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November 02, 2009


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I buy dresses all the time at yard sales and Good Will. Now I know what I should do with them. But, I don't really sew all that well. Nice thought though.

Your ideas just kill me! I keep my old dresses and now I know what to do with them!! Thanks, Susan

I'm in - that pillow is so pretty!
- Danielle

Hi Eddie and Jaithan,

I love your pillow! I would love to be entered...thank you!


Ah, that's what I need to do with that dress that I'll never get into again (sigh...)

BTW, I'm having such fun imagining you as Cher!

What a beautiful giveaway!!!!

Me Me Me! Random Random Random!

Thank you :)

I love sparkle and glitter. I hope the pillow comes home to me!

how cool that you have a castle in the clouds! i loved this post, it made me laugh.

Loved this pillow when I saw it in Lonny! Looking forward to meeting you and Jaithan at the Bay Area flea market!

sooooo pretty!!!

I'm a total flea market junkie like yourself but way across the oceans in Japan. I'm always checking out your blog for inspiration and would absolutely love,love,love to win that pillow!

I will put this pillow in my beach house and you may come visit ! That would be fun !

Oh that pillow is beautiful. It would go great in my bedroom. Thanks!

Pick me! Pick me! I'd love to have something you made in my home, it is just beautiful!

You sure do come up with some of the best creative ideas. The pillow is just lovely! Just read the article about the lamp, that really turned out to be nice. I guess us Americans should learn to reuse items with a bit more creativity...I need to get out of my uncreative rut!!

what a special pillow that anyone would be lucky to have! like everyone else i am totally smitten with this pillow!

I love it! Pick me!

Wow, that pillow is so pretty. What a fantastic idea to use a vintage dress!

OOOh - how fun. I'm crossing my fingers.

My bed is calling for that pillow! "Please pick me, pick me, pick me!"

I'm a geometric pattern girl...not really flowerey. That pillow belongs in my craftsman style house!

Great idea, have thought of doing this with my wedding gown for years but haven't got the nerve. FYI - followed your suggestion for Halloween wreath using black boas! Great idea too!

Love the pillow and the story behind it! I've been following your blog from Montana, and I always look forward to your latest post. Thanks for the great work!

Love it. Love your blog. Love you.

Love your Blog!!! and this pillow!

But of course! Love seeing your creativity shine!

Wow, I love the color! And it's just in time for my birthday tomorrow! :)


LOVE the green color of it and all the pretty details. Wish I could sew like that!

Such a beautiful pillow! Would love to make my house its new home : )

Beautiful! I want it!!!

Beautiful! I love the look and the color!

Whether I win the pillow or not, I have a GREAT idea for what to do with the bodice of my old prom dress with which I haven't been able to partyears.

Love this pillow! Such a smart idea.


Wow - what a fantastic day to wander into your blog! What do I find?...... only the most beautiful cushion I have ever seen! I think I've just fallen in love:)

What a gorgeous pillow! And what an amazing way of putting something to use that is too wonderful to just put in the trash!

Bedroom, definitely! Why share with others.....

Saw this pillow in Lonny and it was instant love-absolutely to die for.
Crossing my fingers!

I love you Eddie, and your little Blog too! This could be a great project with Wedding Dresses! Mine is beautiful and sitting in a box!

I just want to come and hang with you and Jaithan. Ummmmmmmmm, did you get my RSVP for the beach house? The green will go well with my Auburn hair! As always, I enjoy the read.

love the pillow.....such a fresh color...would look great in my dream room.

Eek! I am the 375th person to leave a comment, which means my chances of winning are slim! But hey, I have as good a chance as everyone else, right?! :) Gorgeous, gorgeous pillow. I'd be thrilled to win it! I'm already envisioning it in my home...

Eddie-I learned to bead years ago when I worked in retail, so I could repair dress stock. I love beaded dresses and what a beautiful way continue to enjoy one.

Love the pillow Eddie. It would look great in my guest room. Love your blog too.

Can't wait to see your Thanksgiving ideas, I'm having 28 people at my house and I'm starting to panic already!!!

Ooooo...Please count me in! What beautiful textiles. Thanks for the opportunity!

Lovely. Do you think this will help me sleep? Dreaming of lavender fields, beaded gowns and Eddie?
Wish me luck

That is one fabulous, design-a-room-around-me pillow.

If I win, I will faint!
LOVE your blog and I just adore you!
This pillow would be so fabulous in our home!

ooh - gorgeous! That would be such a beautiful addition to any bed!

Oh wow! Absolutely gorgeous! Yeah, I'm quite certain this would look great in my room. (Even though it's done in a completely different color scheme, but there are always exceptions to every rule right? :D)

love the pillow! if don't win, I'll use your idea and make a similar one myself :-)

Just beautiful!

