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May 25, 2010


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Holly Cow, wish i could ahve been there

Janice In Missouri

It's not fair!!!! I want to be there.

I admire your courage to part with your treasures:) I have a friend who buys at our thrift stores and sticks to a hard, fast rule: something then goes OUT of the house (something I have to work on!). GOOD LUCK with your sale and have fun:)

ack! I wish I live close by...I fell ur pain, space is a problem at our space too & I always see stuff love!

We're drinking cocktails out of two of the three coupe glasses we bought this morning! Thanks for the sale, and great to meet you both. =)

I'm buying a plane ticket now. I'm home from work painting a faux bamboo sofa table that I got at an estate sale before work yesterday for my shop. Darn, why are you so far away? Have a great sale.

Oh how I wish I lived on the East Coast right now!!! This is definitely going to be the mother of all yard sales!! Well I'm sure you will have NO problem selling - but good luck!! And I WISH I could be there!!

Seagrass Interiors

Just stopping by for lots of great inspiration! (as usual)

Have a great weekend, and I hope the yard sale goes great! Take lots of pics so that those of us unable to attend can be even more jealous. ;-)

If we weren't packing this weekend to move back to CA, I'd be there in a heart beat. Have so much fun and I'm sure everyone will love getting their hands on your goodies!
Good luck E + J!

I'll go to yours… If you come to mine! LOL
Have fun & sell, sell, sell!

Just posted about yours on my BLOG. Grace & I are haveing one this weekend too! We'll toast to you with our spiked coffee in the am... ha ha ha


I will be there w friends in tow!

Bless your hearts! How can you part with such "sentimentalia!" I would seriously contemplate a girls road trip--if I was not moving my daughter to Chicago for her summer Internship! By the way she is available to help out on the 17th in Chicago for your gig--she is studying Event Planning,and is working for Event Architects in Chicago this Summer! Jaithan-have not forgot you and your B&B request for November! Hugs!

I want to come!!!

Good luck with the sale! Just wish California weren't such a schlep (sp?)

OH, so fun. Wish I could come! Hope it all goes well.

Sigh. Sometimes I really hate living in Canada! :) Have a fabulous time everyone!

I think a magazine should do a spread on your yard sale - like the one on Carolyne Roehm's a few years ago. That way, the many that are missing it can at least get a glimpse of all the goodies!

How I wish I could be there, to meet you both and find some TREASURES!!!!!! Let us know what is left! XO, Pinky

Why oh why do I have to be in Nantucket this weekend?!? I am really tempted to bail on my trip and make the trip to see you two!! I'm dying to get a peak at your amazing finds and finally meet you both.

Your yard sale is hurting my feelings a little bit. I SO wish I could be there.

OMGAWSH I'd be there in a heartbeat! Because of a recent spine surgery, I'm not allowed in a CAR! ARGH! YOU are killing me E and J! Good luck!

Great goodness A Eddie Ross Yard Sale and I live in Alabama Rent a truck and start out on the Road and head this way Pleaseeeee list left overs for us that can't attend.

I will be thinking of all the fun I'm going to be missing and buying, to far I'm in Calif. post pics and I can visualize the fun weekend you 2 had.
Oakley girl :-)

Post some of that stuff on-line! You know we out-of-state readers would love to get our hands on this stuff!

When Eddie Ross has a yard sale I know that downsizing is in!

Too bad I am so far away. Good luck and remember to have lots of change!

Oh wish I could stop by and search for old monograms on silverware and linens! And I'm the kind of customer that has never learned the skill of haggling -- you say $5, I'd say okay $7! Wishing you beautiful weather and lots of sales to make room for new treasures.

If you bring in the big bucks, you would still have time to catch a flight to KC to watch the fireworks from the Terrace. You are always welcome. Make room for the new.

are you serious!? omg. if i lived closer i'd be there in a heartbeat! just meeting you guys would be worth the trip!!

Yes, I'll be there!! Can't wait.
Just emailed Jaithan for directions...

Why can't I live closer?!! I would LOVE to come!! By the way, cutest gargage sale sign EVER!

i almost want to get in the car and make a road trip out of it...but i don't think the husband would go for it...especially since we'd be coming from chicago!

Wow, that will be a great sale.

OMG...wish I were there!

Oh man! It's too late to rent a car for a holiday weekend.....Good luck on the sale -
I'll keep checking the etsy store for things that are still availalbe! -Wendy

Oh how I wish I could attend! Lucky for all those up in your neck of the woods. xoox, P

I really wish I lived nearby! I hope you'll post pictures!

Aauugghhh! And I live in Dutchess too! I'll be out of town this weekend! Please do this again so I can go! (Just not 4th of July weekend, OK?) I'm loving the old linens these days.

THAT is a yard sale I wish I could attend.

Sooo jealous! I would love to come to your yard sale. Richmond is just a little far away...:)

Even your yard sale sign is fabulous! Can I be you when I grow up?!

good luck with the yard sale, sounds tempting!

Oh Eddie I'm so bummed I don't live closer - WAHHHHH! I was just with Megan from Beach Bungalow (we're neighbors) and she mentioned she saw you recently and said how fun you are :) Oh how I wish I could come to your sale. so jealous! I'll have to be green with envy from afar!


holy hobnailed milk glass. this is going to be one helluva sale. I'm so envious.

even your sign is clever!

can i put my dibs in for that faux bois birdbath? :-)


Nearly worth a flight out I'd say!

alex and i are having a yardsale to this coming weekend! wish we lived in the same town, we could join forces and have a huge party!

Oh I wish I lived closer, I don't think I could make it from California... I will have to alert my friends in New York! A few of them just saw you in Rye. Good Luck, so much work but so rewarding when it is over.

Good luck! I know that there will be some fabulous things there. Only wish I lived near by :)

....Jealous! How I wish I were going to be your way! Id love to come and comb through all of the goodies! Good Luck! Enjoy!
Take lots of pics!

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