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April 27, 2010


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oh wow...is there any way you can tell me how to repair faux bois? my furniture cracked over the winter though i wrapped it and i am sick about it!

Eddie, Wonderful find and very unusual. I would love to pictures of the bird bath in your garden.

Ah Eddie, it was definitely meant to be! The possibilities are endless with that beautiful bird bath! My bird bath sits outside of my door between my bedroom and the Pacific ocean. It is a constant source of meditative quiet for me as I watch all of the lovely birds stop by for a visit. I am sure that you and Jaithan will get many moments of pleasure out of yours!


This is a great find...look forward to seeing it filled and in situ. Happy May Day, xv.

Nothing like the superb visual quality of a conversation piece and funtional one at that. I think it is perfecet for many outdoor designs.

haha loved this post!!! it's going to be so beautiful!!! now i want one!!

I once saw something I really wanted at Brimfield. I ask how much and they replied, "49". I handed him a %50 and said "keep the change'. LOL It was $4,900. Didn't buy it.

Gorgeous! So unique!

good choice! i, too, usually choose the simpler design, but i couldn't have passed up the whimsical and unique one. can't wait to see what you do with it.

oohhh.. adorable!! What a great peice! Once you get it set up, you must post a final pic, particularly getting a moss bed. I need to learn how to do this. There are bits our property that I want to create a moss bed, but I have no clue what to do.

Adore your blog!


OMG I love it. For $49.00 are you kidding me? I love the base of it and the moss concept. Since you did the post on the tea cart - I've been looking for a brass one but here in LA they are very overpriced. I was at the Long Beach Flea Market and found a chipped wood bamboo one for $20.00 - it was a little wobbly what else is new but the price was right and it made it home for the party that night. Didn't have time to paint it but did use it for drinks thanks to you!

Very cool birdbath, Eddie! Hope you & Jaithan are having a fun spring. Can't wait to hear more about your house shopping. Toodles, you 2!

I love that it's an unusually shaped basin - that makes it so unique! And the faux-bois will look great in your garden.

I would love to see a tutorial on how to fix the broken part - I would have just left it broken because I'm not sure how I'd fix it!

Either way - its fabulous and will make a great addition! Enjoy watching the birds play in it. I know the birdies in our backyard love ours, especially the blue jays.

Yay! that was a total score!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at SCAD:)

A Score Indeed!

Please share the location of this fabulous "junk" shop? :-) I'm ready to hop in the car right now.

- Kate

absolutely fabulous Eddie. I know you will make it a real work of art and I look forward to seeing how you use it. I do love your 1940's inspiration.

xo, Jen

Well you did it again...finding something fabulous! I can't wait to see your majic!

A 'birdie' told me you are coming to ATL, any chance of a gathering?


I love it! I really love it! It is so sweet, I cannot wait to see what you do with it. If I were a bird I would def come bath in that lovely little basin!

I love a diamond in the rough! Can't wait to see what you do with your new-found treasure. Happy Spring! *Amy

such a lovely find at an unbelievable price - lucky you!! We needed a water basin for the birds in our yard but ordinary, non-descript birdbaths cost 200. I was appalled. So we purchased a larged glazed terra cotta saucer out of the surplus pile at the nursery and placed it on an upside-down terra cotta pot under the trees. The birds seem to love it. I'd love to find something as gorgeous as yours, one day, perhaps.

it is rocking my world...

Looks like after all your searching you found a gem! Hate to admit that I am a tad jealous, since I am looking for one right now. But am not going to settle for one that looks like everyone else's either. I plan on being patient.

Love faux bois! I am currently finishing some faux bois shelves for the living room. So good to see your post, lucky find!
Been so long since I have commented or followed your travels! Happy mid week to you & J.

I can't believe you found something at Joan's junk shop - she's a Pound Ridge institution but I've never dared to poke around. You've changed my mind... And I thought Avant Garden was the only place in town!
~ The Buzz

I just want to illustrate your lovely find with lots of lovely birdies descending for the most well deserved bath time.
Is the word out, have they started to flock there?
It is so you.

OHHH Babies!! Love it, yeah you did GOOD! When the stars align great sales happen! Decor shop here had a tent sale last wk., needless to say I went cuckoo for coco puffs! I'm talking garage sale/thrift store prices! Some really great "stuff". I did good too, still loving on my good deals. Can't wait to see your faux bois baby in your landscape!

What a fun silhouette! I love it. Can't wait to see a picture of it in your backyard.
Amy Meier

Hi Eddie & Jaithan. I can just picture this coming down!! How great a score and it will be so fabulous, it is indeed unique!

