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June 30, 2010


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I love the birdie! *crossing my fingers.*

This bird is calling my name and needs to fly home to nest with me!

what a fun blog! thanks for the recommendation!

well appointed indeed.
pick me

Fingers crossed the Cockatoo will find a new home with me.

Love those lamps! Perfect for my Lilliputian cottage on Lake Michigan!

Love the birds and the blog. Hope I win!! H\

Love TWAH but now I get to follow you. Thanks for the reminder about Scott's.

Great Giveaway! Wish me luck!

Cool - what a great giveaway! I already follow the Well Appointed House, so please count me in!
- Danielle
other-option AT hotmail DOT com

I am now a follower and so hope I win the bird. However, the blog goodness is prize enough.xoxo

TWAH seems like a fun blog, and this is a great giveaway!

Love them! Happy fourth! xoxo

I love cockatiels both living and decorative ones. Thanks for the giveaway.

I think those lamps would look fab in my house! Come and check my dining room progress I need your thoughts...Pretty please with a cherry on top!


This is great fun -- love the bird. Good luck to everyone. Thanks Eddie and the Well Appointed House for this giveaway opportunity. Have a great weekend all -- Happy 4th of July!

The lamps you made are just gorgeous! I love cockatoos, and I have some in my collection of California Pottery birds. They are so colorful and beautiful - but those white ones are truly stunning!

I was a parakeet girl, myself, growing up, but I think these little guys are gorgeous! And I love how you thought outside the box and turned them into lamps ~ really really a creative idea. What fun to find The Well Appointed House, as well! Crossing my fingers.......Thanks for sharing!
xx Suzanne

What about that cute 4th of July dog sitting in front of the ice cream soda? Is he coming back this year?

OK, here's what I really admire -- I might see the cockatoos and think, "How amazing these would look as lamps!", but you see them, get them and make it happen in such a way that is beyond the original vision - stunning!

OK, so I realize that after 65 comments on this subject, you probably don't need an other one; you already know how fab those lamps are, right?!!

Northern Light

We are excited to be partnering with you on this giveaway and we here at The Well Appointed House love your blog! I love seeing birds in decorating and my last dining room had hand painted Gracie wallpaper filled with beautiful birds. Cockatoos are one of my favorites and I love what you did with the lamp. You have such a creative spirit when it comes to design!

Just signed onto The Well Appointed House blog -- very nice!
I have a cockatoo named Conrad...as in Conrad Birdie...get it?!

Celia Canning

Love you, love your designs and LOVE this giveaway!

I'm following, woo hoo!! LOVE the lamps!

The Well Appointed House is a great site with loads of ideas and possibly a bird that won't bite me!

Adore your blog and the Well Appointed House site. Thanks for the chance to win the bird!

Lovely blog site. I love the retail store. Thank you for the giveaway.

Done and done!

Now I'm off to scour the house for things to turn into lamps. At 10:30 at night. Awesome!

Eddie, I love the lamps....so cool!


Love these and the Well Appointed House site.

Love the cockatoo and a new blog to follow!

Those lamps are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay...I am a follower! I had no idea that The Well Appointed House had a blog. I am going to add them to my blog roll! xx

Oh, thanks for the introduction to this great site. Also, any chance you know/would be willing to share the fabric pattern in your last image. So pretty!

And, I am now following.

love this! my first thought was, eew tacky birds, and you made it into a lamp i would admire and buy. i love seeing how the professionals re-envision! i'll never view thrift store statuary the same.

Thank you for steering my towards The Well Appointed House. Can't wait to take a deeper look at the blog.

i love it all, and have enthusiastically checked "yes"! thanks for the fun scoop and opportunity!

i'm a follower of the well-appointed house! that birdie would be a wonderful addition to my all white ceramic collection! inspired by none other than fab you of course!

Love the cockatoo and the lamps you've had made. Love the Well Appointed House site as well. Thanks for letting us know about them.

Once got a sweet peck from a beautiful cockatoo! These are beauties...despite not being able to peck :)

Just signed on to follow The Well Appointed House. Gotta love those cockatoos and especially the "no squawking."

ohh eddie I love this giveaway. I have been looking for a cockatoo for a while now and I have just the place to put it. Thanks!

your lamps are amazing! love the idea!

Following and hoping to win.

i love what you did to the cockatoo... such a cute piece!

The Well Appointed House is awesome, and I definitely look forward to receiving their feed. This bird is gorgeous. Love it!

Love your blog as well as The Well Appointed House. Thank you!

I am in love with those lamps placed on the bold yellow console...perfection!

Thanks for introducing me to The Well Appointed House. Just started following.
Love the new lamp!

Wonderful Eddie and Jaithan!! I adore Gabrielle's site and this beautiful bird!!
I would love it of course!

I hope you will join my designer giveaway from Pillow Mint.

Art by Karena

Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Truly stunning!

Following! What an awesome giveaway!

Love the cockatoo and am already a reader of the Well Appointed House blog. Thanks!

what was your reasoning for bad mouthing martha? she made you.

