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March 23, 2010


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I just found your blog. I am in S. California. That bedroom is the bomb. The corbels are GENIUS! The table, the benches the artwork, the blue silk upholstery on the beds. It is exquisite! If you are doing any re-do's in S. Cal, I would so love to have you over. I am great at choosing furniture, terrible at accessorizing and paint ): Keep up the fantastic work! ~Page

PS I loved your Rose Bowl post too - especially the idea for the chandelier.

I've already applied, but now I think the pictures of me and my husband look dull. In all of our good family pics we had sunglasses on. We are so much more fun in sunglasses! I should have sent those pics anyway, drats! . . . Major regrets!
(Still hopeful though - some family will be very lucky.)

You're amazingly creative and talented Eddie! Thanks for the opportunity to apply!

are you sure you don't want to come to sonoma county, california?
we've got wine ;)

Application, check.
Attitude, check.
Amazing Opportunity, check.
Adorable Colonial in NJ in need of Decorating Expertise, check.

Ambitiously Awaiting,
Addicted to Eddie Ross.
(Aka Laura from NJ with the Amusing Decor quandaries...)


I'm always so inspired by your ideas I have update a piece of furniture with just fabric and black paint ;)

WOW, what a fantastic post! Love your blog, so does Greece for that matter.
Might have to move to the States or better still come on over to Athens pretty please! Awesome stuff lovely! Keep doing what you do!

Please come back to Richmond!

Seriously, I am moving out East now just for a chance of your magical decorative touch:-)

If you ever come to Phx, let us know. Don't forget we have lots of retirees which translates to a treasure trove of great vintage items at reasonable prices.

Have a great day!

xx - Christina


I am so happy for you...you are the perfect mix of charm, handsome-ness, personality and talent...you should have your own show! I'll be supporting you all the way. I love reading your blog and keeping track of your whereabouts, hence passing on the Happy 101 blogger award to you...check out my post today.

I've applied...fingers crossed! Love Eddie Ross style! I'm swooning & drooling over great decor and have pathetically tried to reproduce styles in my own home...desperate for help!Beth

Congrats!!! What an amazing oppty. I know you are going to hit the ball out of the park and be a huge success.


Please come to Houston and help me finish my house!

It's about time you had a regular show on TV! You will be must-see TV for us. Looking forward to seeing you in action, Eddie.

How about coming to Georgia! You will do fabulously!
I would love a dining room re=do, starting with bleaching a dining room set!

Hey, I think I saw you on a Whatever Martha episode recently! The episode included preparation of whoopie pies. Your hair was longer and your name was Eddie Roskowski(sp?)

How exciting! Not doing anything in Chicago? :( Well, if you guys ever come flea-ing out here to our amazing flea markets, I'd be happy to be "tour guide" and show you my favorite fleas and places to shop!! Oh, and if you wanted to do a makeover on my home too, you're more than welcome! LOL!! Anyway, I know that you all are gonna be amazing!

All so lovely as usual!

Are you sure you don't want to come to Nashville?

It's about time! How exciting for you and the world! Yippee!!!!

Couldn't you head to the deep south(Carolina) to be exact.


DAMN Eddie...please, can you and J fly to Dallas...I just want to go eat snacks and shop...and laugh...and then post it all on the blogs (LOL)

Fantastic! I can't wait until you have your own show! I love your work and your sense of style. I feel like we could just chat over a cup of coffee. Fingers crossed that the pilot is a huge success!!

How exciting! I really hope this all works out for you... I would love to watch your show :).

Very exciting. Can't wait to see it

YAY!!!! I'm so excited for you and Jaithan!!!!

Hope the show is picked up, becomes hugely successful and you can expand to other parts of the US. I live in NC and have a Duncan Phyfe sofa I would love you to decorate around. I need it go from grandma to glam!

I'm totally entering this. Congrats on the t.v. show and please come to my apartment and make it pretty!

i was waiting for the day when you amazing people would get your own show! awesome....i want to be on it....in fact, i want to work on it....ha! need assistants in LA?????

Congrats on more accomplishments! Of course I'll be watching and rooting for you! Enjoy those travels! Whew....exhausted yet?


Oh, I wish you were including the South in this offer. I have the perfect home in Alabama that would greatly benefit from your artful eye!

Yes . . . it's about time they put you on TV with your own show!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you AND spread the word to all my friends at the decorating forums I frequent. The world needs your fresh, wonderful, tasteful-but-fun influence and an Eddie Ross decorating show is just the way to do it.
Go Eddie and Jaithan . . . your fans are behind you 110% !!

aaawww, it is about time you have a show. when you come to Minneapolis I am your girl. Seriously, consider no one else but me. Promise?


I LOVE you. I would love to be part of the show in any way shape or form!!! I CANT WAIT to see you on TV again!!


I'm thrilled for you guys! Can't wait to see this show, what will you call it? Rip Tuck: Non-surgical Facelifts and Interventions for your Home Spaces, not faces! Okay, I got a little carried away, truly look forward to seeing this. Love your work!!

