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January 23, 2010


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The art of framing - I love art, but framing it always makes me nervous. This is a wonderful example of how to be creative during the framing process. Love it!

Eddie & Jaithan

Is that cute little brass "bamboo" round drinks tray on the coffee table from Lauren at Pure Style Home? If not, it looks just like the one she showed on her blog a little while back. Beautiful room by the way, it's grown on me!!!

Angela xoxo

Wow, great artwork!

Larson-Juhl (and their amazing folks) and EddieRoss.com are an unbeatable combination. One's home is unpolished without the properly framed art.

Go Eddie + Jaithan! xoxo,P

Hey Eddie
Thanks for using my Artwork Cirsk #1 in your groovy design. It really does Rock! Hope to get over to the party in NYC. Have asked all my collectors and Fans to cast a vote for the"1" design! http://www.facebook.com/Campbell.Laird.Studio
all the best

The Larson*Juhl team really knows how to do it right. They are so talented and really opened my eyes to the value of stacked framing, great matting, fillets, and Museum Glass! It can certainly be more expensive than the art, it is worth it though and completes the imagery!

Groove that is! Fell free to correct my spelling, as I was sooo excited for you!

Go Eddie Get your grove on....Go Eddie! Bow Chica Wow Wow! You knocked their socks off! It's yours all the way!

It looks so great! Love all the colors and the art. Miss being at 72nd and 3rd to walk by!

Your window is a big WOW! I'll be voting everyday! Enjoyed the background on how this art was created.

bravo.... such hard work but i am sure it feels incredible!
my vote has been cast.... x pam

YAY, Eddie! You're kicking some butt over there. I'm voting every day! :) xoxo

Hi Eddie! Thanks for stopping by "The Bedlam". LOVE the window! And y'all got my vote/s!!! :) Well done!

What nice,

I love the work in progress pictures.

Very nice result!!!


This is what I like to see the most; what goes on behind the scenes and how you get the enormous amount of work done. Really it's amazing how much you two accomplish! Thanks for this post, I really enjoyed reading it this Sunday morning with my coffee...Good luck!

Hi Eddie, I love hearing about all the details and the thinking process you go through. Love the deckled edge, I am glad you pointed that out. I can not be seen in a photograph and I think that gives the piece more impact. I will put that little pointer in my memory bank. Off to vote!! Hugs Kathysue

i love the tip about the floating the art.

also just wanted to say that I love your personal style - the waistcoat and jeans are perfection!

Beautiful! I love the layered frames. And I love the shot of the full window from across the street!

This is my favorite part of your blog, seeing the studio's of the artists you work with.
Knowing where and how a piece gets to it final destination is part of the fun of what you do.

I always love a back story and this one didn't disappoint! And, the art did exactly what you described-made you focus then look up and out. I remember that experience the first time I viewed the window on my computer screen. Boy do I wish I could see it in person!

What a showstopper look! I love how the print plays off the geometric grid above the window. Giving it a deckled edge and floating the piece was a smart decision...it does look like an original!! Great post.


Thanks for letting us be part of the project. You brought Campbell Lairds art and our Larson-Juhl Frames to life with your vision. It is an honor to be part of the Big Window Challenge! Now let's just get everyone to vote.

Eddie, a fantastic journey you have taken us on...love the mix of color and prints...great job.

I love that art piece, nice!

I love your window and the print makes the room! I voted for you too!!

Eddie, this is a great post! I loved learning about the framing process and now it makes me want to go out and use Larsen Juhl AND the Hinson splatter wallpaper...does it come in different color ways?? Beautiful job!! xoxo Tobi

This is so interesting! Two weeks ago, I picked up a print I bought from John Matthew Moore (there's a photo in your portfolio with a painting of a blue, speckled egg by him in it) and he had the same thing done. The feathered edges and the floating mount (we put it over linen) have led a few people have assume I have an original (I wish!).

I've already done some clicking around on the Artaissance website. What a great resource. Thanks for the link.

Eddie--thanks for sharing these insights into the selection & framing of this piece. It really brings the space to life.

It's fabulous. This story really lets you see how large the space is. It's unbelievable through the window.

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