I'm a happy follower of their blog!

Such a clever post. And lovely finds. Of course!

I used to have an Umbrella Cockatoo in college. He did back talk and he DID bite when he felt neglected. Now I just have a dog with a cockatoo hair cut.

Mmm, I'm imagining having an afternoon salsa buffet party with this fellow as the centerpiece. He would be so cute sitting next to a big bowl of mango salsa!

Oh, baby....I WANT the bird! Seriously....the white would pop against my robins' egg blue bookshelves in my bedroom. Hope he flies home with me!!! xoxo, Elizabeth

Following.... and LOVING the cockatoo!! Thanks for the giveaway - and for all of the inspiration that you give!

I went, I saw, I clicked. Now I want to conquer! That means win!

What a perfect match!!! Thanks to the two of you for getting together on this giveaway!
I am now a follower of Melissa's blog. Your lamp looks sooo good. So glad you shared how they turned out. Hope I win!!! I have THE best spot for a lamp made from the cockatoo.

Is subscribe the same as follow? Oh well, glad to know another blog!

OK I clicked on follow and now here is my comment. I hope I win!!

(florida) cracker wanna polly!

well, no, i'm an old brooklyn boy stewing in the gulf coast sun at bradenton, but i've been fond of cockatoos for a long time, and i'd love to adopt this one for my (not so) well appointed house. his name is 'vuvuzela'. love you guys, and especially the gold foil shade you chose to give polly a glow. m

The lamps are wonderful! The black shade really sets it off.

I'm following the Well Appointed House blog. Happy to have found your site too!

Love the bird lamp with the black shade!

Don't forget to enter to win the $100 Gift Certificate to Blydesign.com!

So fab! But please tell me you also picked up those amazing gold embellished glasses on the right of the photo? xoxo, P

Already a follower, I would love to turn this into a lamp!

I love those cockatoos! And your blog!! And the Well Appointed House!!! Growing up, my mom loved birds, and we had several as pets- three cockatiels, a lovebird and two finches over the course of 22 years. I would love to add these two lovelies to my ever-evolving house. This pair would always have a place though...

Thanks for introducing me to The Well Appointed House.

Eddie, love the giveaway, but also appreciate all the inspiration I've gotten from your blog. Thanks!:-)

Oh yes, I'm a follower of The Well Appointed House Blog - and yours too!

Love the cute lil' cockatoo! Pick me!

Okay, please explain this: "I had the cockatoos set on chinoiserie bases...". WHO did this part??? Shandell's?
Anyway, the lamp you show looks fabulous, but would love more details.
Many thanks for your inspiring and always cheerful blog.

The lamps are fabulous!! I now follow Well Appointed House

Love this and I love the well appointed house. I have now added you to my google reader -- don't know why you weren't there before!

Love the lamps that you made and that you preserved the figurines in the process!

Following! :)

I am now following, although I am not entirely sure what that means. I am entirely sure I love the cockatoo, though! Thanks for the giveaway!

Eddie -
Love this little cockatoo. Yes, if I won it, I'd definitely make it into a lamp. I think it would go nicely with the 1930's vibe of my home. I've been reading your blog since it's inception but have never left a comment. Today I thought I might as well and tell you although very late how much I enjoyed your Halloween special on HGTV last year. It was the only good Halloween thing on last year. I hope you have something planned for this year. Come July, I always start thinking about Halloween.

Please check out my blog...


I'm following The Well Appointed House!

attemptingcreative at hotmail dot com

I am a follower now! Great giveaway!! Hope you are having a fabulous week Dear Eddie!!

This bird would love to win that!
Flying on over....to enter!

Eddie, nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Hello! I'm officially following TWAH blog and leaving a "comment" for my cockatoo entry! Cheers.

i love it! it would look great next to my palm

I'm already a follower of The Well Appointed House. Speaking of house, have you seen her new digs? Fancy, fancy. Love the giveaway. Fingers and toes crossed to win.

LOVE the birds, LOVE the lamps, LOVE everything!!!!

What a clever idea, turning it into a lamp! Absolutely love it---and what a great conversation piece!

Great use of those gorgeous birds!

That lamp is stunning! So clever the way you did not drill into the porcelain too. Of course, I now NEED to have a ceramic cockatoo so I am off to become a follower of The Well Appointed House!

Eddie, I´m following The Well Appointed House blog and here I am! Sweet the story about Baby, our childhood is always there... I actually would love to have one of those cockatoos (specially as lighting base).

Love , Olympia

Love this cockatoo!

Following, with fingers crossed.

I am a follower of there blog! Love the cockatoo and love the idea of turning it into a lamp!

love the lamp idea!

I love what you did with the birds. I would have never thought of something like that, loving it! Thanks for such wonderful ideas!! Follower of The Well Appointed House.

Last summer, the Southern Living Idea House in Dahlonega had a porcelain cockatoo on the kitchen island and it really made a statement! What a fun giveaway!

Only you could make those birds look wonderful, classy and oh so glamorous! Count me in the give away for that bird!

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