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April 06, 2010


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We would so sex to tally you aid our Funky Discard Sisters Vintage Flea Mart in May. We are situated nigh Seattle in a immense depot with nearly 100 vendors that we've laborer designated with the incomparable junkin goods. We rightful returned from a actuate to Orbicular Top Unfashionable Week so our housing is swarming of morality ol' Texas dispose to trade. If you amount we hope to pretense you our top corking case! For writer substance and pics of our previous showsWe are so delighted to channel one of our selection retailers-Gracious Habitation, estab. since 1963 and Productive Candles, estab. since 1964 with our precocious friends and partners, E and J for a season affair in the City. What could be exceed than acquisition how to alter gathering around in candlelight during 3 hours of just and greet and tasteful refreshments. Thanks formerly again for existence prepared to distribute your talents and aspiration. We perception impertinent to connection you in NYC. Pam, VP Sales and Marketing,

Hi Eddie!

Sounds like things are going swimmingly for you all. No surprise!

This year I'm determined to dine al fresco, but until the pollen count dies down and I can poke my nose outside, I'd like to freshen up my table with a lovely yellow cloth like that shown in this post. I know you're a big fan of buying cloth and making do. Would linen work? Or is a heavy cotton best?


Help! First, nice picks at the flea market! Second, I am doing some work on a National Conference. I am trying to think of a large (at least tall) vertical element (8-10' tall) element to put in our booth at the conference. The layout includes two 6' counter-height tables, and two 4' round tables, and somewhere in the middle, we want this tall thing - we thought a palm tree, anyway, if you have any suggestions, I would love it - two weeks out and still don't have that "thing"!

Eddie and Jaithan, wish I could go flea marketing with you guys. Would be so much fun! The table setup was so fresh and inviting. Wonderful design as always!

Best regards,
Reynolds Still

happy easter ed ross!
where is my consarnit book??

We are so delighted to bring one of our favorite retailers-Gracious Home, estab. since 1963 and Creative Candles, estab. since 1964 with our talented friends and partners, E and J for a springtime celebration in the City. What could be better than learning how to decorate year around in candlelight during 3 hours of meet and greet and delectable refreshments. Thanks once again for being willing to share your talents and inspiration. We look forward to joining you in NYC. Pam, VP Sales and Marketing, CC

We would so love to have you attend our Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market in May. We are located near Seattle in a huge warehouse with nearly 100 vendors that we've hand selected with the best junkin goods. We just returned from a trip to Round Top Antique Week so our trailer is full of good ol' Texas junk to sell. If you come we promise to show you our top secret spots and a junkin good time! For more info and pics of our previous shows please visit our blog http://www.funkyjunksisters.com

Power to the junkpeople!
Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

That yellow springy table makes me want to cry! So pretty!

Great blog!

yay, Gracious Home is right near my school. Eddie, do you have a book yet?

Great fun, and inspiring events as always!!

Art by Karena

A full year of decorating and entertaining with candles sounds absolutely fabulous! While I can't attend, I will be looking forward to seeing lots of picturees and hearing your tips! Have fun!


Eddie, See you at Gracious Home! This is the moment that I have been waiting for. Finally going to see you in person but I bet there will be a huge crowd! That store is fabulous and is always a stop for me in the city! Just love that store!

How nice!
With the good weather and go to flea markets. I look forward to resume my favorite hobby weekend.

what a great time that would be. To have a whole years worth of inspiration from YOU!!WOW!! I would love that. You always have such fun fresh ideas to share. It will be fun to see pictures of what you do! xoxo Kathysue

Any chance you'll make it to Trenton while you're in the "neighborhood" (we're only a 70 minute train ride from NY, after all!)
Hope it all goes well! Have fun!
Marge Miccio

Gosh...you boys just don't know how to have any fun!!!

This DOES sound like fun! Hope you'll have lots of pictures to share!! Marija

I would love to be at that workshop, but alack and alas.....

That yellow table is breathtaking, Darlings!

xoxo, Patti

Aaahhh! Love GC; always a stop on my list when in the city. A great little place to be and to find great things!

So wish I could make it!


It all looks so wonderful. Spring time in the city is the best! I would love to make one of these events!


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