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November 07, 2009


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Wow, this is so cool guys, you're making waves....

I looooove that coffee table! Congratulations, how exciting!!


Oh my goodness Eddie!, I just saw your charming house in lonny mag, so beautiful. I meet you at Ballards in Atlanta, and speak briefly with you at the register (back in summer), probably you don't remember. Great, great great, you are very good. your style is very similar to mine, I just don't have the money :)
Best of luck (no that you need it).
Manuel Iucciolino

you've got to be pretty important to get into Vanity Fair. congratulations to you and jaithan. :) smiles from DC to you up there in NY.

You ARE a hot designer--and one of our favorites from Top Design. Love the farmhouse photos (before AND after). Your living room looks fabulous! This is definitely not a "Little House on the Prairie"!


P.S. Is Top Design coming back for another season or what?!!! We did a weeklong feature about the permanent cast and heard only rumors that it might return.

I am not surprised! Up, up and away! :)

congrats! you must feel like a million! you both have turned your home into a gorgeous place. when you come back to boston for the next flea market {stupid weather!} i will have to pick up some treasures! oh and those candles are great. love that height! heading over to etsy to check them out!

Wonderful! So happy to see your star continuing to rise!


Oh, I think the living room is tan magnífico, but I covet the butler's pantry (and everything in it, of course).

Re: [EDDIE ROSS] Joni Webb submitted a comment to Fanfair.

Thank you so much Joni!! You are so sweet!!! Jaithan and I love listening to you all on the SRT! Have a great rest of the week!



I have to tell you the living room is stunning - so Not laura ingalls. that zebra, the bust, the drapes it's all gorgeous. loved seeing it in Lonny finally. i'll look for the vanity fair tomorrow. I'm so thrilled for you that you can spread out and finally see and enjoy all your things!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to you, the house looks so fab-u-lous! I adore that zebra rug!

oh wow! congrats to you sir!


Always chic in the country from you!
Congrats on the article :)

can someone PLEASE tell me how to see the online Lonny "magazine"?? I can't find it anywhere on the web and would love to read it. Thank you!

Congrats on the spread! VF knows amazing style when they see it. So happy for you both!!!! xo, E

WOW! This is awesome :D Congrats guys!

Congratulations! What a well deserved honor;)

Very, very cool. Punch was onto something when he posted pics of your house.

Also I LOVED that feature on the making the lamp on the the post below.

Congratulations! Your home is lovely. That zebra rug is fab.


congrats guys! vanity fair, wonderful news!

we are still waiting for your own tv show. HGTV are you listening?


yay!!! congrats!! so excited & of course it looke AMAZING!!! huge hug & thanks for the link!!

The first thing that caught my eye in the living room shot was that zebra rug (the netural with wow) but then I saw those incredible tapers! Can't wait for your next HGTV special. Remember to stop and just BREATHE!

Congratulations to you and Jaithan. Very cool and very deserving. You are one talented designer..Oh, YES..YES..YES you are. What an inspiration. And every time I look at that old farmhouse I can feel my blood pressure rise and my heart race. Help. I need oxygen. I can't breathe. Oh, I LOVE it. What a DREAM....

Congratulations!! Your home looks gorgeous as expected. Speaking of gorgeous, I need to scroll back up and examine that Robert Pattinson picture again. Holla! ;)

Very cool. I anxiously await your design/lifestyle show!

Congratulations on the great press! The house looks great. Laura Ingalls be gone- very funny.

Congrats! May goodness continue to follow you! Your butlers pantry is still my fave. Everytime I go into a Goodwill I pray for "EDDIE ROSS" vision to come over me!

Wow!! Eddie and Jaithan, You two are really being published alot and well deserved. I knew you would have great things in your future. You have wonderful ingenuity and design sense. Your drive is amazing. You show your passion in all that you do, that is why you are so inspiring. Now I need to run over to Etsy to see your new collection and candles. I need some Heather colored candles for my Thanksgiving table, will I find that color??? Hope so, Hugs Kathysue

Congrats on the article and the exposure...never have enough! There is no way you could ever be "Little House on the Prarie"...too funny.

Vanity Fair - this is big time! But we knew you were headed for big time all along. A great big CONGRATS and I can't wait until you put a bar cart on your etsy site... hint hint.

So happy for you. Great to see you and Jaithan yesterday.


Congrats Eddie and Jaithan! Love your farmhouse.

First of all, I want my name to be "Punch Hutton". What a GREAT name! And second, congratulations on the article- your house is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


Let's just face it! You are one HOT Designer right now. You make the "old" new and the "new" match the "old." Everyone has a mosh posh of favorites in their home and cannot give them up for many reasons and you know how to update and design with great taste and flair. KUDOS to YOU!

Congratulations! And the Roman bust is fabulous in a country setting.

Congratulations Eddie and Jaithan. So proud of all you have accomplished. By the way are you signature line of tapers made right here in Kansas City?!

"could have gone Laura Ingalls real fast..."

That one had me spewing my morning coffee...out my nose!

Great spread!

The thing I love most is that every time I see this room I notice something different about it.

That is what makes a really good design.

Wow, this is so cool guys, you're making waves....

I posted on cow hides and sheepskins today and here is one again, right in your living room, gosh, you are so damn trendy!!!!

Love ~ V.


What a fantastic surprise to see! Congrats to you - your home is stunning. Updated traditional! Looks fab.

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