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June 24, 2010


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Loved the article, Eddie! Hope y'all are having a good summer. Looks like you are busy as usual. xoxo

Eddie, I have Southern Living but have not read it yet. Love, this table setting.Just my style, white, green and natural. You always add just the right touches. Love the fern in the moss with the white terra cotta pots. Great idea using card stock for that pop of green on the menus, which by the way are written beautifully Jaithan. I was just at the Atlant airport yesterday coming home from a beach trip in North Carolin. Love that state!! Hugs Kathysue

Elegant as always! Love the layering and the edible centerpiece. Can't wait to see/hear about the Chicago experience! xo, Elizabeth

Saw the article in Southern Living - my favorite magazine, especially the recipes. LOVE those monogrammed spoons! gorgeous - and the milk glass plates(bowls?). But okay, Eddie, educate me - why are there 2 knives in the place setting?

Hello , my blog is one year old. Good reason to celebrate birthday. I organize a raffle, I would be glad if you would choose an object, which is then raffled among all participants. All are invited. Regards Jürgen.

You are my favorite designer, Eddie! I just love that you take the time to show all of us 'ordinary' folk how to create beauty in our homes at reasonable prices. My husband has been out of work for two years and I so appreciate that with your tips I can still make things like nice. Just look at your darling Etsy shop where everything is under $100! I can't believe I'm actually leaving a comment on your site! Hope it's approved!

Looking forward to the 17th in Atlanta! Only wish I could walk Scott's with you on the 11th...
Jaithan: the menu cards are so charming: simple and elegant!

Such a clean, refreshing look...another success. Cut my teeth on SL, glad to see your work reaching an ever-growing audience.

Love this table setting and I love how easy it looks to pull off! I had a great time at the wow event and it was so nice to get to meet you - thanks so much!

What a beautiful setting- perfect for a summer get together!

Just beautiful! Great to have you back in blogland (though I do wish you were still in Chicago!). xo Marija

this is delightfully neutral. it was great meeting you last week in wayne, il. happy travels to atl!

This one's for Jaithan,
Hope this isn't too out of line, but Jaithan, your man handwriting is just so...sexy. I love a man that can write legibly!

Love the milkglass compote filled with green fruit!

Saw that article and read it twice! Monochromatic is actually easier than trying to put alot of colors together (for me, anyway). Love the vintage mixed with the real live stuff (plants, fruit, etc) And silver is always perfect.

I totally love this one. Thinking: change just the fruit color and the season (or hoiday) changes instantly!



Love the white,silver,green with a dash of neutral....my favourite. Its so casual but elegant at once! Beautiful Eddie!



Eddie- so happy for you! This is gorgeous, and fresh, and beautiful!!LOVE it!

Sorry to read you got fired from Martha Sewart Living.

Beautiful, and welcoming you to just sit right down!

Love love love it! I have a dinner party coming up and I might have to use all these ideas....;-) oxoxxo, p

what a great article! so inspirational i will need it as a permanent "tear-out" for future reference :-)

Just saw you last week in Chicago -- WOW is the absolute right word for your entertaining extravaganza -- and was already needing another "Eddie fix". Great article in Southern Living -- nice to have a copy of what you showed last week.

Nice article. Well organized. Inspiring.

Absolutely elegant!! I love the varying shades of creams and green. Fabulous as always!

Art by Karena

Terrific blog. Glad to see the spoons in use. Your talent continues to dazzle. When are you returning to the west coast?

Beautiful! Such a wonderful article to inspire a special table. You're such an inspiration...LOVE YOU!

Wow, I was wondering what had happened to Jennifer Kopf. She was a great friend to us when she was at Country Home and I was sales mgr. for a wrapping paper company called Mani-G-Wraps. She always gave our product great editorial placement. Now I can follow her work again. Thanks and as usual great work by you!

I'm so excited about the 11th!! Pardon me while I spend the next 2 weeks preparing an outfit. :)

Please let me see y'all while you're here! Hugs and beautiful post.

Yet again, another fresh table! I love the use of old and new. It seems you have brought a market back for Milk Glass and the way you use Milk Glass is wonderful! It looks like a million dollars.

It's beautiful! Your tables are always stunning!!I love Mrs. Howard too and I read the blog.
I really love Southern Living Magazine, but I have a hard time finding it where I live in Canada.
Enjoy the weekend on your farm and have fun in Atlanta. xo

Gorgeous! I love the crisp greens that you used.

This may be my very favorite Eddie Ross tablescape. It's so pretty, yet so clean and simple. Just love the green and white.

This is great! I am having a dinner party in a few weeks and your summertime tablescape ideas came in so handy. I just painted a large room in my home a light green so this table really inspired me!! It's perfect timing. Thanks!

Mrs Howard in Charlotte is so amazing -- we're so happy to have it here. Hope to see you in Atlanta!

I loved that article-- so fresh and beautiful (and so very YOU.) Safe travels.

Looks great Eddie - simple but lovely. You continue to be an inspiration! Hope all is well

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