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December 25, 2009


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HI watched your show before I found this site! i found your site through "Just A Girl" blog.
She was taking about your wreath. And when I came to your blog. I saw your picture and thought hey that is the guy I saw on T.V. the other day.!! way cool. Well I wanted to say you did a great job on Kathy Lee's house.!! it was awesome! I love the way you did the ornaments with the fabric.!! I will be doing that in 2010.!! Thanks

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I watched it the other night and WOW. You are SO creative Eddie! I loved the gift you presented Kathie Lee with. SO THOUGHTFUL!!!

Layla :-)

What a great job. It looked like you had a lot of fun doing it. Have a wonderful holiday season

Happy Holidays Eddie & Jaithan!

Just stopping by all my favorite blogs to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Julio & Family

I watched you on the original airing of this HGTV special, and I thought you had some EXCELLENT ideas. Another fabulous job!

Rachel's Cottage House

What a lovely Christmas gift to be able to view this Holiday episode. Kathy's house was beautiful and amazing after your touch.
Merry Christmas Eddie.


Congratulations to you and Jaithan! Have a wonderful Holiday Season in your new Home!!

I am watching right now. It's great seeing you on HGTV. I'm really enjoying it!

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