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March 08, 2010


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Love it so much that we just posted about it. Love the colors!

God I love Martha. It's so unfortunate she has the personality of a white stucco wall...Oh well, she could still kick my butt (now that she has been to the clink and all). For some tips on how to find affordable yet chic bedding feel free to look at


Eddie, your tabletops are always so inspiring. By the way, when are you going to come flea marketing in Canada?


Simply stunning.

Your designs feels like an autumn breeze brushing against your face in the morning. Thanks for the journey into happier places!!!

The table top with the yellows and gorgeous country roses is perfect. And I would love to have a slice (or two) of that gorgeous yellow cake - what a work of art! xoTrina

Good Morning ~

My heart is all~a~flutter...this is lovely.

Smiles ~ Ramona

I love love love the color palette! So pretty!! Right now, I am loving the "nautical country" look for weddings...whites, navy blues, old bicycles. I can just picture a bride in a gorgeous white gown with her husband to be in a navy blue suit and converse by the ocean in the hamptons.

I would love for you all to check out my blog (and become a follower if you'd like!!) I am new to the blog-world so any advice is welcome!!


it is gorgeous. Look like spring is coming !

You have wonderful blog :)

this is gorgeous! love this post. when i look back on my own wedding, i loved what i did, but i think if i were to do it again, i would maybe use collections and a bit more of a collected style, rather than everything being perfectly matched and just-so. i guess our aesthetics change over time.

here is a link to my own fall-colored wedding:


We love Frances Palmer, too, and did you know she has a new color in her collection- butter (a gorgeous yellow!).

Hello Eddie.

Love this wedding - the bohemian 20s feel is fantastic and I absolutely adore the colours you picked.
I so agree with you on the black straws. The edge is very chic.

Some of my most memorable weddings have been in Italy. They do weddings so well. I think it is in that somewhat old fashioned 'proper' way that Italians do all things that have to do with entertaining and family. It is genuine, worked through and always very tasteful (for eyes and tummy!).

Have a lovely end to the week.


Love the yellow! Beautifully done, your amazing!

Love this....simply beautiful!

Oh Eddie, I just love all of your design... and I'm telling you, once the ring appears on my finger I'm going to be emailing you constantly for resources :)

Great post. Inspiration can really come from anywhere. Love the yellow, white and black colour combo.

Wow - pretty much all the colors I'd want in my own wedding! Yellow is my favorite. That cake is amazing. However, I might trade out a lot of the pink in favor of a blue like the screen headboard in the room you designed.

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


All I have on my mind these days is weddinggssss, 6 months to go! I laughed the other day looking at my invitations when I realized they (completely unintentionally) are the exact same color palette we are using to decorate our first house!

Love this post - getting married in a few months and want a vintage elegant feel. Love the idea of getting different vases for the flower arrangements!!!

Gorgeous colors! Yellow just makes me smile. That cake is stunning! I don't really have weddings on my mind, but when I think back to ours, we used the colors of wisteria and several shades of hydrangea for our simple, garden themed wedding. They are still colors that I love today and use around our home.

Hope you guys are beginning to thaw out and see a few signs of spring.

xo, Jennifer

Those floral arrangements are gorgeous, and your color palette creative and stylish!

No weddings on my mind but am always thinking up yellow and white colour schemes! KG

Love it! The yellow is so cheerful and the pink so pretty and soft. Beautiful, sweet, sophisticated and fun all at once! I love that yellow wrap over the wedding dress.

I love your sensibility! The tip on "flower vessels" is really brilliant, to spray paint them all the same color. You're a wise man, Eddie Ross!

um...it's fantastic. And so is your blog! So glad I stumbled across you.

That lamp is unbelievable.

This all works so well! You're a genius....just an eye for some things I would never be able to "see", but put together, it's spectacular!
Thanks for all the inspiration and your obvious enthusiasm for all you do! XO

Great ideas. I love the yellow. I have two dear friends getting married this summer and they have both asked me ideas. I will definitely pass this post along.

love love love.
right now, since spring and summer are coming YELLOW is all thats on my mind...
that screen is making my heart melt.
beautiful work mr ross.

How refreshing and vibrant! I'm in a wedding this summer so I do have weddings on my mind. I am inspired by so many colors and by your posts!

That cake does look like Wedgewood...amazing!

Yellow can inspire just about anything now a days. Especially paired w/ turquoise. This inspired my smile :o) Love the table setting. Something about it is so vintagey sweet n romantic.

Wildly off topic. But it's me & I'm special........

Bought the Zinsser you recommended at the Richmond, VA MACEVENTS.com flower show. Perfect for priming over stained wood to be painted.

Using their polyacrylic on top of the paint. It's for my harvest table.

Did you see your friend, Second Hand Rose in the NYTimes recently? Was that the name? Your vintage wallpaper source.

Back on topic.........How could MARTHA let you go???? That room you styled is perfection.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

oh man! i love that bedroom's yellow and i am not a fan of yellow walls for the most part. but maybe bc of that blue in the wallpaper. i just love it e.

So pretty. No weddings here- but planning a nursery! It's all white and natural linen w/ a few pops of aqua and yellow. We'll see how it turns out!

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