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February 23, 2010


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discovered now..very nice taste!!! bye laura, italy

Eddie, I remember you from Watson's in Greenwich...Now reside in Florida after 18 years in Greenwich, I'm a decorator......come visit...great consignment and Good Wills down here...I'm not far from West Palm......which has fabulous and expensive S. Dixie shops....but we have even better JUNK shops...Let me know if you need any directions in my area, I'd be happy to help. The best stuff starts to surface in Sept/Oct. Best, Pat Donza

Loved getting to 'know' you on HGTV. I most identified with your style and eye. I bought a country magazine and was thrilled to read your article about flea markets. I am a fan and I look forward to keeping up with you on your blog. Thanks!

Did you paint the teacups? What kind of paint did you use? I may just do this for my wedding. Thanks for sharing!

i just went to whole foods this morning in hopes to brighten up my shop. i got tulips and pussy willow and all kinds of spring flowers, so even if it's freezing cold in ohio, it will look like spring inside.

I discovered Peony's Envy at Trade Secrets last year in Sharon, CT. May 15 for the vendor fair, May 16 for the garden tours this year. Will you be there? www.tradesecretsct.com

Hey Eddie, I really enjoyed your presentation last weekend at the Richmond Home Show. I owe you a Big Thank You! I am a dealer at West End antique Mall and you posted pictures on Twitter of two cowhide chairs in my space. A lady saw the pictures and bought the chairs! Take a look at my post "Eddie Ross Sold My Chairs" Again, Thank You,

Oh, I adore peonies! In fact, I have bought several from Kathleen at Peony's Envy; our daughters played together on a soccer team, and I remember when she began her business venture. A visit to her farm in spring is definitely worth the trip!

I'm so bummed I missed you at the Garden State Home Show! Maybe next year... Oh, and those $2. tea cups have me drooling! ;)

Hi Eddie!
The arrangements are beautiful; the big yellow mums are awesome. Many moons ago when I was a florist the "coffee cup" arrangements became very popular they are still very appropriate and lovely. Thanks for sharing. Ciao!

The two dollar tea cup box just made me drool on my keyboard a little. And spring? Not sure what that is...can't see it beyond the SNOW that seems to be constantly falling outside of my NYC office window. :-)

Wow, Eddie, gorgeous table setting! The flowers came out amazing. What flowers am I dreaming of? Crocus because they come first and I know that they are under the yucky NJ snow somewhere. Once the crocus make their way out, the daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth will follow.
♥, Susan

I am so jealous you found somewhere that had teacups for $2.00 a box!

Oh my! I love these arrangements! I never knew that tea cups could look so good! I have some lying around...will give it a try. Enjoyed this post so much. Thank you!


Spring flowers! Daffodils and tulips and pansies, oh my! Will this snow ever end? Stay warm!


I love the tea cup arrangements. I will have to incorporate that idea into my tables for a wedding shower I am giving in March. Darling!

What a magical idea with the tea cups! Can't wait to find a reason to use your idea!

Peonies are beautiful. But I really love Lavendar and Gardenia's. The leaves on a Gardenia bush are as beautiful as the blooms. The fragrance is lingering and it reminds me of my childhood.

Gorgeous Eddie - you make it look so easy. And you are always so dashing in your nice shirts.

Hello to Jaithan.

xo Terri

I have the same urn sitting on my porch...you've inspired me!

beautiful. glad you made it back safely from richmond.




Genius with the flowers!! I love it!

I love the teacups filled with flowers, I gave my daughter all of my collection (26) when we moved and added the china cabinet to keep them in, but for a party I could always get a few back on loan...hehehe
I would love to try filling one with yellow roses...

How I love a good 'how-to'! LOVE the step-by-step photos and seeing your design process unfold! Creativity in action makes for good blogging!


Gorgeous,gorgeous. You are such a talent. I have those exact mums in a Le Crueset Pitcher that is varying shades of lime green on my kitchen counter by the window. Love them and they last forever. The tea cups were such a steal and then the arrangements made them that much better.I love it all,xo Kathysue

I'm dreaming about Lily of the Valley - Just love the sweet aroma. Love the arrangements in the tea cups - very delicate and lovely

I love the box of $2.00 cups and plates! I am dreaming about forsythia, specifically having a hedge of them ASAP!

The sweet teacup of flowers is just the thing! Absolutely splendid.

Blimey, am just dreaming of spring, flowers the icing on a dank and chilly cake. I have been given an award and passed it on to you - feel free to ignore it, no offence will be taken, my review of your blog makes me sound slightly unhinged anyway!

This Southern girl (living in the UK) would love to see Dogwood blossoms. Not something you could really put in a tea cup but lovely still. I can't wait for Spring, though I think in this part of the world it will be a little while. Thanks for the lovely ideas.

I love the arrangement and the aging trick. I will definitely have to use that one. Peonies are my favorites as well.

Thanks for sharing!

Fabulous floral arrangement! and the urn looks really nice!

Perfect arrangement. The yellow flowers really popped against the burlap. The urns turned out beautiful. I've got one in my garage that is waiting for a makeover as we speak. You look like you were enjoying the process.


So pretty, my friend has the most beautiful double peonies and we trade for my bunches of hydrangeas in later summer!

