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March 02, 2010


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Hello Eddie,

These candle holders are just fabulous!

~ Gabriela ~

Charleston , SC!!!! You two are wonderful:)

Absolutely LOVE these! Wish I knew you before I got married. These would have been perfect!

Dear Eddie and Jaithan, I cannot thank you enough. I will definitely be your guest at the event!! Can't wait to see you in KC The Creative candle workshop will be so fun!! Keep me posted on the latest re your Kansas city Events! I will RSVP to Pam.

Best wishes always,
Art by Karena

I wish I could go to that workshop but the next best thing would be if you posted a how to when you get back! I love the idea. I also think you should do a workshop/flea market trip in South Florida somewhere. You two need a tropical vacation.

I have been wanting to try etching, but every article I found offered horribly tacky options...thank you for providing me with something I actually WANT to etch and display! If anyone wants an idea of what to do with old candles check out http://grubbygirls.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/tip-of-the-day-re-use-old-candles/

We are so excited to have worked with you. What a great way of using those mismatched but loved plates. We can't wait to see the results from the workshop!

I love the look of the etched hurricane. You guys are going to have so much fun in KC. I do hope you'll show us how you did this after you return from the trip. These can be used so many fabulous ways!


great idea. thanks

Oooh love the monograms! Fantastic idea :)

I'm so thankful that you'll be returning to KC! I'm a supporter of DIFFA and am very much looking forward to the Halls event. I'm going to try to attend the Creative Candle workshop too. I love anything monogrammed:)

Wish I could attend! I'd love to learn how to etch, then go wild with monogrammed drinking glasses, wine glasses, mirrors....what a great gift idea too, for housewarming or hostess gift!
Eddie, I wish you and Jaithan could just clone yourselves to be in more places at once! xo

Gorgeous Eddie, I love this idea, stunning for a tablescape!

Art by Karena

Love! Love! Love!

Love this idea!!
You are a creative genius my friend.
Love the monogram!! How do I do it?
Need tutorial.....please :)

Those are so beautiul, I am not wanting to live in KC, but I definitely want to partay with you guys:(

Have fun!

gotta love those bunnies!!

Geez! I love these. On my Tuesday Tip post today, I showed run of the mill glass storage jars used for my breakfast bar....etching them would really be a fantastic addition! And, I've also got hurricanes!!! Be sure to give us one of your fab "How To's".

What?!?! I love it!!! Want you and Jaithan here to do this project - it would be such fun. Few things could be prettier than a sunset beach dinner with plenty of wine and a beautifully set table sparkling with these custom etched hurricanes...

i love this idea. and how cute! I have lots of single plates, and can't wait to try it out. thanks for the inspiration, your blog always makes me smile. you are truly an inspiration. thank you for that!

These are fabulous! Hope you head to the NE sometime =)

great idea! love the monogram.


I love these --- what a wonderful party favor they would make!! I wish you could do a seminar out west!

You've managed to get someone to say, "wish I lived in Kansas City"--and that is a feat.

Love this idea! Hope you show a tutorial on your blog. I have two hurricanes that would make great candidates for etching a monogram. I love peony pink with colbalt blue and white, I think it makes the prettiest combination. Loved the second fabric choice from Calico with the blue transferware, It looked so elegant!! xoxo Kathysue

We are so very excited to host you at the 3rd Creative Candles workshop. Pillars are poured and ready to be inserted into the personalized hurricanes inspired by team Eddie Ross. Reservations are already lining up so I am sure this will be a sell out as well as those events of the past. Kansas City awaits your return with open arm hospitality. I am sure you are going to delight attendees with all you talent. Fun will be had by all.

I can't wait to attend. This will look soooooo great in my house. You are such an inspiration.

I'm so sad I won't be able to attend your workshop but am so glad I read your post! I've been storing my dish soap in a glass chemistry lab bottle. I was wondering about the whole 'glass etching' thing. I think I'll check it out on this side of the pond. Thanks for the inspiration.

What a great idea! I wish you could do a similar workshop in the New York area! Double hint! But you may have to rent out the Javits Center will all the attendees who would want to sign up! LOL

I love these and would adore attending the workshop. Problem? I live in Atlanta! Grrr! xoox, p

love the monograms! wish I lived close enough to go to the event!

I love hurricanes, well those kind anyway!
My neighbor filled a glass hurricane with rocks and a candle- from a recent trip to Maine and gave them as souvenirs, I use it in summer on the patio.

What a fun workshop! I just love a monogram...on anything...Wish I lived in Kansas City!

love these! i wish i lived close by because i would love to come! have fun!

This sounds like such fun! And ever since the bloomingdales window (my introduction to the super tall dripless candles), I'm slightly obsessed! Should be a great event! Marija

Like I say every time....why do I live so far away?!? Be sure to tweet lots so I can see all the fun things you create too :)

Who took the pics? Perfection. Love the bunnies,colors, oh, & etchings too!

You reminded me of a hurricane glass I have with our family lake house painted on it. (By a girlfriend nooooooot me) I must post it soon.

Know your workshop will be fun. After experiencing your Richmond, VA wonderfullness.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

ooh- sounds like such a great event!!

Sounds like a fun workshop. I like the idea of using these by the tub. Especially love the last image.

Sounds like such creative fun...too bad it's not near the tri-state NY area...hint hint.

How beautiful! What a great idea.

ooh, love the look of these!

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