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July 20, 2010


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That's wonderful Eddie! Congrats!



So happy for you! I am a big fan :)

So fantastic!!! So well deserved! Love, Elizabeth

This is how I came to your blog in the frist place! loving the blog! any sugguestions for an easy DIY project with broken mirrors?

You've got a fan club and Glamour is just a tip of the group!

that's awesome!!! love yas,

very cool indeed! rock star status.

When I saw that it made me smile! Congrats on the mention, as always, well deserved. In my post yesterday I found some crackle glass that made me think of you & Jaithan, take care! *Amy

I SO saw this and was very excited about it also~! Congrats:)


I mean, that is just awesome! Congrats!

When we saw this and we posted it straight away on the Creative Candles fb page as this photo was taken when you were in KC for the very first workshop at the candle factory. Your sweet face is framed so very lovely by our hand-dipped tapers. Heartfelt congrats once again! Your friends at Creative Candles.

YEAH! I am so happy for the two of you! A big, big congratulations :)

Very much deserved! Congratulations!!

Love it, HUNNNNNSSSSSS!! Here's to more Glamour-ous times together xx

How awesome and well deserved. Congrats to you both!

Congrats, guys....y'all deserve all this success :)

Hooray, Glamour
made a wonderful
call with this
mention! Kindness
does count....and
you share it in
spades. Congrats.
xx Suzanne

Congrats!! I have to say that I agree with Jackie :)


Are you kidding...who doesn't love Eddie Ross! Not surprising to me at all :)

Nothing in my inbox makes me happier than seeing a new post from you!! Why shouldn't everyone be "reading and loving" you!? Congrats!

Ha, totally saw the shout out :)

How fabulous!
Love that you are featured. So well deserved.
xx C

OHHH so super cool! As if you already haven't made it big time. Here's to the stratosphere, BABY! I'm so excited for you! THey both obviously have GREAT taste! ;-)

She does have great taste!

Hi Eddie and team,

I am a regular reader of Glamour and that's how I found out about your site!
Glamour rocks! And you rock too!

(from Malaysia)

Congrats on the mention...you all deserve it! I am a lover of all things antique and am an avid "huntress" myself!

Missed you in Atlanta, but hope you all are there or Charlotte for the next big market.

Thanks for the daily inspiration.


Awesome! You are definitely my go to design bloggers! By the way - how much do you love Chelsea???

Congrats! Your star is still rising!

Gentlemen - you blog is on everybody's must-read list!

Happy summer days to you both!

oxox, Mon

Denim and kittens and Eddie, oh my!

that is wonderful....kudoos to you!!!xxoo peggy

Love when good things happen to good people :-)

Excellent! Your stock just went up. Good for you.

E&j THAT! Is just too cool for words, I am grinning from ear to ear. How exciting! You just never know who is looking or watching YOU!!! I told you, your star is out there just waiting to be grabbed. Yippeee!!! Love you both,Kathysue

congrats eddie! hope you and jaithan are doing well!

That is how I found you and I am so thankful!

I was so excited when I saw your mention in this months issue! I pretty much squealed out loud while reading it on the T and got some strange looks from other T riders.

great mention,what came to my mind was, 'but of course!'

Like I said before...YOU THE MAN EDDIE ROSS!!!!
Come and visit me again at my blog!!!


Awesome - congrats!

Congrats. Must run out and buy that issue! Hope you two are surviving this dreadful heatwave we're having. I need to head to Chelsea Garage - find some vintage glasses for ice tea - maybe some sterling tea straws - and chill out in style! - Wendy

That's how I found about you - and now I'm totally in love with you and your blog too! Seems we share a love for vintage brass bamboo trays and milkglass :D

How exciting, congrats on the well deserved mention!

Kat :)

love your blog, always a fabulous read : )

That's awesome! I love Chelsea too. I hope to be "mentioned" someday as well.

Congrats to you!

Glam - yes! That's what's so great about you two - your appeal and welcoming ease to all audiences. Congrats on joining WD too!

Isn't that fun? Sometimes those little unexpected things are just the greatest. They certainly make my day. Like your recent comment on my blog. thanks so much. You guys are the best. Mona

Awesome for you! Love Chelsea and Chuey, too!

So awesome!!!! I would have said the same thing about you being my go-to blog for all things fabulous! And I heart Chelsea Handler too:)




You and Jaithan ARE glamour. With or without the blog.

Garden & Be Well, XO TAra

Just a couple of glamour pusses!
me-ow, love it.

you deserve it! you are so talented, congrats!

i'm not one bit surprised that somebody at glamour was reading! you're big time my friend! love your wonderful blog and thanks for popping over to mine. when i saw that i had a comment from you & j, i promise it made me feel like anna wintour said she liked my shoes or something....my tiny brush with your big stardom!

This is wonderful...Of course I will always come to you Eddie when I need a little uplifting and a splash of the divine!!!

Congrats Eddie, so well deserved!

Awesome Eddie, way to go!! Those unexpected surprises are the BEST. xoxo

I'm not surprised. You guys are the best. Love you much,

wow, that's amazing. congrats. i think they should send you the ipad they used for the shoot.

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