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March 04, 2010


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I am a junker/antique shop owner in south ga. unfortunately we lost Lakewood, so we don't have an amazing flea market close by, wondering about the upcoming Nashville flea market, is it worth the 8 hour drive?

Hey Eddie,

I've been busy and haven't looked at your site for some time so I'm catching up :) Okay...the new spring bouquet of flowers...love! That is the perfect color combo and I think the prettiest bridal bouquet ever. Your Easter table with the blues..."Wow!" That was so lovely and you have such a gift of color usage...just so gorgeous! Okay...I have to check in and see what's going on more, all the best and I love everything, as usual :)


In love with your style...So glad to of found you! Hi, I'm Meme from Screaming Meme...I am adding you to my list of must reads...:) Look forward to following...Meme


cowhide= divine!! love them!

I would LOVE it if you were ever in the North East Florida region...but alas, there are no amazing flea markets I can tell you to visit. GREAT estate sales in my neighborhood though!

Hi Eddie, I love what you do with your "finds". I must not have vision or I am too chicken to take home odd pieces to re-make. I would love to though! I am thinking of going to the NYC market on April 25th. I sent an e-mail for a reservation.

I would love to go to the Brimfield Antiques Fair here in MA.


Ok boo, I am reading more than enough posts about you coming to NC. We have to make it happen!!

Your tours are exactly as i imagined them. Trust...I will get you some good information On the Liberty Antiques show and High Point Furniture Market. I am so sorry you can't make it this year, it would have been fun!

There are always great fabric outlets and antiques outlets open year round too! Let's do it!

*ahem ahem* TV Casting people, why (in the bleepin' bleep) does Eddie not have a show?*

Great camera work Jai!

ok, that is all...

In Michigan, we have the Allegan Antique Market every month during the summer. It's a great place for dealers to buy from dealers. They allow dealers early admission just for that purpose. The prices here in Michigan are great, too....

I love what you did with your footstools. they look modern and new

Eddie, Is that first picture the VNA Rummage Sale in Far Hills, NJ? That is one of my favorite hunting grounds for great buys! :)

Please please come anywhere within driving distance of Charlotte!!!

You would love the Christie Antique show in Dundas, Ontario (Canada) on either May 29th or September 11. I was all signed up for the September show last year but you had to cancel, unfortunately.

Metrolina in Charlotte is fun just about any time, and what about Brimfield in May?

Such great ideas you give. I am a worthy blog follower. Take a look and some of my latesy finds on my blog.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

I would just LOVE to have you come to the Elkhorn Antique Market- my favorite local show. Here's the info: http://www.nlpromotionsllc.com/shows.html it's in the heart of the Midwest and full of wonderful finds!

I love going to Flea Markets and I found lots of treasures. You certainly have an eye for them, the two benches are priceless.

revamping fleas is one of my favorite things to do. i love your benches.

Come to Texas! Round Top is a Do Not Miss event, especially the Spring one. We will be at La Bahia - there are over 25 venues!


those benches are TOO FREAKIN' CUTE! how ah-mazing! I want faux cow benches now too! you always find the neatest stuff. beautiful.

You're so good with explaining your ideas to a crowd of followers. However, I bet sometimes you just want to go shop by yourself, huh. So many people stepping on the backs of your heels...does it ever get old?

So excited for next weekend!

You must come to The Metrolina Flea Market--The Carolina Classic, Charlotte NC which is 2x a year-- is coming up April 30-May 4--its a GREAT Eastern Market! You will love it!The Azaleas will be in bloom--you and Jaithan can stay (after I show you off all over the Flea!) in a darling cabin in Blowing Rock--then its off to the High Point Furniture Market!Only and hr away--Perfect! I am serious! i am hooked on your blog--designer crack! When do you sleep!

Loved the video! Great visual -- Sanford & Son...Beverly Hillbillies...(Hear me laughing?) You have such non-stop energy and imagination!


You have a great eye- love those black benches!

Smitten with the benches!!! And the next time you are back in DC, I will not miss it!