Art by Karena

You scored--anything faux bois is usually way up there and really hard to find. Congratulations!!

as i scrolled down and came to the base of the birdbath i found myself gasping.

Oh yes! It is fabulous! Well spotted and such a great bargain.

You know, I can see it as a really cool sink in a guest bath as well..

Happy restoring.

x Charlotta

Hi Eddie, Amazing birdbath!!....Just so charming!....I am thoroughly enjoying your lovely blog!.... Am continually & utterly inspired!....Wishing you a wonderful week!....Your friend, Heidi XO

OK, I'm dying for the birdbath. It's fabulous!

Sunday was a good day to find treasures. I'm so happy you found your's - after spending a few hours helping others find theirs at the Chelsea Flea Market. (I love my Berry bowl set....just in time for a Kentucky Derby Brunch! ) - Wendy

Well, that is quite a find. And I need a Jaithan-- that's not what my husband would have said under similar circumstances!

woohoo- what a great find!! Seriously only $49- that is NUTS. I cant wait to see it in all its glory sitting pretty in your garden!!

That is fantastic! At that price I admire your restraint at not buying both!!! lol

Greattt find, well worth the slamming on of car brakes, lol !
Of course it's always necessary :)

That's good...love the rectangle basin. We've sold several faux bois planters, but never have seen a birdbath like that one. Great find!!!

Lucky you. Lucky birdbath.

That is what I call serendipitous! You had me at moss...

Great find! Can't wait to see its' home!

cute story..i can just see you slamming on those brakes...whoaaaa...and then 49 bucks..HUH? score...that was like finding GOLD..what a treasure indeed..LOVE IT...

congratulations on that one !!!!

kary from my farmhouse kitchen

jealous! congratulations!

What a fabulous find! Love it - Congrats!! Please, please post pics once you have it placed in its future home.

I've missed your frequent blogs. So glad you are back. Love your purchase.

Ooooooo -- that lucky birdbath just found the perfect Forever Home! Hope we can see all of the stages of this project! I wonder what it would look like as a temporary icebath for a bottle of champagne! LOL! A brillant buy -- and even in the rain!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

There is no greater joy than finding something you have been eyeing and for a great price. ENJOY!!! I can't wait to see what you do with this new purchase!!

xo Holly J


You lucky duck! I have been looking for one of these! Enjoy your new treasure...

That birdbath is an awesome find! And the price! I am never that lucky when I fall in love with something. It was meant to be for you. I love your idea of putting moss in it. One of my favorite plants. Please show us what you do with it and where you place it..please!


I can totally see you both!! Love it!! I am so glad you bought the square bath, so much more interesting. I have one in my front yard and backyard. I put a mirror above the one in the backyard and the birds are so much fun to watch when they see their reflection in the mirror. I did a post on it if you would like to see it. It really is fun to watch the birds looking at themselves after their bath, too funny.

I discovered that male birds are more vain than female. We get mallard ducks in our pool and I have a mirror behind the deck and I swear the mallard Male looked at himself a good 10 min while the female took one look and went right back into the pool. Very interesting, xoxo kathysue

i'm so happy you changed your mind! this little guy will be fab with the moss you're planning on planting. and for $49?! can't beat that. do share the reveal!

Sometimes something catches your eye - and you just HAVE to have it! I know the birds will be delighted with your choice. And for future fixes....Grant swears everything can fixed with Super Glue! xo

Can't wait to see the after pics!!

Love your score!!!

Yes, the basin is mahvahlas!

But those faux branches begging for attention. Oh my. Yes, plenty of scope for the imagination with those.

Ok. Here's what I want.

Pics of your new birdbath decked out thru the seasons. Hmm, blog post with, hmm, hmm, 5 incarnations. Five.

Wish I had been junking with ya'll.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Love it! I'm sure you'll have it looking magazine worthy in no time.

You have a quick and keen eye! The birdbath is so whimsically wonderful and knowing you...it will be cared for, loved and doted upon and live happily ever after in your garden (lucky birds)!
Looking forward to seeing it all settled...
xo Jessica~

GET OUT! it's awesome....I live for finds like that one. I'd put it in my livingroom with candles in it, dripped down to nubs...the hint of green moss on the bottom makes me swoon...

I love it! You'll enjoy it so much. Our little house came with one which I mostly ignore but check out this post on the party there one day. http://kwana.com/2009/09/16/the-party/

TOTAL score! {Almost as good as my $2/each Hermes scarves the other day!). I can not wait to see what you do with this.

xo Meg

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