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December 05, 2009


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Eddie, are you coming anywhere near Murray, KY which is on the KY/TN border about 80 miles from Nashville? Please let me know if you are, I'd love to see your ideas in person. You inspire me.


Hi Eddie!

I watched the Celebrity show last night it was good. All of the designs were good. Honestly your design impressed me the most. Kathy Lee is a nice and straight forward person - she has good taste. Your design suited her home very well. The shirt fabric covered ornaments were unique. I loved those especially - I am going to use your ideas! Thanks Eddie. Ciao.

Your house was the fav in our house. Love the shirt balls, how easy is that? I can see that technique with any cloth. Not into candy (kids are hyper enough at Christmas without the sugar!) but the colors were wonderful.

Eddie - LOVED what you did in Kathie Lee's home !!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED everything...

Looked like you were really enjoying yourself. I could tell Kathie Lee was thrilled, I'm sure you'll be invited back time and time again.


Eddie and Jaithan, I just had an amazing day with the two of you at Alameda in the cold. Then I got to come home to a nice warm home and watched you on HGTV. You did a fabulous job on KG's home. You did just the right amount of decorating, not too much,just the right touches everywhere. Loved the mantle, the wreaths in the windows and two trees. All the color choices were perfect,nothing competing everything married so well to her home. Great Job!! I hope HGTV does more shows with you. Again, thank you for such a fun day in Alameda, xoxox to you and Jaithan Kathysue

LOVED the show. You were fab - as always! Hi the NY Flea Markets on Saturday and thought of you and Jaithan. Merry Christmas - Wendy

Wow, love your splendid idea with the shirts made into ornaments...FUN! Kathy Lee was really taken! Nice job!

Eddie- I loved what you did, and I am SO stealing the shirt-ornament idea : ) Beautiful as always!

Eddie, I just finished the show!! You did a fab job, as usual. I knew you would nail it and you did. Loved your men's shirt ornaments...how cool those were!! Maybe you'll do a post on them, they were really unique and fun. Glad Kathy Lee loved everything, how could she NOT?!! xoxo

just finished watching your show eddie........of course yours was my favorite!

loved in particular the icicle garland you made, "shirt" ornaments and candy table.

amazing eddie how you pulled together the colors and elements of kathie lee's home to glorious effect.


Watching it in Scottsdale now! Nice to see you on camera instead of print for a change. Happy Holidays!

Can't wait to see it!

Oh man.....I went to the Alameda Point Faire today and I saw you there! Well, I wasn't completely sure it was you until I went home and checked your blog (I was a bout 98% sure, you were with Jaithan and I kept thinking either that's them or there are some good look-a-likes in California)! Now I'm so sad that I didn't sign up for your group shopping trip! Please come back to SF for another shopping trip so I can come this time!---on a side note, I did get some amazing stuff today, including a vintage sunburst mirror for $5!

I can't wait!

I have written it on my calender as a reminder!

Hope it's aired another time, since I am out tonight....

I will surely be watching. I already have my DVR set up. I KNOW it will be wonderful. When I was looking at this month's House Beautiful and saw the holiday table setting. I thought that was definately something I would love to do, it was so pretty and whimsical.... and then I saw you did it. It all made sense.. it was perfect!

Edward and I will be watching!!

This sounds great, looking forward to it!


Can't wait to see your HGTV show. I know it's going to be great.

Thanks for the post.

Ragland Hill Social

LOVE that holiday image in the portfolio! Are those wax seals? Really terrific.

Looking forward to it.
Just went shopping at your Etsy shoppe. Really great selection.

Would not miss it for the world.

Green with envy and balsam...Wish you were decorating my home!
Lucky Celebrities!!

Will definitely be tuning in to watch yu work your interior design magic, Eddie.

Thank you for the heads-up. :-)


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