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March 31, 2010


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Be still my heart! I am a new follower. You remind me of what my beloved Grandma Frances always said about the antique family china, crystal and sterling:"Holly, it's not pretty if you can't see it." This from a woman who, widowed twice over, sat down every night to a beautiful meal she cooked herself and served on her crystal, china and sterling. I am going to the store for silver polish now. :)

Wow! This is so beautiful. Thanks for showing us the process. You are amazing

Delightful! Would you happen to know the name of the calico corner fabric you used? Love it and you both!!! justuschickens@hotmail.com Thanks in advance!

umm, I can't even say how impressed I am that you did all those eggs... whoa. speechless. they look absolutely perfect! the table looks so stunning I can't get enough. fantastic job!

Absolutely DELIGHTFUL!!! I have scoured the web for that perfect calico corners damask linen to no avail? the blues are stunning. Do you happen to know the name or maker? justuschickens@hotmail.com ( in your "spare" time lol, thanks)

The table is stunning...my heart started beating faster as a scrolled down the post! xx

WOW!! That Easter table display is sure something! A spectacular display worthy for the blue and white lovers of the world...just lovely!!!
Hope you had a great Easter!
:) Rochelle

Everything about this is SO beautiful! The colors, glitter, and jewels are lovely!Were you the man behind the beautiful jeweled eggs on Marth's website? I made some that were similar and really enjoyed them!

Eddie, that is one spectacular table!!! Gorgeous job with all that blue, it just shines. Congrats to you & Jaithan on a superb job.

What an amazing job! I love it all.

I'm in a puddle in the floor. This is so breathtaking! Liz would have loved it!

Eddie and Jaithan-Sorry I have been delayed with my comment but I was playing Florence Nightingale and working with our sales rep, Diana Duffy in Arizona. While describing your Blue and White table at Hall's to Diana and visualizing how you were inspired by Elizabeth Taylor ready for Oscar night, I compared the Creative Candles 18" Navy tapers that were featured to Miss Taylor's lipstick. Despite the gourgeous blue couture gown, the perfectly coiffed updo and exquistively applied makeup, a lady just does not feel complete without her lipstick. To my eye, your table was not ready for your Easter guests until the tapers were appropriately placed. Your table was simply divine. (and sans eggs, ready for Passover as well. :))
We have heard many compliments about town regarding your work at Hall's on behalf of DIFFA. Thanks once again for sharing your talents and inspiration in Kansas City. Fondly, your devoted friend Pam at Creative Candles


One of my most favorite things you've done!

Wow! Love every bit of this lovely table!

Eddie, you and Jaithan are the "Kings of Craftyness"!

Loved your table and thanks for showing us how it was done. I think of you every time I wander into a thrift or an antique shop now and you have helped me to start developing an eye for what things can be underneath what they appear as initially.

My one question: what did you do with the insides of the eggs?? I would have felt guilty about throwing that many eggs out!

How STUNNING! Thanks so much for sharing!

Gorgeous table, HUNS!!!! Happy Easter with love from St. Lucia!!!!
Jacks and Chris

Ah, the Raphael -- fond memories of the weekend I got engaged and shopped for the ring on the Plaza. The marriage, alas, didn't last, but the memories sure do!

You give me inspiration. I think I can blow the eggs. thanks to you.
Huff and puff. Happy Easter.

Love the variations of blue you chose contrasting with the white! The table is just beautiful.

Louis Armstrong would indeed be proud of your lungs, Eddie. The result was absolutely incredible and well worth the extra effort. Just love your site and your talent.

Eddie, I think this is just about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen - just exquisite. You never cease to amaze and I love watching your videos - I always learn so much. Wonderful photos and thanks for sharing!

xo Terri

UH-MA-ZING!!!!!! i don't know how you manage to best your bests... this table is a showstopper, but has many elements we mere mortals could borrow. thank you!

YOU are simply amazing!!! LOVE IT!!

Breath Taking!! I'm a big Blue and white fan and this took my breath away.

Simply breathtaking! What a charming elegant -- swishy-lovely table! Love every inch! And both of you look wonderful too!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage


It is insanely beautiful. And I mean that in the best possible way! Love the step by step. Maybe I'll get to design one of these tables some year!

Simply stunning! We feel so privileged to have been a part of this fabulous table setting. Thank you and Happy Easter!!

Gorgeous. Perfectly gorgeous!!!
When are you getting your own television show and magazine?!?!?!

Eddie & Jaithan

I am the National Sales Manager for Creative Candles. I just saw your display at Halls what a "Extradionary" table.
Great job..thank you for using Creative Candles.

David Villanueva
National Sales Manager

WOW Eddie and Jaithan!! I never really liked blue but now I am a fan. That tablescape is simply amazing. Can't wait to see you guys! miss you, and HAPPY EASTER!

absolutely stunning - you did such a fabulous job. i just want to touch everything to connect with all the sparkly wonderfulness! looks like it was the most spectacular event. well done!

Oh - we were just in Round Top TX last week and everything was pretty darned expensive. Slightly disappointing.

