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January 28, 2010


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Really some thing that is really cheerable, all designs are great , some fantastic work.

Eddie Ross! I love you! I love your windows! Many thanks for coming our house!

How sweet of you Eddie to share your sources and way of work. Thank you

Congratulations on your win! We all knew you would receive the most votes. How wonderful of you to provide such a kind and extensive thank you to each of the people who provided materials and assisted with the project. Much joy to you both. Here's looking forward to much more Eddie Ross in our lives. Cheers!

I love the way the wall paper looks like fabric to me. The splashes of color, pink & orange make the room feel.

Beautifully done!

Congrats guys!

congrats! It looks great!

Congratulations on your landslide victory! Well deserved. And, thank you for sharing the limelight with those who helped execute your vision. Kudos all around!!

Hi Eddie and Jaithan, Congratulations, how very exciting!!! You did a fabulous job and it was wonderful to read all about the talented people involved in helping create your vision for the window. It was a wonderful coming together of such passionate and inspiring people, including your marvelous selves. xoxoTrina

Absolutely stunning! You have such a gift Eddie! You just have a natural sense about color and design that most people do not have! I love reading your blog. You are SO inspiring! I think the world needs an Eddie Ross book chock full of your beautiful rooms!

Hi Eddie,

I passed The Sunshine Award on to you...Happy Blogging!


Congratulations on your well deserved win...it looks absolutely amazing! Tracey xx

Congrats on the win!

Fantastic as usual! Love the touch of playfulness from the Gumballs:) You've helped me discover the missing element that I clearly need to complete my workspace. Sugar & Style, an irrestible combination!

What an accomplishment , from the beginning I could see that your window / room setting would be fantastic ! You managed to create a vibrant , colorful environment that is sure to influence other designers . Your vignette is even more beautiful in person than in photographs though it's great that it has been so well documented on your colleagues blogs . Thanks for sourcing out pieces from our inventory , they look outstanding in your beautiful room . Congrats Eddie & Jaithan !

Congratulations Eddie! The room looks lovely on display.

Congratulations Eddie & Jaithan!

What a great win for you all! No one is more deserving. The windows are beautiful and I know you worked so hard on this. I hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy!

Eddie and Jaithan-even if the numbers on the Big Window Challenge did not show you as winners, this last post proves that you did finish first. We are so excited to be in NYC to celebrate your victory this evening because you did receive the most votes. Congratulations!

Your KC Candle friends, Pam, Ken and the entire Creative Candle Family

We are thrilled! Yeah! Great work, you all!


Congratulations! I just went on line to vote again and saw that the competition is OVER. And it appears - YOU WON. WAHOO for you!!!

Eddie -- beautiful work as always! Other than Shandell’s do you have any good suggestions for online sources of lampshades? I have a pair of old school swing arm lamps that need a more updated and inspired look.

CONGRATS on the win - you guys deserved it, as your room was by far my fave - and the most fun!

Eddie & Jaithan,

Thank you so much for including me in this project. The joy I got walking down Lexington Avenue last night seeing my shades and lamps in the window of Bloomingdale's is something I will never forget.


Congratulations Eddie!! I've voted for you and now I'm so happy you won!

xoxo from Spain,


Congratulations on being chosen by the voters as the favourite window in the Big Window Challenge!!! The window has its own personality, and I think that has something to do with all of the people who contributed to the project. It's a beautiful blend of creative ideas and skilled execution!! Well done, Eddie, Jaithan & Team.


Love the behind the scenes blow by blow! You guys are the BEST!!! GREAT WORK! So bummed to have missed you in Atlanta!!

Thrilled for you! I love how you rocked it!
Next time, let me add a "PVE" - just a wee little sketch or something too. My Dad always told me that the "squeaky wheel" gets the oil.

You guys are fabulous! Congratulations!

Great post - thanks so much for taking us through the behind the scene choices and bravo to you and Jaithan for crediting the talent of all the people you collaborated with. Here's my thought - the muse of your room was a hard working person - you guys mirror that. Hard Work + Graciousness = Excellence.

Very well said Eddie! Loved hearing how it all came together. Your gumballs have inspired me for a valentines project I'm working on, thanks to you for that!


This was such great opportunity for you all and such fun! Thanks so much for including your readers in the process. I feel like I was there!

comgtatz on all points.

you are so very talented with a gorgeous smile. :)

The story behind the scenes is something I always enjoy hearing. It really makes your appreciation of the hard work and talent that goes into a project that much greater. And, yes, the collabative talents of many will often yield the most spectacular results of your vision! Congratulations to all!!!

You did a great job very proud of you. Your living your dream!

Fantastic post! Wow, that was alot of work but, worth it because that window is drop dead gorgeous! Maria

I wish I could be in NYC to see the results, up close and personal!

Bravo Eddie and the whole creative team. Thank you for taking us readers through the whole process that resulted in your remarkably chic window. I voted and voted for the Eddie team and was thrilled to do so. Each design choice was incredibly creative and never boring, equating to a huge success.

Cheers my dears,


You did such a great job and hands down deserve to win! What an extraordinary process, and it all came together beautifully!
Blessings and big HUGS!

Thank you for the lovely tour behind the scenes.In my opinion you have already won! Tons of congratulations to you and all the creative people you have surrounded yourselves with. You all rockididoodaa! Cyber hug, Monika

Eddie and Jaithan, how fun to see all the wonderful people that helped you fulfill this amazing window project. You really had to be organized to keep this wheel in motion, Great Job and you must have a wonderful reputation in New York for all of these people to be there for you. Proof again, it all comes out in the wash!! xoxo kathysue

Thanks for this behind the scenes look. So many talented, generous people were behind this one gorgeous room, it's exhausting just to read about it! Beautiful post.

Eddie and Jaithan, your window looks ah-maz-ing!! So exciting-I've been voting for you-best of luck, xx

If you don't win, I'll throw a hissy fit, as my Mama would have said :)

Do you know what I love most about this? All of it. Seriously. How it all flows together so naturally is so indicative of your gift of being able to mix myriad periods/colors/textures, etc. together to tell a real cohesive story. I honestly believe this looks like the home of the woman in your "story." How ever on earth were you able to combine those prints on the pillows/the sofa? They are beyond stunning. No, really, it's true, and instead of competing with the vibrant artwork behind it, those pillows ARE IN A CONVERSATION with the art, if that makes sense. They BELONG together. Even down to the FAB heels and magazines on the floor, this is elegant AND original AND timeless AND funky AND...I will stop gushing.
Thank you for always being the amazingly original YOU that we've all come to love and feel like we know so well!
Hugs, Lana Austin

I want to live in that room... do you think Bloomies would mind? What a beautiful combination of style and comfort, antique and modern, color and pattern... you are so very talented, Eddie, and it was wonderful to read about all the many talented people who helped bring your vision to life!

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