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June 11, 2010


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it got me thinking.
Thanks for sharing.

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I downloaded the photo of this table from Apartment Therapy last week and can't get it out of my mind. I'm currently on ebay bidding on some blue milk glass wine goblets to start putting together a similar look. So now you are on my favorites and I will definitely check back to see your awesome designs. Thanks for the inspiration!

I cannot believe you found those bowls! I recently bought 12 plates of that pattern and it took forever to find the name. They're Cuckoo (no trim). I fell in love with the pattern with that lovely pumpkiny edge. Never thought to pull out the blue. Masterful! If you ever get a yen to sell them, well, I did get the plates at a steal. BTW, I believe they're closer to 1900.

Such a fantastic post...I'm inspired to head out to our local flee market right now! Very creative...Love it!

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Words fail me. This is beyond beautiful! I want to keep coming back to look at this over and over again. Just the BEST! You two and your OCD are also the BEST!

Such a great table! I love the mix of colors, and you gave me a great idea for those brass birds (I have the same ones!)

Ok, I am totally coveting the opaline glass and geeking out on the colored chiavaris- we only have the basics, and I'd love local access to more colors!

Fantastic set up!

LOVE this~
I would also love to see YOU as a guest judge on Design Star or Top Design...


Absolutely beyond.

Eddie, this is amazing! I love these colors together and your clever repurposing of those Target earrings. Well done...have fun in Chicago! Come back with lots of new ideas :)

I would love dine on this table. Where is my invitation? Pink and orange are my favorite combination. Your table is just breath takingly beautiful.

Omg!!!!!! I collect blue opaline and this is making me drool!!!!!! Congratulations on southern living. Love y'all!,

STUNNING Congratulations.


I love the pink chairs!!! So,vibrant....
Also, thank you so much for commenting on my new blog.....YOU MADE MY DAY!!!!!!


Pink and orange, such a cheery combination. I had little desk accessories in pink and orange when I was a child in the mod 60's. I treasured them!

Wow guys this turned out fabulous as it knew it would but you still never cease to amaze!!!
Thanks so much for all the well wishes on Christopher's Graduation! It was wonderful although sorta glad it's all over but the memories and now it's on to summer! Yeah!
Missing you

This table has such incredible energy -- and it gets more fabulous each time I go back to look at it. Wow, are you ever the best!

What an exciting summer for your upcoming publications! Looking forward!


Eddie, you're incredible! As soon as I read you picked pink chairs, I fell in love. But to see it all put together was genius! Those blue glasses pop more than I pictured they would, and it's beautiful.

And why haven't I ever thought of actually putting jewelry on my dining room table? I think it's time to bust out my jewelry I've been too sentimental (or lazy) to give away and come up with some new uses!

Your table is gorgeous, the colors are to die for. I wish some of your OCD would rub off on me ! :)

Beautiful and Unexpected!

Modern mix flowers hot pink peonies and orange ranunculus is so beautiful.I like orange color roses very much.what a glorious design it.

I love this table setting! The colors are so fresh and festive -- the blue is particularly unexpected and cool.

Love your blog Eddie, you infuse everything with fun and elegance

Such a stunning table arrangment, with an amazing vibrant colours.

Absolutely amazing!! You just gave me a new color palette for my Master Bedroom which is painted that yummy orange color in the Kazak fabric....and I am off to go find that fabric for my window coverings. Woo Hoo!!! Thanks!!

Stuning. I was feeling a bit blue this Monday morning but then I saw this. Beautiful and bold use of color and pattern.

While reading about all your finds I couldn't imagine how beautiful it would all turn out but WOW did it ever! Just beautiful...


Fab-u-lous! And I love that you took us through the whole process of how/where everything was scored...right down to the cranky pants pawn shop sale. :-)

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This is beyond fabulous! Target earrings as table accents...genius!

Eddie and Jaithan,
This is the most gorgeous table I have ever seen. You are so talent and your eye for color is ridiculous (that my best word I have for something so insanely good). Thanks for visiting my party blog and commenting on my cotton candy trees. You made my year!! I have always loved "thrifting" but you have taken it to a whole other level. You are simply the best!
Blessings to you both,

blue + hot pink + more pink + orange is totally adorable & those pink chivari chairs! fabulous!