Absolutely amazing. That is one gorgeous table. I love the blue and white especially looking forward to the summer ahead. So transitional and so, so beautiful. You both look handsome as well.

BTW, I thought I was the only one who picked out coordinating colors from bags of candy! So glad to find a candy kindred spirit.

Eddie and Jaithan, you are sooo creative and talented. I am in awe of your design skills. (Truly a gift). And the fact that you are so good at making thrift store finds look like high-end pieces blows me away every time! I am so going to join you for one your flea market adventures.

Happy Easter - to you both.

Much fondness,


What a WOW! Layers and layers of your creativity and genius! Great idea to take off the gold banding deliberately. And that video....loved it!


Beautiful table, beautiful cause, beautiful you two.
Off to get some eggs and glitter and rhinestones!
Have a wonderful Easter!
xo xo

That table is complete magic! Someone else might do half of what you did because they don't have your vision! Every detail is amazing. I will try to copy a few ideas for our table-can I borrow the vase? -the baccarat chandelier??

**Clutching My Pearls** You all have done it again!!! This table is simply breathtaking and love your inspiration. Liz Taylor is a wonder!

You know what I love about you, Eddie Ross, is that you're not just crafty, thrifty and talented, you're also passionate about your work and it SHOWS! Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning work! Suzie

dear e+j, what can i possibly add to the comments on your inspiration and pure out of the box genius.

all day people were coming into the shop saying "DID YOU SEE EDDIE'S POST TODAY!!?"
could not wait to get home and slowly absorb the details. i have never loved a tablescape more. kudo's!

You. are. insane. Blowing 14 dozen eggs by yourself? You need an intern for that! It IS gorgeous though!

I can't wait for your TV show! I have been following you two since your first post. You deserve your success!! Congratulations.

Eddie and Jaithan - congratulations on the beautiful table at Hall's. The Creative Candles team was thrilled to support your design and honored to see our tapers included on your table.

Amazing. Absolutely - AMAZING!

hi eddie and jaithan! that's pretty much the most beautiful table ensemble i've ever seen. i'm a sucker for blue and white. loved watching your video! xoxo grace

This is probably the best table I have seen of yours....and that is saying something!!!! You REALLY outdid yourself on this one! It is stunningly gorgeous! I don't have enough words to express. I wish you and Jaithen a VERY Happy Easter!!!! XO, Pinky

Love the combination of all the blues, the silver and the white....really magical! Excellent job. And Eddie: I would KILL for that blue and white Canton vase....please tell me it is for sale somewhere!!! It is sublime!!

I loved the tablescape!!! You knocked me out with this one. Eddie, I know that you are a perfectionist, but I do think that you could have saved yourself a lot of work by using those tacky plastic eggs instead of drilling and blowing each egg. After gluing and glittering one would not even know the difference.

I'm absolutely in LOVE with that table. It's whimsical and ELEGANT which you don't often see! Thank you for the inspiration...although staying up all night to glitter eggs sounds exhausting...and exactly like somehting I'd do! ;0)

Eddie it is all stunning!
I LOVE everything you do and this is no exception!

Sparkly blue eggs.. but of course.

Happy Easter to you!


Gorgeous table! You sure look great and speak well on no sleep...I would have been a zombie! This tablescape was definitely worth it...just beautiful in every way!

My only regret is that I can't see this in person......glorious! xoxo, P

Simply stunning!

so decadent and gorgeous - i love it!

This is my new favorite of all your tablescapes.

Thank you for your time at Halls and all the hard work you put into this fabulous table! We enjoyed having you in the store and are still loving the work of art you left us. Hope to see you again soon!

I almost missed this post, they usually come via email. So glad I did not miss it. As always every detail is perfection. You go to so much trouble to attain this kind of perfection. Amazing. Love the glittered eggs, I can only imagine how the sparkled in the lights. It is all so beautiful,Eddie. You are amazing to say the least!! Hugs Kathysue

The table is beautiful! And I wish I would have read the skewer trick earlier!

Hi, Eddie and Jaithan! So glad that you asked Calico Corners to help with the tableskirt--and not blowing the eggs! It was a brilliant choice with the blue and white china patterns. This is such a classic color combo--always fresh and stylish--and there are many fabric patterns in this palette.

I happen to have a round dining table too and love having a wardrobe of pretty cloths to dress the table, from formal to casual. A floor-length cloth makes a statement--and it hides all those legs to create a beautiful setting for a party.

You had me at glitter!!! I love glitter and thanks for proving it can be very classy and chic when used right!

Beautiful all of it...Jaithan you have the patience of of a saint for to glue all those flowers on...I would have been swearing after the first dozen!!!
Happy Easter guys,

Drop, dead gorgeous. LOVE all the blue.
I hope you are in Palm Springs enjoying the beautiful weather.


You are such an outside the box thinker... I initially was like, "What Rhinestones on eggs, tacky," but oh my word, you made it sooooooooooo beautiful... oh and more videos please, I loved watching that.

