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August 21, 2010


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The nesting tables are amazing. I have a set and want to do the exact same thing because they are so fabulous. Can you give me an estimate of time and cost and any more details?

What a fantatstic job! So inspiring!!

You know what...
I love how you all have so much fun helping others. Eddie, you are not only a designer with style, you are a teacher with heart.
xo Lisa

Wow, what a completely amazing transformation! I love the way you manage to recycle decor and make it chic. An inspiration. David.

Makes me want to roll up my sleeves and re-do a room now! What a gorgeous job and what great finds!

I just love this post. I find myself going back to it over and over! It's all great, but the lamps are my favorite. I love the lacquered look. Your re-purposing never look like re-purposing - it is always CHIC.


What a stunning chandy makeover! Great! Makes me want to spray paint something!

You know, I look at makeovers all the time, but you are really a genius! This looks so high-end, it is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!

this is stunning and usual! wanna come do mine? :)

Love it! The chandelier, sidetable, lamp redo is amazing. Love the pops of red and yellow.


So awesome! I'm taking notes :)

You two are too fabulous! I especially loved the fact that the homeowners participated ... you end up appreciating things so much more when you've had a hand in it. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the step by step process. You really show how with a little imagination anything can be repurposed or reused. Love the final look.

a s s k i c k i n g!!!!!

that is an incredibly impressive transformation! wow.

That bedroom is to DIE for!!! I love love LOVE it - so chic!! I would have thought it cost a fortune - you are the best designer Eddie!!!

Looks great!!! And can we PLEASE talk about those white faux bamboo chairs?! Amazing!!

Love what you did to the tables and the room .Intresting the brush yoy used for the tables..

This is an incredible makeover, and definitely LL4L!!! I am so inspired by your creativity! I love the nesting tables and the ginger jar lamps. I would never think to put mirror on top of a table like that. Great idea! The room looks beautiful!

Eddie I love the room and I love those nesting tables!! They are gorgeous! Thank you for all the great tips.

wow, wow, wow1 fabulous!

it's A-mazing!!! love it!!

so many details--- love the cut mirror on the table, the horse print. the lamps... could keep going. so good!!

This turned out so awesome. I want to do a bedroom over now!

Love the behind the scenes look. Really a beautiful transformation.

Love seeing all the process work and then final Before and After. Such and inspiration! xoxo

Gorgeous, as usual! I'd never think to spray that chandelier but it looks incredible!

eddie and jaithan, great job! i love all the details and the nesting tables are my favorite! so pretty!

wow, love it guys. i've used this scheme a lot in my house, so i'm particularly fond of what you've done here. But i love hte mirro table for the nested tables - inspiration there.

I really love it Eddie! Great job. This is my absolute favorite way to shop/decorate. You CAN achieve greatness on a budget with a great eye and some resources. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Thanks for sharing.

You did a fabulous job! Thank you for sharing your strategy and techniques.

So tasteful and lovely. Beautitul.

You all never cease to amaze me....what an incredible transformation that doesn't look "budget" or "DIY" in the slightest!


I am in love with the lamp makeover! So bright and fun!I currently rent and hate the fixtures we have. Something like that could really help my rental white walls not seem so blah. And oh how I wish I could paint my room that BM gray. So chic.The whole room is fabulous!
Thanks so much!

I love the simplicity of the bedding and I said it before but it is worth saying again, those nesting table need to be mine! You guys are so talented!

amazing makeover! I love seeing what other's do with their cape style homes (as I myself live in a 1953 New England Cape).

Question: whenever I paint with high gloss (on furniture) my end result is always a bit sticky ... any suggestions?

where can i sign up to get a room makeover? LOOOOVE it!!!! xoxo grace

Absolutely Fabulous! The room looks like a Chic Haute Couture Design out of a furniture showroom. WOW!

I love the color combo. I can't believe you found the lamps at goodwill! I never find things so amazing there! Great job!

This really illustrates the power of paint! The real genius is in the way you use the paint. Color combination and technique are what really make this room spectactular. Great job!

What a result! I think the Logans will spend quite a bit of their time in that room. Beautifully balanced use of colour. Good luck with the upcoming busy season. I know the feeling :) x

Love it! The room is fun, sophisticated, and fresh. Thank you for sharing the process. So many great tips!
Amy Meier

Eddie, did you use spray paint for the bedside tables or a brush? What is the best kind of paint to use for a project like that?

Wow! That's all I can say! The transformation turned out beautiful! It looks like a totally new place. I love how there were original wood floors - it makes it extra nice!


This.Is.A.Mazing! One of the best redos I've seen in awhile! Very inspiring. Love how you sprinkle magic dust on all your flea market finds!!

Great to have you guys back. I know you enjoyed your much needed down time. My sister and I are headed to Cabo next week to regroup as well.. This is an incredible make-over. You took very questionable pieces and made them look amazing. Nothing hoky here. Extremely tasteful. That takes real talent. Thanks for sharing.

still worrying out loud that you are coming to nyc this fall and i will miss your announcement!

Thanks for the gray suggestion! I'm collecting grays for our new house and will go get this one tomorrow to test on board. We just acquired a gorgeous, stunning yellow ochre table from France: perfect with new gray walls. I'll be posting all about it!

Eddie & Jaithan: really, you are so good at showing us the details in all your projects. It's the details that count, right?? Thanks!

I instantly feel in love with this room the other day when you first shared it. Seeing the behind the scenes was such a treat, especially the thrift store before and afters. Very inspiring - as always.


How neat, you sure know how to make a "silk purse out of a sow's ear!" Wonderful! Love how your explain your process and show the before and after. It gives me hope! :)

Good grief! That's an amazing transformation. Absolutely beautiful. Given me heaps of ideas for my little cottage makeover.