I LOVE your OCD!!!!

This is one of my favorite things you have done!!! I absolutely adore it. You are truly talented. And this table top is YUMMY.

Thanks for sharing.

Amazing! I love what you did with the napkin rings! I wish Quadrille was more affordable ;)

Eddie & Jaithan, come and see what I put together for a virtual Party at Catherine's of The Shiny Pebble. I ( ahem) borrowed your photo!

Art by Karena

I found your blog through Quadrille's website, what a find you are! Recently, I made a pact with my vivacious 4 year old who really dislikes the color black (as it should be!), that I would never wear black again (well, almost never!). I have since jumped into this new venture with both feet wearing bold colors of teal, turquoise, emeral green .. and fuschias and corals. And it has transformed my life, and now I will begin decorating that way too (believe it or not, I'm a decorator). Sure enough, I then came across a fab article in House Beautiful featuring a fabulous Quadrille fabric, which led me to Quadrille's site, and now to your fabulous inspiring blog. I look forward to following your posts, you are now one of my top 3 fave bloggers!!!

good gawd, it's like you're in my head!! definitely one of my most favorite tabletops EVER! these colors are perfection!!!

I would have never thought to put all of these elements together... you are amazing!! My only question is- when's the party & what do I wear?? :)


simply brilliant! That fabric alone is amazing, but you pulled together so many old meets new items to make it a conversation piece. It flows beautifully.


Stunning, Eddie. Once again you have pulled off an amazing feat. I didn't think it was possible to make all of that work, and yet from the brass accents to the graceful tapers, you did it!

Your ikat print is absolute perfection! Love, love, love. Cheers.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...and I devoured every word on how you put it all together. It's just fascinating! And very, very inspiring!

Way to go, Spanky, this might be my favorite thing you've ever done!

Fantastic! Soooo many great ideas!!

Stunning! Gorgeous! I can't wait to try this out myself. Such inspiration!

Wowza!!! I had to skim to the end to see the final result....now back to the "how to". LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!

that is poop-your-pants good.
the colors are so saturated and prettypants.

Oh, I hate to be the 48th comment! What can I say that hasn't already been said? It is divine, it's unbelievably amazing!! Absolutely out of the park. And the colors and style so me (my life is pink, red and orange with splashes of turquoise--check out my blog post "Party give happy ending"!--like you've got time) In fact I have been searching all week for the perfect ikat for my own living room and was just about to settle on the aqua and orange Laura Ashley when I saw this table. Okay I never jump to the after until I've read every detail, but I just could not stand it! Right to the final picture and it exploded with inspiration. I even think it just inspired a painting for said living room! Thank you Mr. Eddie Ross and Mr. Jaithan.

This just looks so happy and fun! I love it!

That is amazing. I'm speechless! The pink and orange fabric is my favorite part!

Wow. Eddie, you are good. Your designs are so so original. I'm just amazed. Simply AMAZED by your talents.

I literally gasped when I saw the finished table. Outrageously good.

Wow those pink chairs are so amazing! Love them, you are so talented!

Wow! I never like to mix those colors for wearing but put them on a table??? and it is gorgeous and wild!

I think I stopped breathing when I saw the finished table. So gorgeous! Love everything, right down to the sixlets :)

oh. my. word. Your clever OCD clearly paid off in spades here...blown away! Off to figure out what color candles to showcase in my dining room...thanks for all the fun and beautiful inspiration!

I just adore your work and your tablescapes are always my favorite. Love how you give the step by steps on how you get there! Just wonderful!

I do have two questions for you. One, you say brass is in...ok, I will buy that and start colllecting it from the thrift stores. But tell me, do I need to polish it or leave it as is for an aged look? Any types I should be looking for?

The 2nd question is the thrift store in San Diego. Can you tell me which one? Since I live in So CA and go down there often I would love to stop in.

Thanks so much! Love you lots.


Eddie and Jaithan- THIS IS STUNNING!!! Honestly the most beautiful table I think I've ever seen!! Your talents never cease to amaze me.