How exciting! I have wondered how this was going, but you guys have been so busy that I haven't asked. What an awesome opportunity. I do wish you were doing this in the south. Would I have a challenge for you!

This is exciting news! Could I bribe you to come to Richmond? I have one more of those cow hide chairs you liked.

Oh what fun! Wish I lived on the east coast.. I soooooo have a room that could use some help MAJOR.... looking forward to what you do.... hugs ~lynne~

Although I wish you were looking for makeovers in So Cal, I would like to say congratulations to you and the lucky makeover candidate...your work is amazing!

Wow Eddie and Hi this is awesome I can hardly wait to see the show! I am happy for you guys. Should condo owners apply? I wish. I love your style and creativity. So go big for it! Ciao.

I wish it was open to Oregon! I need you Eddie!!
Good luck with your pilot - how fun!!

I just have to say you are SO TALENTED!

First, congratulations on a well deserved pilot. However, I got my hopes up. As I scrolled past every photo and caption I almost audibly stated "YES!" Therefore, when I went to the application page and saw you were going no further than New Jersey I was saddened. No help for the girl in Tennessee with retro blue tiles and ton a unsure ideas.

I look forward to hearing about the lucky applicant!

do you mind if i do a post on this?
also, do you mind if i apply? i rent my house though, is that a problem? i don't think landlord cares what we do to it.

Yay!!!! You were made to do this. I think this is your destiny!! I am so excited for you!!I see stars in the skies!!! Terri's Mom's mudroom would be great!! I think that would be a wonderful idea!! Hugs Kathysue

Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see this.
Are you sure you don't want to come the beautiful Pacific Northwest!?!?
If you do make it out west, lemme know :)

My name is Jana and Jacks (Country Living living room makeover) is a dear friend and a colleague of mine at Glamour. I am moving, with my husband (Mr. Adam D...you know, the Miracle Management referral ;)!) and 3 small children + dog , to a fantastic house in Hastings, NY in July. It would be such a treat to work with you on a makeover to be featured in a magazine. We are a young, fun family with lots of ideas and not enough direction. Or time. Help us, Eddie and Jaithan! xx

Very Exciting! Can't wait to see your story unfold.

Congratulations on this exciting venture! Finally getting you back on camera! I am so jealous of the people that live in your areas, I am assuming Wyoming isn't on the list? Anyway, I look forward to it!

Wish they were looking for candidates a little bit south of NY {boohoo} You work is amazing, simply fabulous!Congratulations on the pilot. ~ Stephanie Lynn

Those are beautiful twin beds pictured from Domino. Stunning.
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

A huge heap of congratulations on the filming of your pilot. I'd be watching no doubt about it. I appreciate your design abilities scouring flea markets for the next fabulous find & and your creativeness re-purposing vintage pieces. You make it all work beautifully. Wishing you both the best on this upcoming pilot x

I have the perfect room for you!!
It's a "mud room" space in my Mom's house that is full of amazing potential!!!!
You could really make into something incredible. It's got Eddie Ross written all over it!!!!!!

if i lived on the east coast i'd be all about this! you guys are the best. good luck with the casting for the pilot etc. also, have fun in palm springs! so jealous:) xo

Eddie I am constantly making changes, with paint colors, pillows, etc. I want a couple of great lanterns to replace some fixtures in the condo. I do need to get it all pulled together!!

Art by Karena

awwwe, I wish you could come to NC ! I think I hate my living room.

I'm in!!!

OMG, I so remember that mantle. I get green every time I see it. My house has way too much wood to pull it off but it is truly amazing and I should have put 2 + 2 together. Of course you did it.

Yeah Eddie! When you see all of your work like that back to back, damn gina! Can't wait to see what this pilot turns into!

wahoooooo!!!!! cannot wait to see you on TV again!! so happy for you!!!

My whole house could use some Eddie essence. If you ever consider doing a mid-west based makeover, my entire home could be your playground, just sayin. ;)

Boohoo! If only I lived closer.

Will you be doing outside spaces i.e. a small backyard with a great patio that needs help?

I will be sending in an application just not certain which space to pick for your special touch.

CONGRATS!!! That is so exciting for you two, it could not happen to two nicer people (although we still haven't met yet)and I cant not WAIT to see all the new tips and tricks you have up your sleeve!

Are you sure you can't come to Raleigh, NC?!?!?!

Oh my! This is so exciting! What a great idea. I am going to apply and send pictures! I need help for sure!

Thanks Eddie!


Congrats! This is going to be fabulous. I can't wait to tune in...soon?!?!

I am jealous of everyone living in the areas for this great opportunity. Cannot wait to see your pilot. HUGE NEWS!

Oh how I wish you could come to Chicago!

Come to Australia...pleeeease! You guys have all the fun!

So I'm guessing you're definitely taking applicants from Norway, right??

What an awesome opportunity! Is this casting only for homeowners or is it also open to apartment dwellers?

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