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May 12, 2010


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This was a great contest! still looking forward to seeing the before and after shots of the decks that were picked. We need a deck very bad. Our home is being rebuilt due to a fire and we now have a sliding door to nowhere overlooking the water. This would an awesome place to put a deck.


A Trex deck is a pretty sweet reward. They're nice and durable, but still pretty as they could be--not to mention environmentally friendly. It's pretty much the entire package.

Hi Eddie,
This is The Townes Family from New Jersey. This is our first home purchasing after becoming newlyweds. We have BBQ's without a place to entertain. I wish everyone Good Luck! We have our fingers crossed.

Hi Eddie
This is The Townes Family from New Jersey. We are newlyweds & this is our first home we purchased. Our deck/patio is in desperate need of a makeover. We have BBQ's with no place to entertain but in the grass. Wishing everyone Good Luck! WE are crossing our fingers.

Hi Eddie
This is the Townes Family from New Jersey. We are newlyweds and this our first home we purchased. We do lots of BBQ's with no entertainment space. I thank you for accepting our photos. Hoping to be one out of the three winners. If not, congratulations to the winners.

Hi Eddie-
We entered the Trex contest because of your blog!
Best of luck to everyone who entered! It sounds like a dream to design the lucky entrant's deck.

I am so excited at the chance to meet you and have you create my most peacefull place. I so love my home..My deck is so important.it is my ability to take a breath in and enjoy. Cant wait to meet you.

Hello Eddie, just entered. Can't wait to see
the deck designs regardless of who wins. If you and Jaithan come to The Raleigh/Durham N.C. area I can promise you great food and antiquing.
Say that you'll lead a flea market tour of our N.C. State Fairgrounds Flea Market. It's
one of the best in the nation.
Best, Barbara.

I just entered and I am so excited - I really believe I can win! It would be so much fun to meet you - and the deck, of course. I am a big fan - Thanks so much!
Best regards,


Just entered the contest and have my fingers crossed!! Hoping to show you some Hoosier Hospitality when you come to design our new pool-side deck!!

We live in the beautiful forest of Colorado--a wonderful place for humans . . . an unspeakable place for wood decks. We have hot, we have cold, and BOY do we have snow! Trex would be the cure for wood-deck blues. Our current deck is beyond ugly, painted-red-ugly (for real!), it's unsafe. We'd love for you to design an amazing new Trex deck that could stand up to our wild Colorado weather.

I just entered the Trex deck contest. I am hoping to win so I can finally enjoy sitting on teh deck. The boards are so warped and raised, I won't let my 2 and 5 year old on teh deck for fear of tripping. I am a big fan and would love to have a deck designed by you.

Love to win...we sit right up next to our house with all the Texas heat oozing out. I really want a deck at the back of our yard to catch the breezes from the bayous we back up to...

Hello, Eddie! I hope you'll consider the deck challenge in Decatur, GA. We are in an amazing new urban chic area of incredible diversity, great community and neighborliness. I promise one of the friendliest parties of neighbors you'll ever experience--on the incredible new Trex deck, of course! Thanks! Marilyn B.
PS Can you think of something extra special for our dog, too?!

We don't currently have a deck and we miss it! We had one at our old home, but our current home of six years has no good place to sit and visit or entertain. Hope you are at our house soon!

I entered! Our deck is over 20 years old and could really use a makeover!

Hi there, We live in the gorgeous Sierra Nevada mountains. Our deck has had a family grow up on it and hence wear it out.For 34 years we have thoroughly enjoyed the long skinny cedar deck our home was built with because of its surroundings but now I would love to have a real outdoor living space. We have the room for different levels, and I dream about having wonderful pots full of colorful flowers on a beautiful deck. I would love a professional designer to work his magic for us. Thanks so much Eddie. PS I also have well-chilled wine.

Hoping to win! Sue F.

I just entered your TREX deck contest as a surprise for my husband. Here's hoping you can turn our existing deck into "BEST IN SHOW!" (If you see our "REX" submitted pics you'll get it.)

Love your STYLE by the way.

Thanks, Jennifer E

“Honey, I'm thinking of switching to the mock turtleneck?”
“Is that not breathing?”
“Well, it's breathing now, but it'll be hot down there. I could go with the lambswool, but then again, you'll see a lot of khaki down there and this merlot looks good with the gray.” ; )

Please HELP! We are a family of 4 daughters,1 son, 3 son-in-laws, 1 daughter-in-law, 1 boyfriend, 2 parents and 3 grandsons. A new deck area would be so awesome when we are all together. We have outgrown our inside dining area, so it would be wonderful to be able to use a deck area for entertaining. Crossing my fingers!! thank you!

