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November 27, 2009


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this is simple yet SO lovely. i was extremely excited to see it in the issue, keep up the inspiring work! happy holidays!


Love House Beautiful! If it doesn't survive what will we do?

Eddie, You so talented!! All I want for Christmas...Is a visit to my home by Eddie.
Please, come two weeks before...(wink/huge smile)

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

You're just trying to kill me with jealousy, aren't you?! :) Gorgeous stuff.

Thanks for once again inspiring me Eddie!

I have looked at many shops in Toronto to find something for the table..... after reading this post I'm getting candy canes, white carnations and a milk glass vase!

I love your combination of elegant tableware and candy! Very chic!!!

Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours!

I'll have to pick it up! xoxo


Can't wait to get my copy! How fresh and fun!

Beautiful choices Eddie! The little gifts are darling!

Saw the article, Eddie, when I opened up my House Beautiful for the month. It's all beautiful, congrats on another great feature. Merry Christmas to you and Jaithan! xoxo

Ohh I love this magazine too. Both settings are so gorgeous

I loooooooooooove carnations. You are so right to say they are not understood. Really fresh carnations smell like cinammon, yum. Yay to carnations. My second favorite to daisies.

Hi Eddie! Ana Elizabeth from Interiorismo here. I just bought House Beautiful a couple of hours ago with no idea you were in it. (The same thing happened last year with the Domino issue!) Must be fate. =) I haven't had a chance to look through the mag yet, but from what I see here, it's gorgeous! Looks so clean and fresh, but christmasy at the same time. Congrats!

Ohh I love this magazine too. Both settings are so gorgeous. I love the little gifts in the bowl. very creative!

Love your use of milk glass. the table setting is so vibrant, fresh and feels modern too.This year, i will be celebrating Christmas at home in Connecticut and my favorite part of being home for Christmas is of course to be with my loved ones but also to add the ephemeral beauty of the Holiday spirit. I spend hours styling the table and the house, enjoying every moment of it...

This is also one of my favourite magazines and I have been subscribing to it for a few years now. Even though it costs a little more to get it sent to Australia it is worth every cent. I can't wait to receive it in the mail soon so I can look at your beautiful tablescape in print. One of my favourite blogs in one of my favourite magazines...it must be Christmas!
Best wishes, Natasha.

Eddie, this does look like a cheery candy-cane inspired tablescape. I do have to agree with other comments though. Your original idea of packages tied up with string was much more appealing to me. Flowers seem so expected and this option was a little outside of the box (pun intended). But having said that, I think in both settings you did a great job. I really love the milk glass against the red. Impressed as always,

{ Lindsey }

A vote for the original setting with the gifts in a bowl -- totally original and so fresh itself -- and the whole table was gorgeous! I would LOVE that table setting for Valentine's Day -- what a party that would be! You are a true magician!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

It's just so scrumptious! You can't help but smile when you see this setting. Love ya.

Beautiful and so well done as always. I love your place settings! Congratulations on the great article. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday.

These settings are so lovely and pretty, and I love the centerpieces both!

Come by, I posted about Berlin and will so in the next few days, maybe you've got some time to browse...

My love to you both!

They are super smart to include you!
I love your work.
xo xo

Love them both - the colors are so great! The boxes tied up with ribbon are especially cheerful! They look great with the striped pillowmints!

Congrats Eddie! Both tables are beautiful and fresh. I love that you are pragmatic when you choose items for the table. You are on fire these days!

A beautiful feature in a great issue. Loved the carnations, but the boxes of goodies are great for the flower-challenged. You know, me.

I much prefer your original arrangement, with the beribboned boxes in the compote, the white candles, and the general low-altitude decorations. From a photographic standpoint the sphere of carnations is certainly dramatic, but takes away from the simplicity and Christmasy-circusy charm you first established (it's like being inside one of those striped candies). My vote's for the original setting!

Another lovely table. I'd love to know how many carnations are necessary to create the centerpiece.

I'm always so impressed by your tablescapes... Totally inspirational and I LOVE all the milk glass!!!

This would be sweet to repeat at Valentine's day too!
The red and white is so cheery!

Bravo Eddie....I love both centerpieces, but particularly love how you used the carnations! Love the use of the milk-glass...simply charming tablescape!


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