Who is more cheerful than Eddie Ross?
Elegance can be fun, affordable, accessible (not to mention creative) and you’ve shown us how, time and again.
Thank you for the inspiration.


this table is out of this world! i love how you pulled off this look with such affordable finds!
i signed up for your WOW party this coming thursday in wayne, il and can't wait to see you. i just posted about it because i'm so excited! see you thursday:)


This is absolutely stunning! I tip my hat, you are a true star!

Love it, you always amaze me when you find & use the old brass stuff. Gives me a new eye when I look at what usually just looks out of date.

This looks amazing - perfect for a summer event!

My favorite of your tabletops - ever. I was unsure with the plates combined with the ikat, but you proved your genius by tying it all together beautifully!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your color story!

You took my breath away. Great color combinations. LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing.

Another great table - so full of energy and excitement. You know how to make things work together and come alive, and have some fun all along the way...well done!

LOVE. Best one ever!

Can't wait to see you on Thursday. By then, I may finally recovered from the swoon this post inspired.

Heee's Baaaack! OMG!! Eddie I am grinning from ear to ear. This is the Eddie I came to love!!! It looks amazing fun, fresh, new, classic all of the above. Everything a tablesetting should be. The details you create are amazing. I love, love, love it!! Bravo and Kudo's to YOU!! xoxo Kathysue

Brilliant. Just brilliant and beautiful. I'm in awe of the colors and festivity they evoke. Yes, what time is dinner???

Like a fresh Caribbean breeze: warm, inviting and full of sweet charm! You are right, it certainly does look like it evolved over time, which shows how talented you truly are. Thank you for this lovely post!
xx Suzanne

Oh, my word, boys, Ya'll have outdone yourselves on this one. I'm in serious, serious love. Is it OK to repost it in it's entirety on my blog? So, so, perfect, and I love how it's mostly thrifted!

What time is dinner served? Again, you have performed your magic in taking some things that would seem rather unextrordinary on their own and turned them into a fresh hot look! You're amazing! When will you be writing a book?

Might have to copy you on this one...already have a set of the blue French opaline glasses...and I just finished sorting tons of candy for grad parties this weekend albeit different colors!

I REALLY love this table...chic,and still so fun for summer!

Absolutely LOVE IT! Great use of color. You two never ceased to amaze me.

Want to come style my wedding?!? I would DIE to have tables set up like these, they are amazing!!

Eddie that fabric those goblets, the chairs, It is all wondrous. I love ranunculas!! Hot pink and orange is fabulous!

Art by Karena

I LOVE it!

I must get my hands on that fabric! I have been in search of the perfect drapery fabric for my apartment and as soon as I read this post I fell in love. I didnt see it on the quadrille website, might you know how to get my hands on some? Im hoping its not wildly expensive :) Keep up the amazing work!

OMG! What a tablescape! The colors are amazing. Who wouldn't want to sit down at this table and have a dinner catered to them? Invite me, please!

So breathtaking I need some oxygen!

I think the very best part of this post was the way it "unfolded"! I didn't want to scroll down too quickly...just to savor each picture and all the text. Eddie and Jaithan: congratulations!

Fabulous! Perfect colors, this table just makes anyone happy. Always love how you pull in the thrift finds, and show that good style and taste is not dependent on how much money you spend. bravo! Lidy

unbelievable! i didn't know how i was going to feel about the blue...but it looks totally amazing! you never fail to amaze. i was eyeing that ikat in HB!

Oh.My.Gawd. I love it. I really love it.And Lily is my fashion hero. Love the pink and green together -always! xoxo, Patti

I'm sweating...sweating like a menopausal woman in July. Have you to thank for overcoming my disdain for anything brass. l.o.v.e.

Eddie and Jaithan - LOVE it! I was looking in to green/white ikat for our dinner party in August. Great minds think alike! Have fun in my hometown of Chicago. Sorry to miss the fun! Best, Kate

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I don't know which elements I adore more! :) That fabric is incredibly beautiful, and may just be a new love of mine. Lovely. I'll be saving this in my "inspiration file"!

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