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January 13, 2010


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I haven't been able to find a bamboo travel around my town lately..been looking with little luck. I would love to do something similar to what you did because it turned out so wonderfully! This piece would go great in my living room... is it for sale? :D

Antique Jewelry

Just looking through your wonderful archives and here's an odd thing - I have a pair of the tall version of those black and gold glasses in the 'after' pic. Never knew they were part of a pattern set!

con que producto limpiaste la bandeja para que quedara como nueva
chachi desde lima Peru sur america

just polished? that rocks. truly wonderful find!

Love what you did with that...I have a smaller version and I use it on my vanity to hold my perfumes...I am headed for the Brasso now...thanks for the tip !!!

I paid 5 bucks for mine :)

Kathy :)

Gorgeous {of course}. Looks like something one would see inside Tiffany in their estate collection.

I just noticed you'll be at the Jersey Shore home show this weekend...we're getting ready to reno the shorehouse attic so we'll be there! :-) Hopefully you'll be able to peel away to head over to Asbury Park for dinner while you're in town.

Thanks Eddie and Jaithan for a wonderful tour of Scott's in Atlanta. Learned so much in just the one session! SV

I love a tray....any tray. Once I found an old discarded table on the side of the road, took it home, removed the legs and voila - new tray! Love this one especially!! xoox, P

Okay I used t have a tray like this, where in the world is it?!!

I was totally inspired by you & Jaithan, with our fun day at Scott's. I picked up a few goodies along the way,thanks again had a ball!

I am an interior designer in Cleveland, Ohio and I am doing a presentation on color in Feb. Can you share something great from your presentation this weekend? Thanks.

What a find, love the pricetag and the result!

Hope to see you two soon for dinner...V.

So sorry to have missed all the fun in Atl. I am crossing my fingers that my schedule allows next trip you and Jaithan make.

Cheers, boys!

Ms. Bright

Looks fabulous! I love that three-tiered stand.

Hi Eddie and Jaithan, Love the tray the touch of bamboo is what makes it so special,most people would have passed right by that one. You are teaching us to be more observant and in doing so you show us the rewards for that: A beautiful tray! I have a question about Brasso, I ran out of my regular brass cleaner by Wrights and used Brasso and it etched my brass faucet and made it dull looking when you said your tray took on a matte finish it made me think that maybe that is why. Have you found that to be true on other brass pieces I am afraid to continue using it so I am on the hunt for Wrights again. xo Kathysue

What a beautiful transformation - I just love when forgotten items get a new life! xoTrina

Would love to know where in Norcross you found the bamboo tray. Fantastic restoration!

I love this. I have been obsessed with trays lately and I love the job you did with this one!

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