Hi Eddie: We entered the Trex contest but a bonus to see all your ideas on this site!
Our back yard is our deck because we live in the Western NC mountains. Sloped sites make it almost impossible to walk on them. Thus we call our deck our "back yard". We live on the deck but the maintenance each year is killing us. Would love to have you design a beautiful Trex deck and even expand it if we win the contest. Thanks so much for all your inspiration!

please save our hideous yard--I can picture a relaxing yet sophisticated terrace retreat, away from the play house and dead herb garden. Pretty please. :)

I entered the contest. OMG I would love to win this deck. Do you get to come to my house and design it because that would be the best!!!!

Eddie, I have a horrible spot in my back yard that is screaming for a makeover with a deck! It would be awesome to see what you would come up with to enhance the yard!

Love your blog!

A wonderful giveaway! Would love to replace our 24 year old deck!

Hi Eddie,
Winning the deck would be a dream come true for us! I love your blog, and I would for you to visit us. We live just outside Philly, about 20 minutes from "Terrain!"

Thank You!

You gotta be in to win it! Oh the potential, a view of the Potomac river, a fire pit, shoeless soirees...

Eddie, I signed up - thanks for posting it! I so need a deck - almost 12 years in the same house and we still have a "gate" across our door because we don't have a deck - and it is a walkout basement (yikes)! Would love to win and finally have a deck to sit on and enjoy the Colorado sunsets and my family!

Desperate for a new deck! Love your site and the work you do! Julia from NC

Eddie, if you knew how much we needed a new deck, you'd understand why I signed up for the contest!! Ours is falling apart. So glad I found out about it from you. FIngers crossed that we win, I would love, love, love a new outdoor space.

would love to have a deck designed by you Eddie!

I entered the contest. Wouldn't it be LOVELY to win something? This contest has me thinking of improvements (don't even LOOK at that blue paint someone else did!)... *sigh* *Grin!*

I entered. Pick me!

I just entered! My deck is really old, so this would be perfect!! Wow - what a wonderful product to get involved with. I can't see what you end up designing.

I hope I win. I need a new deck:)

I entered, and my fingers are crossed. I hope I win, although I would hate to subject you to the heat of a Texas summer.

exciting giveaway. Nothing like enjoying the weather on a gorgeous deck. thanks for the chance.

Hi Eddie,

I entered and thanks so much.

I am in much need of a new deck!!

Farris Huff.

Entered...fingers-crossed and prayers being said...

I entered. I need some pizzazz at our HouseAtTheLake in Iowa. I even have a new sliding door leading to nowhere in hopes of a larger deck!

I entered.

Oh, I entered! oops!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

oh, I can imagine it and Yes, I'm loving it! More like daydreaming and already planning a party!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

thank you Eddie for this fun contest! and...I also want to say thank you for all the time, effort and energy you put into your blog! your content is always educational AND useful...I have used a lot of your tips!! i have entered the contest and will cross my fingers (and toes--ha-ha!)
best wishes!!!

We just moved into our new house! We have a deck and screened porch but we need a little Eddie lovin'.

I entered! Im very excited for you to come fab-out my deck.

How exciting for you! Just entered - fingers crossed.

I entered, so next time you visit, we could be enjoying mini crab cakes and G&Ts on a gorgeous brand new deck!

Me too! Hoping for a wonderful fresh fun look for our backyard -- and a new bar area and entertaining area around the pool!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Good mornig Eddie, would love a deck off the back of the house. It is a future dream project. hugs gaylyn

Just entered... and REALLY hoping to win! What a fun contest this is! =)


First time homeowner! We just bought our new house, and have saved every penny for our down payment...a downer of another kind is the desperate need of a deck for our sad, desolate back yard. HELP!

Cocktails overlooking the lake await! I'm imagining the beautiful tablescapes that could be created on a new Trex wrap-around front porch! The neighbors will be envious (but they'll be over visiting every night now!) I'm going to start stocking up the bar cart, polishing the champagne flutes and saying my prayers. A toast to you Eddie!
How fun this is to dream of!

We are starting a new house build and we would love to have a deck but it was going to have to be something we waited a while to do.... how fantastic it would be to win a deck! What a blessing. I'm hoping to get lucky!

Oooo - this is the best "giveaway" I've seen yet. This comment is to tell you I have entered the contest! We NEED a deck redo because my 1.5 year old little boy loves to be outside, but keeps tripping over our sad "parquet" deck tiles and getting splinters in his little toes. And the current fence around it makes me soooo nervous. He and I would be indebted to you if you and Trex allowed him to run free!

Sweet success! Love the blog and I read it over and over because we are renovating an old farmhouse. I need to carve out a closet for a bar- you all have such fabulous ideas. Thank you!

I tried to enter but I had to keep entering the capthcha and it wouldn't accept my entry:( I need a deck on the back of my new farmhouse!

Fizzy cocktails on my current bench would not make you giggle - only give you splinters! Win or lose, you would be welcome here!

