a few weeks.

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