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December 14, 2009


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Great idea Eddie! I have found a use for my old clothing. Regards from Spain!

Dear Eddie,
just found this site, i love the ornaments. you should have your own show!!!!!. i am going to make these ornaments for next christmas.

thanks for the amazing inspiration, Eddie! I made some patriotic ornaments based off of your idea! I posted them on my crafting blog {here} and linked back to this post :)

Saw the program and have already bought my shirts at the local Goodwill store in Boston. They had a great selection.
I am planning to make them tomorrow and give some as gifts on Christmas day. It is such a wonderful and novel decorating idea for remnants as well.

Thanks for sharing.

Love, Love, Love this idea and will probably use it in the 'man cave' next year. I do hope you didn't throw away any of those buttons.

Just wanted to let you know your fabric covered ornaments are featured on my blog today. Thanks for the inspiration!

These look outstanding. My friend Ellie (I assume she made your bow tie??) sent me this link to check out because I make children's dresses out of men's plaid shirts and I have a ton of scraps stuffed in bins in my studio.

I will absolutely make some of these, but I am going to sew them and stuff them with polyfil since I have a fabric ball pattern and polyfil on hand. It will probably end up less expensive in the end than styrofoam balls. Those things cost a fortune at retail prices.

so beautiful!!! and genius!!! only YOU. just love them & of course your photos are amazing!!!


ps- off to watch the special online!! so glad as your weirdo friends in VA don't have cable ;)

I loved that idea, Eddie! Loved the show and everything you did. That was genius wrapping those balls with fabric.

Fab idea Eddie~and so doable~love the idea of reusing fabric from old garments. Of course Kathy loved what you did~what's not to love about an Eddie Ross production! Best wishes for a happy holiday season~you always inspire us~thanks a big bunch.

I absolutely LOVE this....thanks for the idea!

This was my favorite thing you did! I tivo'd the special and just watched it today and came to your blog to search for more pics of these great fabric balls! Good timing, I guess :) Would love to feature this post on my blog. Great idea.

Fabulous as always darling ! So nautical and classic Ralph Lauren in feel. Thanks for the play by play.... love it!

I must know how many did you make?
They are fabulous...

Hi Eddie,
You proved yourself to be a master of design and frugality! The plaid covered ornaments are beautiful and give the house the right touch of warm hominess for the holidays. So creative. A man after my own heart! Thanks Eddie for sharing your ideas. Ciao.

Very cute idea! I'm thinking of other holidays this would be great for too!

Another great, inexpensive idea. Love it!


Don't complain about your budget negotiate for it!!!!

Wow- you really have an amazing eye. I am wowed by the fact that you saw such potential in old shirts from the Goodwill- and that you made them classy! You are such an inspiration- I really hope you get your own show, book deal, etc. soon!

SO smart! Love love love this!

Love it! Had to share with my readers:

WOW. I love plaid, and this is just spectacular. You have outdone yourself with this one.

You are so clever! What a great way to re~purpose fabric.

We took my dad's old flannel shirts and cut them into strips to use as ribbon. We used it to embellish simple gifts wrapped in white tissue and brown craft papers. So charming and very environmentally friendly.

Thanks so much for the how~to! Your blog is always a pleasure to visit.


Why were you given less money than the other two projects? Hardly seems fair.

You're a genius, man! Does your creativity never end? Will I ever have a house large enough to fit all your ideas? When does the madness end???

ps: love it, of course :)


You are incredibly clever. I'm very impressed. I would have never come up with that idea. How many plaid shirts have I taken to Goodwill in my day? Hope you are well.

Ragland Hill Social

I almost did this with extra ribbon I have around the house! I love it with the old shirts though, thats really thinking outside the box :)

gorgeous! i love the look -- i'd love to try making some of these with the clothes that my daughters have grown out of - what a great keepsake!

What a fantastic project! Definitely something that's on my list for next year!!

I'm so glad you showed how you did this! You didn't bias cut the fabric did you? I think it's just so totally fresh and I love it!

The ornaments are awesome! Thanks for another inspirational DIY project. :)

I just watched the whole show and I really think you're piece shined. All the ideas you had were very doable in your own home.
I did think Jewel and her family came off in a very genuine way. She seemed very nice.
I didn't care the California home a little over the top for my taste.
Once again you guys rocked it!

Great use of old tired plaids ..... I love the soft buttery feel of an old worn cotton plaid shirt, so soft like a baby blanket!
Looks great,

I love this idea....it is so easy and mess free! And they look really good when used! I am keeping a folder of all you fabulous ideas to start working on for next Christmas. You have inspired me to try so many new things.

Have a wonderful week!

You are the best! This is a great idea, and could be used with many fabrics, silks as well!

I saw these ornaments on the show and am glad you walked us through exactly how you made them. I plan to make mine all in tartan! Although I hate to cut up a good Pendleton tartan shirt! --Delores in SF

Hello Eddie,
You should enter that fab tree in my photo tree contest. Will you spread with word the Pink Pig is having a photo tree contest with a chance to win a $100 gift certificate.

Genius! Thanks for sharing your secrets. I love your DIY projects, Eddie!

these are so lovely!! thanks for sharing. i am just envious of your innovation and creativity!

What a great idea. Kathie Lee's house looked incredible. I especially loved the foyer.

Merry Christmas!!!!

So creative. Thanks for showing us how to do it! Might have to make a few next year. Yours look amazing!

Way to deck the halls with balls!

The first time I saw this garland the ornaments caught my eye. Thanks so much for sharing how you did this! The balls would look great in a bowl any time of the year.

Great and creative idea!!Staircase is rally nice.

I can do that! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!! You did a fabulous job on her house. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday season.

Hola Eddie

Es increíble como utilizas el material ... has sido muy creativo, es un diseño muy hermoso y asequible. Realmente eres el Top Design !

Johan M. Silva
Cali - Colombia

Ourself?? YOURself of course...sorry!

Hi Guys, I love these pictures I think they show how great the entry and staircase looked, even more than on actual TV. I love the coordinating candy. Great Job Eddie. xoxo Kathysue

Love this idea and really enjoyed the show. You always top yourself. Can't wait to see what you do next....of course, she kept every ornament! She ain't no fool!

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