Fabulous and timely giveaway with all this great weather - Thanks, Karen

Signed up. Raise that fizzy drink to me winning this deck! So exciting!

we're itching to put in a deck--winning one would be awesome!!

My sad little patio needs to be transformed into a beautiful Trex deck. We would spend even more time out there than we do now.

Entered, commented, and crossed! What a great contest, I can't wait to see what you come up!

Just entered the Trex contest. We have no deck. We need a deck for entertaining. Would be great if we won!

I was JUST talking about Trex and how I wished I could replace my falling apart deck with it.

Great timing!

Just entered the contest and hope we win. My husband built our current home and we moved in about a year ago. We live in a quaint subdivision in Texas on the lake with about 100 houses - give or take. I love everything about this new house, neighbors, and surroundings but I can't stand our backyard. The backyard never got finished out so there is nothing back there but grass and areas where there is no grass from our Husky Snowy digging. So desperate for a backyard makeover - a deck would completely transform it and turn it from drab to Fab!

Our jacuzzi area is begging for a deck! This would be the answer to it's prayers.

Boy would I love a deck to cover my Petite Pation :D

Thanks Eddie! I entered and have my fingers crossed. Mine is listed as Desperate Without a Deck!

Hugs...Tracy :)

Are you up for a challenge? It would be an amazing before and after with a great chance to design! And an amazing birthday present for me! My fingers have never been so crossed! Beautiify the front of my house, PLEASE!
Thank you,

I would love this deck, we live in wine country in Northern CA. We could sip some of our local wine while the deck goes up. What a treat it would be. Cheers!

I just put my nasty deck on the Trex website! Thanks for posting about this giveaway!! So exciting!!!

Ok, I'm entered and wishing. Need a new deck to go with the new fence.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I win! and you won't have to travel far to Pelham,Westchester to work your magic!

I have a friend with a Trex deck. Very cool! Thanks for the chance to win.

Hi Eddie,

What a great opportunity! I just entered the contest. A new Trex deck would be huge for us, as ours is old and rotting. I've admired the product and it has been on our "list" for this house for a long time. Having you design it would be the cherry on top :)


I never win anything, but what the heck...I looked in our back yard and am pretty sure we don't have a deck....

Thanks for the chance! Life is too short not to enjoy the beautiful outside world that deck-entertaining would afford!

Great giveaway. I am in desperate need of a new deck.

Thanks for the heads up on the Trex Giveaway!!! I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that a new deck is in my future!

My fingers are crossed, along with my arms, legs and toes! WOuld be wonderful...

My deck is my sanctuary. Would love it to look as nice as its view....

oh my...this could save my marriage! Just kidding......I want a patio, hubby wants a deck so we will probably never be able to compromise. I would totally compromise if YOU are the deck designer. I am dying for an outdoor living space to enjoy my flower and herb gardens from and now I am entered for this fabo prize.
Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy

Come oooonnnn, new deck! Our deck covers most of our backyard, and basically, it's an awkward eyesore. Help!

Entered....with fingers crossed!!

Have a great day,
Karen in Texas

Eddie, you an Jaihan are cordially invited for wine tasting with our sommellier, Tim. Then we'll grill some filets on the new Trex deck overlooking Gull Lake, and finish with a fourless chocolate gateau with champage on the pontoon as we watch the sunset ovwr the lake.
See you at six! Don't be late:)

Just entered! We have big dreams for a back deck and patio ... currently we an ugly (and unsafe) back 'landing'. Hardly could qualify as a deck. fingers are crossed!!

I just entered! Our little fixer upper is in desperate need of a deck (and a screened in part maybe?!) so we can entertain our new friends and enjoy the long warm seasons down here in M'ssippi!

I entered! WOW it would be such a great housewarming present for me (I just bought my very first house!).

Crossing fingers and toes, we are in need of a serious deck-redo. Our twelve year old cedar deck is looking mighty aged!!!

I just entered - coul really use a deck designed by you!

I am crossing my fingers (and toes and anything else I can cross) for this one. We will totally rock the neighborhood if we even had a deck.

Eddie, I just entered. My fingers and toes cross. In the meantime I will reach for my favorite scone recipe and look for my pretties pitcher for the lemonade to serve you and the Trex crewmembers, while we sit back and enjoy our first party on our deck.

Thanks for the chance dont have one now but would love one

I entered and I am in desperate need of an outdoor makeover. We love out deck and screen porch and it needs help.

My fingers are crossed, I could really use a deck.

I've entered, fingers crossed!

I'm sooooo there! We've been wanting to finish our back yard for 5 years but with the economy as it is we've been holding back. Now if we won a Trek deck all bets are off I tell you!

I did it!

Eddie, Great giveaway, I just entered and will be passing it along to my friends and family! Any excuse to get you guys back to VA is a good one, and a deck party sounds fantastic! *Amy

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