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May 15, 2010


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And.... I understand the Cafe is very good! What a way to spend a summer day...

I can't resist a sophisticated garden store-we need a Terrain in NY ASAP! Love the lilacs in the faux-bois pitcher E and J, purple + gray= lovely!

Hi, Eddie and Jaithan! TERRAIN is just about ten minutes from Calico Corners headquarters in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania or their store in Wilmington, Delaware. It's a prototype store for Urban Anthropology that may grow to additional locations if they decide to roll it out.

Here it's called TERRAIN AT STYER's because they purchased a very successful nursery (STYER'S) that took major prizes for landscape design every year at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Styer's was a 115-year-old business, beloved in this region and founded by Franklin Styer who was a famous horticulturist. Styer's was more plant focused and not as chi-chi as Terrain, but both are/were great retailers.
Best, Jan

Fab shop, the clay pots along with your pitcher are perfect for the upcoming season.

I've been admiring Terrain from afar for a long time...can't wait to make the pilgrimage one of these days. Thanks for the virtual tour!

I did a post about Terrain a while back, and still can't get enough. So wonderful to see real photos, you do such a good job of wrapping everything up in a nice neat package. thank you for sharing!

I love Terrain, but haven't been there yet. Thanks so much for this post. I can't wait to visit Terrain.

Holly J


I couldn't WAIT to see the lilacs in that pitcher! It's FABULOUS and lovely! My sister (who lives in Chesapeak City) and I live in north eastern MD are definately going to have to mapquest it to see how far. Sounds and looks like the perfect summer day trip of retail therapy!

love it all... what talent... xx

ugh - i am DYING to go!!! i must make the trip out there. their online shop simply doesn't do it all justice (and love the lilacs in your pretty little vase!) xo

Great discovery! Looks like a mini road trip is in order for my upcoming b-day!


I am spoiled - I live close by. And I have a space in an antiques store about 5 minutes from Terrain...I always recommend that customers visit Terrain on the way to my shop for a little inspiration (and lunch). And there's an Anthropologie right across the street from Terrain, which is another plus!

Oh wow, this place looks incredible. Thank you for sharing.

It looks amazing. I am in love.

Love the root table , it looks fabulous

well guys....what a lovely surprise! thank you xoxo

we cannot wait to welcome you to chicago, you have a legion of fans here waiting anxiously to see you eddie.
a perfect weekend of E+J; an entertaining event and a tour with both of you at the chicago flea market.

we are so lucky here in the midwest!
scentimental gardens

Hi Eddie! Wow this is an awesome post. Terrain is fantastic. And I love Philadelphia I feel a kinship with Pennsylvania since my ancestors’ migrated from there in 1789. I think Anthropologies is awesome as well. Your designs are beautiful. The daffodils arrangements are so attractive and very creative. Daffodils are my favorite spring flower. Thanks sharing! Ciao.

what an enchanted place! i love it when retail returns back to the basics. thanks for the inspiration!

This is just up my alley.... love those stores, love the philosophy and styling! Gorgeous place above!

Happy weekend, boys!

Looks amazing Eddie - wish I could pop over for a visit. Very insprirational.

I have been loving their online store, but it is so great to see the pics of the actual shop.

It is a venture from Anthropologie, right? Do you know if they are planning to open other shops?

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of it all!

Looks like the kind of place that might help me get over the grief I suffered at the loss of Smith & Hawken. Lilacs. Bring on the lilacs!

If I had a shop, it would look like that - I am missing a local garden shop that closed. Maybe I will be lucky and a terrain will open here!

Everything looked special, especially their green 'terrain' sign!

What a fabulous shop! Hopefully it will master the photographic treats that Anthro provides us...I am calling first thing Monday about that root-based table. It is just perfect. Happy Weekend!

Wow - what an amazing shop! Those clay pots are my favorite! Wish we had them here..........KG

Would LOVE to visit this store... thanks for sharing.



That place looks fantastic.

Rustic, sophisticated at the same time. Makes overly fussy and pristine look like yesterday's news. Great pictures, thanks!

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