Love the tip about the Hershey kisses, but I'm afraid I'd be tempted to eat the other colors myself. (:

Eddie & Jaithan, I cannot say enough about this table, it is so fabulous. You did a lot of work, well worth it though!!

Art by Karena

It's sooo beautiful!

I love that look. I usually am not a huge fan of glitter or rhinstones, but you may have just changed that for me.

Quick question - if stored carefully and properly, would these eggs work year after year? For all the work they are, it would be nice to be able to bring them back...

Thanks E + J ... fabulous as always!

The table is great and thanks for showcasing Kansas City. We are proud of our town!

On my way to the store to buy blue glitter and cover every surface within reach. The dog and husband better start running.

LOVE it. Blue is my fave and you so rocked this out. Bravo Bravo!!!

Sparkle LOVE, qualifier totally unnecessary. The bigger, shinier, more over the top the more DELICIOUS the eye candy.

Seriously I never thought I could love glitter more- this is out of control insane!! This is just stunning in every single way!

Fabulous job you two!!

xx- Happy Easter!

That egg tree is spectacular! and the tablescape is just absolutely gorgeous.
Well done!

Absolutely gorgeous. Love your blog & all your great ideas! Thanks, NG.

Good job on the table, it's really beautiful!

I know you guys are busy. Thanks for sharing what you have been up to!

Have a great day.

I've been waiting for this post... ever since those fabulous TwitPic sneak peeks! This table setting is simply stunning a phenomenally original take on a Spring tablescape!!!

I'm in dire need to update my Autumn tablescape which is still displayed in our dining room & this may have just been the inspiration I needed :-)

Cheers to you, Eddie & Jaithan, on another impeccable design + execution... you've got some very lucky friends in KS!

I simply adore your table! It's beautiful and sophisticated and stunning! Thank! you so much for sharing

I seem to notice something new every time I look at your table design. Just lovely. So happy that you got to bring your magic to Kansas City. We hope to see you both here again soon!

Wow-this is amazing. I would love to have Easter brunch or dinner on that table!

I have drooled over your projects and decorating for many years...BUT for me this one just tops the charts. Absolutely amazing. Would love my craft room to be these colors and now you have inspired me. Great job. Wish I did not live so far away because I would just love to meet you!!!
Judy B

Oh my freaking God! This entire post is amazing, those eggs are so beautiful and both of the tables retail and real are incredible! I think I'm running out of words to describe how much I like this!!

That is the most amazing table scheme! You are so talented. I am learning so much from following your blog!


Breathtakingly Stunning!

I've been experiencing withdrawal here in Kentucky waiting for your blog, but that centerpiece was SO worth the wait. It is the prettiest table I have EVER SEEN!

I love all the details. That table is perfection! You are a master of pulling together the high-end and the not so high-end (CVS candies.) The napkin rings are so unique and functional at the same time. The branches are delightful and those eggs are oh, la la fabulous! Thanks for the exquisite inspiration.

Gorgeous Eddie & Jaithan! This is a magnificent table. You have put so much thought and work into it and the end result is spectacular! Thank you for sharing it with your readers...and inspiring us!

Once again, I love that you take the time to show us how you create. The table is just magnificent! So interesting that you chose blue because it's a twist for this time of year. But after seeing the photo of Liz T I can understand why! Have a happy and relaxing Easter Day!

Simply brilliant! What a gorgeous collection of blue and white hues.

Beautiful Eddie - I love that you were inspired by Elizabeth Taylors dress and big chunk of diamond - what patience you have for doing those eggs!! So inspired for doing my easter table - heading off to the country market now to see what I can find for flowers!!!

I'm seriously loving those eggs!!

I just have to say that your table is absolutely stunning! I am actually blown away by how beautiful everything flows together...all the different patterns, textures and shades of blue complimenting each other in such a gloriously perfect way. You've done Elizabeth proud!

Bravo and Happy Easter!

Oh Darlings, You did it again! Tres elegant, love the blue and white theme. The english silver basket is so gorgeous, as is the rest of the table. Alas, I doubt my Easter table will be a match for yours, but you certainly have inspired me. Thanks and Happy Easter!

Really beautiful, guys! Love that you use blue so often in your designs Eddie. And all the pattern on pattern here...well, it's just my favorite look for almost anything but especially a tabletop.

That table is absolutely stunning!!!
You two really worked your magic... what a masterpiece you created. Those glittered eggs are divine. You never take short cuts on anything and it shows!!! Bravo!!

beautiful! I cannot believe you blew all those eggs yourself! I'm getting a headache just thinking about it...

Not a blue fan, but you did your stuff, well done Eddie, well done!!!!

So Very beautiful! And thanks for telling us how you did it! Last time I blew eggs....I can't even remember! No time to get it done this year, but next year, watch out! Thanks!

that is crazy beautiful

Over the top FABULOUS!!!

This looked phenomenal - the work that went into producing this is extraordinary. And amen - use it or lose it! BTW, I think I am getting old - I am tired and I didn't even have to do any of this work! You two are amazing. And you clean up nicely ;)


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