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May 10, 2010


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You mention two very favorite people ~ Meg and Terri. Those two are the best for unearthing treasures just like you and Jaithan. I adore the gilded frog and so clever to make lily pad place cards. The fabrics too are divine. Fabulous as always!

Great Wed. to you both ~ Deb

I am so crazy for this table! The green and yellow with gold! Dee-vine. So much so that I think I'll take this table as inspiration and head over to Polyvore for some dress-up fun. (I deserve it, and this glass of wine; it's been a long day!) I hadn't even seen that colorway for the fabric. I have the red and the blue right in front of me. Love you, love your blog!

Do you have the recipes for your tea sandwiches or could you recommend some? Your look lovely!

Eddie & Jaithan-
Just wanted to make sure you spotted my post last friday-
I have been burning the candles with a colorful bunch!
Enjoy this gorgeous day!

Congratulations! The whole event is a success. The tablecloth is beautiful.

Eddie & Jaithan-
Thanks for a fun outing! I used the candles that night and had dear friends for dinner - I always walk away inspired and so thrilled to know you both! I am posting on this friday as I have been burning the candles at both ends - take a look!

Your attention to detail still astounds me. Every little thing is lovingly thought of and acknowledged. The lemon-lime table is scrumptious, the tea sammies divine!!
Thanks to you and Jaithan for being such huge inspirations to me! xo

Your tablescapes are so inspiring! Maybe if I made my table look this nice, I'd be more apt to have guests over for dinner :)

How beautiful! I am going to find an excuse to throw a party just so I can do this in my house!!! I loves it!!!

Great color combination, really pops. I'm sure you all had a great time. Looking forward to the next event in KC - whenever that may be!

I just adore the tablecloth pattern, and the frogs are a perfect touch. Well done!!

P.S. I loved you on Top Design!!

Eddie and Jaithan - What a great event and terrific post. We at Creative Candles appreciate how beautifully you display our candles. Through your presentation at Gracious Home and your blog, you help others appreciate the simple elegance of our candles. We hope everyone follows your design ideas and remembers to include colorful candles from Creative Candles in their next event or table setting. Many, many thanks to both of you!

Once again your tablescape left me in awe.
Amazing how you make these older pieces look so fresh & modern. Want to purchase the green & yellow tablecloth but it's not on the Gracious Home website.
Can you advise?
Your fan hw

Oh so lovely!

Gorgeous, as usual!

As always, lovely and clever!

One question - who will dare tell Oprah she should NOT wear skin-tight pink?

The event was the highlight of my weekend! What more could a girl want...food and Eddie! I even went home with a goodie bag and wonderful set of candles! It was awe inspiring and I also met a lot of wonderful people especially Jaithan, Tina and Ken! I hope you do another inspiring event!

Fresh. Chic. Perfect. Look at you in your hottie preppy outfit. Love. It. And I really want to seriously take home that first tablecloth. Love this WHOLE post and its pics.

Everything just looks so fabulous! How I would love to come to one of your events some day. The lily pad place cards with the frogs is so cute and I love that you made candle holders out of jadeite saucers - the pink candles with the green - perfect!

love the "new" use of jadite saucers. they are the perfect base for a hurricane lamp. thanks for the idea.

This looks like so much fun...can't wait for your Jun 17 event in Chicago. I'm sure Scentimental Gardens is already working hard to top last summer's event.

Eddie & Jaithan,
What a gorgeous event! Wish I could have seen it in person!

Beautiful! I absolutely love that first image of the flowering branches!

Eddie and Jaithan,
We couldn't have been happier with the event. The energy, the color, the food and the drinks were truly amazing. Your styling of old with new and simple with elegant designs were an inspiration. We are so glad that Pam and Ken from Creative Candles sponsored this wonderful afternoon. Please come back and do it again, soon. Thanks so much.

I love how you incorporated a touch of whimsy. The frogs on the table is so cute!

E & J, I love both tables. I think the green and yellow is stunning and the pink is inviting. You really know how to entertain with such grace and beauty. You are so talented, Eddie. I am never disappointed in anything you produce. You do inspire me, that is for sure, Hugs Kathysue

Just wanted to let you know what a great job you have done. Yes is all about color and presentation.

Hope to see you in Atlanta

Thanks for the nice shout! I am so glad my fun French Ivory silver is living with you all now! I still have a couple of place settings for sale... and a dozen place-settings that I am keeping for myself!

xoxo to E+J!

You are such an inspiration! Maybe I should try a color other than white.

Gorgeous as usual eddie! I cant find cherry blossoms anymore in the city, but I have switched over to peonies so all will be ok...

Also, Im rocking hot pink candles at my house and I LOVE it!

How darling and what a great turnout (not surprised on bit)! The little golden frog stole my heart...

I just love the green and yellow table setting. That's one of my favorite color combinations for the home. Something about it is just so peaceful yet cheerful! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time at the event. Can't wait to get some really tall Creative Candles for my house too.

E+J-the photos from the event are BETTER than my memories. The table and bill of fare were breathtaking AND delectable. LOVE the cherry blossoms. Thanks ever so much for sharing how a bit of candle color can add another layer of dimension to a room or table. I cannot wait until we can do an encore presentation of Color and Candlelight. This was truly a home-run. (IS there a design term for home-run?) Again, gratitude from the bottom of our hearts for going Above and Beyond. xoxo Pam

Honeysuckle candles? Those are gorgeous! Glow begets glow. I love it! xoox, P

Gracious Home & Eddie Ross = A real life fairy tale...

What a great event. Wish I was there...

Holly J


Oh I love GH;
What a wonderful time & great items to play with!

the tablescape is lovely! congratulations on the big turnout.

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