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February 09, 2010


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I am SO excited that I won the pink velvet!!!
I never win anything, so I didn't bother checking, and was so surprised when I received an email today from Jaithan.

Maybe my luck is changing. I can't wait to make beautiful pillows for my daughters bed.

Thank you so much!!!

Congratulations to all!

gorgeous flowers!!! been coveting a white garden stool for years..

Sharon & Linda LOVED the presentation!!

miss yas!!!

The flowers are pretty. Congrats to the winners. Maybe next time for the rest of us.

Congrats to all the winners!
Now tell me, is that a Chinese lantern table? We only get a glimpse but I'd like more...

Congrats to the winners and the flowers, wow---spectacular!

Love those flowers! Hope you guys are doing well and can't wait to see The Nest bit.

Eddie, love love love love love your blog - so inspirational. over my morn coffee you've got me thinking about repainting the 23 bookcases in my house!

Congrats to all of the winners from a fellow non-winner.

Such a generous giveaway Eddie! Thanks again

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! happy dancing and flailing of arms. thank you!!
i am ever so delighted and please to win a copy of this book.
emailing you now jaithan hot stuff.

Beautiful arrangement Eddie! Congrats to the lucky winners!

What kind of roses are those in that vase, they look so European.
What lucky winners! You always share such goodness.
Enjoy the snow!
Snow day here.

Eddie & Jaithan - As if I didn't love you guys enough already!? This has so totally made my morning...my day...my week!! I have such big plans for that paper! Seriously. Okay, calming down. You would think I just won the actual big window challenge...

Emailing Jaithan. Thanks again. And of course, I will forward pics showing my mad wallpapering skills...


Congratulations to the lovely winners:) Thanks for the fantastic giveaway Eddie!! Congratulations again on your beautiful winning window display ~ Tina x

Can't believe I won the signed copy.
Eddie, I love you !!!

Will email Jaithan.
Thanks SO much.
Always a fan
Kate Riley Eshoo

Congratulations to all! This was a great giveaway for Eddie's Fans and faithful readers!

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