Last night in my dream I bumped into you at a flea market! I thought maybe that was a sign I should enter to win this gorgeous pillow. Have a fab day!

fingers crossed

I would love one of your famous pillows.
I'm also about ready for some flowers
from you again. I love when you do that.

You continue to amaze! Thanks for the shot at the pillow, as well as a little inspiration.

Love you! and the pillow of course!

What an amazing pillow! I would be tickled pink (I mean, lilac) to own an EDDIE ROSS CREATION!!! :)

Hi Eddie,
That gem of a pillow just screams "Luv me, I know Im beautiful".
Count me in - I would love to win it

I have to say, you are the most unique and creative person with the greatest ideas, and many inspirations.... Thanks for such a Beautiful Giveaway!!!!!

Michelle Torres

You need to come to Portland, Oregon and go to the Goodwill Surplus Outlet stores. All fabric and clothes are by the pound. 25 lbs or more is 89 cents a pound! So much fun for so cheap! Love the pillow too. I'll be looking for fancy dresses now.

You inspire me! I want to make pillows like this - first things first - must learn to sew. Hmm. In the meantime, I can enjoy staring at this one!

thats a famous pillow!

Love your blog! I have been so inspired by your projects/transformations and would be thrilled to own this beautiful pillow! Just might see you in Richmond in a couple weeks!

Absolutely Beautiful!!! Count me in, too - please.

love, lovE, loVE, lOVE, LOVE the pillow

All I want for Christmas is...THAT PILLOW!!! Love it!

Yes, please. :-) It will sit on my bed and provide me with the inspiration needed to DO SOMETHING with the piles of vintage fabric I'm "collecting." ;-)

Simple yet oh so elegant. I love it!

Oh I just love it!!! Gorgeous!!


Pick me, pick me!!

the shape is perfect complement to the bead
work!!! Lovely and what my daughter calls
'rich creativity'!!!

This is one of the most beautiful pillows I have seen! I love it! This is exactly the style I want to dress my new bedset! I am really keeping my fingers crossed on this one! Cher is my favorite singer! I went CRAZY when she sang Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves in concert! I even have my girls singing it now!

I know this beautiful pillow is coming to my bed!

such a fabulous way to give something with old soul a new heart. something old, and something new...

I love it!

I love it!

So clever, love it! Love your blog!


So very lovely! Both the pillow and the picture of you singing! The workmanship in the old vintage dresses are worth preserving. Thanks for the delicious giveaway.

Fabulous! It would look lovely in my bedroom....

I love the pillow! How fabulous!

Classic with a little bit of flair - love it.

Lovely giveaway, love your blog.

LOVE it!!! Such good taste!

It's absolutely stunning and a scathingly brilliant concept on making a pillow.

What a wonderful way to recycle those vintage clothes! I, too, in the past have used vintage fabrics to make pillows. It's a wonderful way to perk up a room!

Your's is beautiful beyond anything I crudely created! I even used Bounty towels as a pillow form to make bolsters!

Hey Eddie, I met you and Jaithan last Christmas in Bergdorf and you so kindly posed for a picture with me. I sent it to all my buddies and they said, "Who is Eddie Ross?" They wouldn't say it this year; you are so popular!

Thanks for your kindness and I love the pillow!

What a great idea! You never cease to amaze me with your creativeness- keep the inspiration coming!

Eddie, I'm so glad to find your blog and to see you popping up on HGTV. I loved you on Top Design and I do adore this pillow!

What a very nice looking pillow and it would look great on my newly painted room and what a great idea too! Now I know what to do with vintage textile scraps and old drapery fabrics that I come across yard sales.

Oh I love it! I did a few pageants back in the day and I have a few little numbers I am half tempted to cut up and create some fabulous pillows. Thanks for the idea and I hope I win!

Continually genius!!

I was home visiting my parents over the weekend, my mother turned 60 this year and has decided she wants to re-do her living room (which has been exactly the same since they bought the house 23 years ago). She started out by buying a new couch - and now is slowly making other changes. This pillow would not only fit in perfectly with the room, but would be a wonderful source of encouragement for her. I know she would be suprised and honored to have this showcased on her new couch.

This pillow would look great on our bed! It would provide the perfect splash of color to my bedroom! I hope this pillow will come home with me!

oh la la. she's a beauty!

oh, this would be so beautiful in my home!!

Simply divine, I think this would make the best Christmas gift, to get or give.


That pillow belongs in my house like a tiara on a pageant girl.
That pillow belongs in my house like caviar goes with toast points.
That pillow belongs in my house like sugar goes in sweet tea.

Did I mention that pillow belongs in my house? ;0

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