Thank you so much for that little snippet of video for those of us who haven't had the pleasure of treasure hunting with you in person.

Had you ever thought about coming to Big D and go to the Canton Texas Trade Days?

There's two great flea markets in Texas you should come to! One is every month in Canton, TX. The other is twice a year in Round top, TX. Please come!

Are you coming back to the Chicago Area??
Kane County, Sandwich Antiques Market, Third Sunday Market in Bloomington Illinois and Elkhorn Wisconsin. Just to name a few...would love to finally catch up with you.

Great video. That was a fun trip to the DC Flea!

I LOVE that! You do it so well and it's really so wonderful that these forgotten pieces get 'adopted' by you. If they had faces, I'm sure you'd see them smiling from ear to ear! xoTrina

the benches in that setting eddie are amazing, great eye!

would love if you ever addressed using high gloss paint. why do my finishes always look spotty? do you spray or brush it on?

my vote for a flea would be chicago!

Always fun to see you in action. You are such a natural for this. I can hear the excitement in your voice and it is contagious. Makes me want to buy and re-do!! xo kathysue

well, i want you to come back to atlanta of course...

You, my friend, are a genius of making things new and fresh! I am dying over those cowhide benches!!!!

Did you love my rapt attention in the video?! So glad I didn't make too many weird faces in the background!

You are AMAZING!

I'm not sure if there are any great flea markets near me, but I would LOVE to have you come to somewhere in North Carolina!

Those benches are beautiful! I agree with your opinion on "things". Pieces get overlooked because many people can't re-imagine them as something else. I have this thing for real estate. I love looking at old houses and re-imagining the renovation. Within the last year, I've started thrifting because I can see the potential in everything. Good luck with your trips.

Eddie! I just love those cowhide benches and I'm wondering where I could fit them (or even just one) into my space!

Love to you and Jaithan!

So much fun to see this! Thanks for the memories... and all of the great ideas.

Hi, Eddie! I hope you and Jaithan are living fabulously. I'm so excited to see you will be doing a flea market excursion in NYC. I will be there with bells on!

In the mean time -- question? I've been trying to set up my home "bar" area and I must admit - I loathe most of the bottles that are out there. I know people put bourbon and scotch in decanters (i have some lovely ones with stoppers that I love).. but do people do the same with gin and vodka? Is that "done" or do we leave it in the bottle?

In the mean time, I'll email Jaithan today about signing up for April.

- Kate

I'm halfway between Atlanta and DC-- PLEASE go to one of them! I'm just dying to do one of these trips.

Fantastic transformation!! Thanks for sharing!

Why don't you boys head to Chicago? There is a wealth of stuff and midwest flea markets don't get nearly as many people fighting over the good stuff - trust me! And Chicago in the summer is totally fun! If I can't convince you to come out here, twist my arm, I'll come to NYC...


I hear there's a flea market in Elkhorn, Wisconsin four times each summer and perhaps a flea market every second Sunday of the month in Gray's Lake, Illinois. I've not been to either of these, but I'm dying (dying, I say) to have you come to Wisconsin or Illinois so I can join you! I'm not above bribery. You can have your pick of one of my husband's 70+ bowties. ;)

i would love to join you if you come back to DC!

You sure know how to tip an old thing into a new "Holy Cow!"
Great benches, I imagine everyone fighting over them, in order to grab the best seat!

benches look terrific! thanks so much for the inspiration. . .

Hi Eddie and Jaithan! I was at that DC Flea with you and it is so fun to see a little of it again! Great ideas as usual.

That is a stunning before and after! Please come back to DC!

Wow I love how the benches turned out, you have such a great eye!

oh so excited you are coming to the ROSE bowl!!!!!


Hi Eddie, as always inspiring !

Looks like your busy the last week of April, but here in my Northern California town, we have one of the biggest antique fairs in the State the last weekend in April AND the last weekend in September !!!

Check page 69 of the March issue of Country Living my dear - it's featured right there !

I do hope you return to the Bay Area in September for some wine tasting and vintage shopping !


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