Brillant job! Simply wonderful -- do you have favorite colors for the wood stains when re-doing a plastic urn? (guess what is sitting outside my front door now! LOL!) Any ideas would be great!! Flowers are fabulous -- and many thanks again for choosing affordable flowers! Gives me hope! You (and Jaithan of course!!) are simply the BEST!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

I knew there was a reason why I liked you SO much! Peonies are my ALL time fovrite flower, thank you so much for the resource I already snet it to my husband and said "get ordering!" Also many thanks for the idea to repurpose tea cups!! My family and I threw my cousin a bridal shower where we had a garden tea party, we bought place setting for every guest from tag sales and thift stores, she is now expecting and we are planning her baby shower (which you would love the location) old restored barn. I never got rid of all the china (hoping to use it again one day) and that day has come! thank you for always inspiring me!!!! You are THEE best!!!

Spring flowers: I bring them in already to brighten the days and spirit! Hyacinths, daffodils, primroses, ivy and pretty small roses, iris and tulips of course.

Hope you are good!


Peonies, mums, ranunculus, dandelions, straight up weeds at this point, I don't even care. Just something green. I might have to go blow my grocery budget this month on flowers to fill my home to the brim in order to counter act these winter blues!!! Or you could come to Chicago for tea! That might help too...

This year is my first foray into planting peonies. I am so excited for spring and to see how they thrive. Going to check out Peony Envy (love that name!) right now!

Also, as one of the very very lucky folks at Larson-Juhl that special afternoon, those centerpieces were nothing short of spectacular.

Eddie and Jaithan, you all are my inspiration everyday.

xoxoxo, Patti

Dude, you rocked it as always. I love flowers in tea cups and creamers!! And, that urn is terrific.

You are so awesome to share with everyone.

Blessings from Houston, DeniseMarie

Eddie, great to see behind the scenes of the framing workshop tea. LOVED all the gorgeous flower arrangements you did!

Oh my word! Peonys are my absolute FAVORITE flower and I want three of each of all the one's offered at Peonys Envy - drooling!! I planted some basic old fashioned pinks and whites two falls ago, so I am hoping I will have some blooming action this spring. Can't wait until I have enough to cut, flowers from the yard all over the house make me so happy.

I'm dreaming of my pretty much any kind of flower right now. I need some in my house (which I may pick up today)... and I'm so ready to get out in my yard once it warms up!

I dream of my lilacs for the springtime and of course daffodils, lots and lots of them. Great post. I love to see you work your magic!

Oooh, how beautiful. I was at the MS Show recenly and noticed pots in her garden area in a similar finish and hoped to try it on my pots ... if it ever stops snowing here.

I am so looking forward to my roses blooming this year! And the peonies....sigh, when will spring arrive?! Your arrangements for Tea for Two were stunning and still catch my attention as I go through pictures. I'll have to give the treatment on the outdoor urns a try. I like the final result of yours.

Hope you are keeping warm, and enjoying a break before you hit the road again!

xo, Jennifer

both arrangements are beautiful - peonies are my fav!!

Well, clearly I am dreaming of all THOSE flowers now! (J. in the background on his laptop...you two are the best!) Loved this post. Thanks,

I love the urns, and your arrangements are to die for Eddie! I'm just aching for the real deal, forsythia's on the side of my front porch, crocus popping out of the snow, even the green green grass of summer...I'm in Indiana and we still have lots of snow.

Always peonies and hydrangea! Can't imagine spring and summer without them. I grow 3 different varities of each...although after to blizzards, I am so worried that any of it will come back! The urn above is fantastic as is the entire table so enticing!!! Love that you used pussy willows.

Most of us southern gals know a thing or two to do with Pepperidge Farm thin bread:)

What a great time you had, loved the urn and the tea cups are perfect.
I am dreaming of Pansies, I can never have enough of them, they seem to smile at you all the time.


I was so excited I forgot to tell you that you are amazing, those arrangements make me want SPRING NOW!
Another storm is brewing....more SNOW.

My dutch heart bleeds for masses of TULIPS! Do you know the penny trick, add a penny to make them stand up tall! I love that they still grow after they are cut. I love them in White, and in color.

I can't belive those tea cups were $2 a piece! Love how the burlap looked. Fabulous as always ;)

Those tea cup arrangements are so adorable! I think I need this :)

I adore the teacup arrangements and the tall urns are fabulous. Krylon now has spray paint in different cement look finishes. Have not tried yet!


Oh, I love putting the teacup beauties inside the frame - makes them that much more special! And the urns - what a difference that paint made, I was a bit scared of the whiteness at first, but never fear you made them perfect!

The display is beautiful!! It's easy to accomplish - if you have talent.

I love Samantha, she is adorable. She reminds me of someone I know who's short and loves the two of you :)
Eddie, you look majorly handsome in that photo with the sun shining on you!!
Bring on the flowers, I mean peonies.
Big love to the both of you

Well of course peonies and lilacs and even roses....three of my favorites. Just did a post last week flowers because I cannot wait for spring. The arrangments are gorgeous. I really love the tea cup idea. I have tons of white buffalo china tea cups and saucers...guess what I'll be doing next time my family is coming for dinner.

i am D Y I N G over that box of 2 buck china.

my head would explode if i got to root through that box. totally stealing that photo for future use.

flower for spring?? can't wait for some ranunculus to rear their pretty heads. i planted some bulbs, yes, ME..

Love the yellow- they are making me ready for Spring already. Great job on the urns, so much prettier than the white.

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