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January 01, 2010


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Hi, Eddie. Wonderful article and lovely styling, not that it surprises me. Quick question though. Did you ever paint one red or did I make that up?

I really enjoyed visiting your sight!

Nice feature. Bar carts are back in a big way. When the Los Angeles Times was doing a feature on the best vintage shopping online back in August, they featured a mid-century bar cart from our site.


Happy New Year and Congratulations!

We've got a dedicated bar room at the Manse (replete with zebra rug "Lulu"), but I've set up a tea cart in the living room for big parties. It's far more elegant. And, as you point out, it can be wheeled onto the (front) porch if need be!

Bring back all manner of stylish living -- keep fighting the good fight Eddie.


I was in an antique store in Portland today and came across a great bar cart at a great price! I would have just admired it and walked on by, BUT having read your post on yours, I BOUGHT IT!!! For $45 I thought even if it's just brought out once a year, it's worth it! Thanks for the inspiration! xoxoTrina

Hooray for you in the Times! Great article; now everyone will want a bar cart! Love the photo.


that is a truly gorgeous bar cart. i wish i had room in my house for one!

Love the bar cart. And how cool is it that the bartender is barefoot? You look so relaxed. Happy New Year!

congratulations!!!!!! loved the article & pic & now i am wondering where i can squeeze one in!!! i REMEMBER your awesome pom & prosecco drink & ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! can't wait for another- miss you guys!! you're the best!!!


Eddie, the NY Times! Of course,you make everything you do look so chic and definitely qualify as a "cool dude" and "signifier of graciousness, good breeding, conviviality and sophistication". Congrats on the fun feature; definitely the right start to 2010.

Loved this article. Congrats!! What a fabulous find..Thanks for inviting us along. hugs ~lynne~

I have a lovely early 20th c. one that rolls--very cool! There are places for bottles and nice studded leather covering the outside of the tray. It can be seen on www.vandm.com/gabrielgibson. I adore this blog and all your great ideas. You guys are very talented!

Eddie, I have two brass and glass bar carts I bought in the 80s. One two level and one three level and both are slightly more oval than yours and with brass handles. I think I paid around $130 more or less back then--so you got a good deal. Since I do not drink often enough to use them for liquor, I use them for plants and collections of objets d'art in the living room.
I read years ago that one should never have a built-in bar in his home...a tray or cart was much more genteel.
Please give tips on how to clean the brass easily and effectively on something like this.
Do you have any suggestions for uses for glass punchbowls other than punch? I have four heirloom sets and do not want to sell them but do not want to just store them.

Dear Eddie, I happened onto your blog from the "Domestic Bliss" blog that I constantly read....I was thrilled to find it, as you have so inspired me for the last 3 weeks!
Best wishes to you, can't wait to read more!

Laura Weaver

Though not a bar cart, this brought back memories of Pimms at Scentimental Gardens last summer... Cheers, E&J!

I did read it, congratulations!!!

Happy New Year,

Eddie and Jaithan,Happy,Happy New year. NY Times what a great way to start the year, at the top. That is amazing!! Loved seeing your little corner of the world ,your living room looks so warm and inviting, the punch bowl is amazing!! Congrats on yet another step towards greatness! hugs Kathysue

What a fabulous piece in the NYT! Congratulations Eds and Jaith xx

Congratulations on the story in the Times. i read the article yesterday. Waiting for 20 guests for Christmas. I sent my husband to rent a truck and bring from my store a 9' cart on wheels to place all food and drinks....not quite a barcart, but same concept. I love it so much that it has now a new home. My showroom interieurs will just have to do without it!
Happy new year! i really enjoy reading your blog..

Wonderful! What a way to start out the New Year. Congratulations to both of you. Continued success.

I love this little corner of any home. I'm looking for a cart-- we currently have an amazing Chineese black lacquer bar cabinet that my grandfather had built from the desks in Douglas MacArthur's Tokoyo office where he was stationed during WWII-- but it's cumbersome to open up and huge. I keep my eye out for a cart-- I would die to find something nickle-- but affordable ones are just not that easy to find (in my neck of the woods.) Great article-- did you seriously do your interview at Jo-Ann's? That's just spectacular.

I have always wanted a bar cart! The problem is my children they were either little or now teenagers ;) One day......

Happy New Year!

I would love one, but I am on Doctors orders to have only clear liquids, now go rustle up some clear broth for this blogger!
Happy and healthy 2010!

I remember this one; looks great in your new digs! How about a morning bailey's & coffee.......I am off to flea!!

I've always loved bar carts! Great idea with the prosecco, though I have never been able to like it try as I might. Guess I'm an Asti girl, though it's pretty much the same thing......

Oh man, I love it! We have a vintage champagne rack in our dining room and I'm looking for a bar cart (aka. happy-cart) to put under it. I was talking with my grandmother and she said that she had one in her first apartment in Miami is the late '40's. Now that's lush! Cheers and Happy New Year!

I agree, a good bar cart or cocktail cabinet is essential to every home! That drink sounds yummy - pour me one please? KG

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NYTIMES?!!!! big time!

Have a wonderful healthy and happy New Year to you both!!!


Amazing! I love the bar cart and congrats for all of the great press!

I'd have a drink with you guys any time, stylish cart or no. Congratulations! And happy new year.

Love it! I went on a bar cart search about a year ago and kept coming up empty...then my Mom found a perfect one for $40!

Great article, Eddie, congratulations!! What a fabulous find - I love the bar cart, it's like a little party all on its own.

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