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July 29, 2010


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SUPER score. Omg I'm so jealous!!

Hi Eddie & Jaithan.. Me again.
Just popping in to say thank you for your comment on my last post.

Also. I got hold of Debra. She said she had the best time with you guys and I am so glad to hear there is a bit of live and joy in her voice again. To hang with you and help out with the event preparations was just what she needed I think. xx

Did she tell you about the memory blog we are doing in Marija's name? I'd love for you to contribute once it is up. I know how much Marija treasured the time you guys had together and how excited she was to find that you all got along so well.

Have a lovely rest of the week.

x Charlotta

fab as usual! that arrangement is so pretty!

I adore your La Dolfina!!!!!
Your arrangement is over the top!!
Lots of kisses and hugs to you both.

One word: WOW!

You seriously don't find things like that in the one dollar boxes in Norway. I need to go flea marketing with you guys in NY!!

Please! Everytime I check in on what you're up to, I am blown away even more...truly! The compote and the arrangement are beyond beautiful, such a find and how you used it is so striking!

Maybe you could do a "Dolphin Day" once in a while and we could see your talents at work with the fish again...just a thought. ;)

THat's FABuLOUS and those flowers are GORGEOUS!!!

Are you kidding me? wow!

You're the best. Thanks for every one of your posts!

Just want you to know I wrote about you on my own blog. Check it out:

my stars, that looks fantastic.

Your flower arrangements are simply perfect!

Seriously gorgeous!! But more information is needed here -- just HOW did you get those perfect elegant blooms to stay put in the pretty compote? Perhaps a "during" photo shot might be handy ..... please, please, please ..... (really whining and pleading here! LOL!)

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

oh how i wish i could take you on all my shopping adventures. i never get as lucky as you when i'm out and about. next week melissa and i may be hitting the rose bowl flea. wish you and jaithan could join us!

have a fab weekend. xoxo

I love the old dolphin pattern. Great find. And even more stunning with your vibrant floral arrangement. BTW- I saw a for sale sign on Todd Farm the other day. You might want to investigate before your next trip. El

How gorgeous! You get the most fabulous finds! Have a great weekend. Mona

oh my my


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Wow, what a find! Stunning "after" photo :-)

very nice! I can see you using this for inspiration for an entire table.

No one makes me want to go dig in a flea market, curbside trash, Salvation Army/Goodwill Store like you, Eddie! This is just such a whimsical, wonderful find!

What an amazing find!

Beautiful, I'm a little jealous :+)

OM gosh has Terri seen this??? She is going to covet this for sure! What a treasure and how fun. I just did some GW shopping with a friend yesterday and found a few treasures I will share later this week.Just like the Ansel Adams negative story , this is what keeps us looking for the hidden treasure. Now I want to do some more thrifting, see how you always inspire me, Hugs Kathysue

You always find good treasures!! And...so fun that I bought my first-ever copy of "The Nest" mag and I was so happy to find your lovely budget makeover! I really loved the art & the lamps...Julie

LOVE that feeling . . . the find

what an unusual find! a conversation-starter! and a quirk to the beautiful floral arrangement!

Thank you for the little piece of Friday inspiration!

I looooooove him. You are so lucky and such a genius in the way you chose those large flowers being held up by small him...great proportion. I need you at my next party!!!

The thrill of the hunt!What a cool find! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Carol in GA

Now that is not something you see everyday. That is why some people love the thrill of finding a treasure and are willing to dig.

So Beautiful!

xx - Chrisitna

Wonderful gem you have discovered! Enjoy it and thanks for sharing as always!

So unique...what a great treasure!

Wow that is great! Loving the floral arrangement too.

Started work on an estate sale that we're conducting in the Chicago area - there is an entire basement of boxes and that's what keeps me interested in the work that goes with the HUNT....Be open to stumbling upon treasures and you will find them.


Just wanted to let you know I was one of the winners of the trex contest - thank you so much for letting people know about it on your blog - I am ecstatic!

very unique find. personally i can't say it's my favorite piece ... but i do like how you filled it with flowers making them look almost like their flowing. maybe one could do the same with a unique candlestick with a bowl of sorts attached.

What a beautiful find- I love how detailed he is! You two have the best eye for scores like this :)

No tossing that one back - it's a keeper! Beautiful flower arrangement!

I know the feeling, I am also always looking between the 1 euro stuff, you always find something :-)

I love the dolphin, we have a big dolphin garden statue with a putti on it.



What a great find! The peonies are the perfect pairing. Quite clever.

Consider it brightened! I just love, love, love the arrangment. Peonies are my faves. Have a great day!

Wow what a find! Love the flowers in that compote. Just gorgeous.

What a fab find! Unique and a dollar? You can't beat that.

Wow, what a great find! I never understand the things people get rid of, and for so cheap!

MAJOR SCORE! Love that compote dish! what a fabulous find!!!

As a fellow gardener, I love finding inexpensive ways to give away my Dahlias. The thrift store, antique shop, and resale boutique also have lots of options that don't break my bank. Nothing like a $1 unique vase that I don't have to think twice about not getting back!

Thanks for the well wishes the other day. It really was kind of you and succeeded in lifting my spirits.

PS The desk is done!

Woo hoo guys this is wonderful!! You always work magic with a little polish and shine.

Thank you again for your well wishes Eddie and Jaithan.

Art by Karena

Gorgeous! You do have a way with flowers.

Great find!
Perfect for a Naval Officers home ~ now I need one :)
I'm new to your blog and love it.


What a charming find! LOVE that loose arrangement inside -so romantic and drips of summertime!

Eddie, so cool! I can see it with a Chinese dinner as the enterpiece!

Thanks for visiting my blog again, a nice comment!

Have a good day!


Only a dollar? What a find!

Treasures like this are why everyone needs to go flea marketing with Eddie and Jaithan at least once in your life! Of course, once you've met them, you'll want to go to the next one too!

SCOOOOOORE! That's a great little piece!

The thrill of the hunt! I love peonies, and the vessel is gorgeous.

Oh, my gracious! I am having a fit! The compote is beautiful and the flowers simply stunning! One for each room in the house, please!


Oh Eddie, that's just STUNNING! AWESOME FIND!

Very clever...fish it out! Beautiful arrangement!
xo Elizabeth

One man's
treasure??? You
certainly have given
this dolphin a second
chance to shine, especially
when filled with this
sublime combo of flowers!
I can think of a certain
blogger whose name has
dolphin in it who would
LOVE to get her hands
on this beauty!
Happy Thursday : )
xx Suzanne

That's amazing! It's so unique, and it looks perfect with the way you arranged the flowers. I wish I could smell them in person! Christine

I think I need to start going to flea markets and digging thru those boxes you keep finding instead of going to yardsales. That is a treasure. Your flowers are gorgeous as usual. Your finds always put a smile on my face.

Heavenly - both the dauphin and les fleurs.

Oh, so lovely. What a great find, and a grand way to use it!

Now I have been reminded to dig a little deeper when we go out on
the World's Largest Yard sale trail next week!


You certainly have the magic touch! That is so lovely.

I shall call you Captain Nemo!
What a treasure!

This is lovely! You are a true inspiration!

Oh...so pretty! Love the peonies, fuschia and roses. What a lovely mix.


What a beautiful find!

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