So fun to see the process. Have you ever tried porter paints "wet look white" it is my favorite high gloss white.

Whoa!.Fabulous ! :-)

Great room. I love the nested tables and that faux finish. Someone needs to invent a holster for our glue guns and staple guns for us DIYers don't you think!!!

This is a really beautiful and light room I just love chandeliers.

OMG...seriously I love everything you have done. That chandelier is genius. The nesting tables topped off with the mirror. Eddie you are so awesome and you think outside the box...the homeowners have to be besides themselves. When can you come to my house...my dining room has so much potential...but I need your oooomph!!!!

Hi Eddie and Jaithan, wow factor galore! I love to see your before and after transformations!

Art by Karena

Eddie, Amazing. Simply amazing! I am absolutely grinning, too, at what you and a can of red spray paint can accomplish! :) I am betting that you and Jaithan have already been hired by Santa to work some holiday magic!

So glad you enjoyed your time at the beach. Most definitely want to catch up when my boys get back to school!!! Our day in the city wasn't complete without the two of you!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Fabulous room. I love everything about it!
Ann from Oroville

those white tables are such a victory! i love them.

ok, this is getting insanely inventive!
how do you keep coming up with such original designs??
e+j your vision in the "junk shops" is unrivaled. WOW!

I love these step-by-step posts Eddie & Jaithan! They always leave me so inspired and with a feeling that even I could make something great out of the old bits & bobs that float around in storage and attics.
The room looks amazing and I can imagine they are thrilled with the transformation. I love the bones of the room too and that slanted ceiling is so nice.

Hoping you guys are enjoying a relaxing and crafty weekend.

x Charlotta

Eddie! Fabulous. Amazing. I am in awe...

And I beg of you to tell me the name of that junk shop in Elizabeth. Hook a Jersey Girl up! :)

- Kate

I'm loving the faux bois on white! Never have used those colors.

And, yes, staple guns are in the top 5 - but mine is electric ;)

Absolutely fantastic!

Have been meaning to ask you if you'll do a post about everyone's big fear these days: bed bugs.

I picked up a fantastic rattan end table at the Salvation Army today for $12. It's sitting in a plastic bag cocoon waiting for me to get the nerve to open it. Fear. Fear. Fear.

Once again, this post just shows that it's not about the money but the creativity and ablility to take a risk. Great job, yall. No detail left unattended.

...and this is why you are adored! You allow us in on your secrets. Honestly, a flea mkt, junking, Goodwill, etc. jaunt with you & J. are on my Bucket List. It simply MUST happen! :)

What an absolutely
stylish and budget-
friendly makeover!
I always feel that
it is 100 times more
challenging to create
a beautiful room when
you don't have carte
blanche....Which means
you guys are SUPER
talented : ) Loved
the peek behind the
xx Suzanne

The chandelier transformation has to be my favorite part of the room, unusual colors for such a fixture and it really works!

Hi Eddie and Jaithan,
Wow, another jaw dropping transformation! LOVE the behind the scenes information on furniture acquisition and process of transformation. As always, another beautiful job and a great inspiration to creating beauty on a tight budget!

E + J,
Thanks for such detailed look behind the curtain. What clever tricks you have! Will have to incorporate a few - particularly the paint treatment for the nesting tables. I'm a big fan.
Happy Weekend!

Lucky them and lucky us that we got to see it.

Eddie and Jaithan, what a fantastic job! I remember the twitpics, so I was extra-delighted to see the result and, of course, the step-by-step behind the scenes. I love the clean, finished lines and how you were inspired by the art (love equestrian art for everywhere and anywhere).

I love seeing all the behind-the-scenes action...they are a lucky couple! I am so in love with that fabulous mirrored nightstand. Thanks for the interview...glad to share your ideas with our readers at ShelterPop.com :)

You worked some magic on those flea market finds!

I love the faux bois technique -- was it difficult to do?

I love this--and I learn so much (as always) What did you use to make the crystals opaline? If you get a moment, please let me know. And this is the first I have heard of Zinsser...so I'm off to research that.

As a designer, do you prefer these lower-budget redos where you get down-n-dirty, or do you love a job with deeper pockets? Just curious.

Enjoy your weekend! Julie

I LOVE to see the behind the scenes...and I don't even know where to start....I didn't even know you had done the faux bois effect on the tables...awesome effect. I am sure they are super happy with the results. --Gretchen O.

What a fabulous transformation...one only you could pull off Eddie! Your star is shining bright in the designing world and I can't think of anyone more deserving. You show how the ordinary can become the extraordinary and on a budget and very realistic for the everyday homeowner.

Love you!

That room looks very nice!

The details of this makeover are so inspiring! All the little details really made the room pop. It turned out to be a really classy space.

xo, Jen

I think I've finally nailed what's unique about you two. High style designers have always turned up their nose at "budgets". There's always been this snobbery in design. It's really anti-humanity (ancient man decorated his/her cave walls--decorating is in our DNA, not joking here). And, the DIY shows on tv that emphasize budgets look like hell, let's face it. I can't think of anyone else who has blazed the path you two are: great looking end result, emphasis on budget. Carry on Eddie & Jaithan! have a great rest of the summer...

Eddie & Jaithan - I love everything you did once again! I'm dying over the chandelier remake - fab! Can't wait to see all that you've been up to this summer...sounds like you've been busy! xo

You guys are so good! No detail overlooked.
Always love the behind the scenes photos too.
Gorgeous room! Lucky Jill and Craig!

Hi Eddie, Wow, just beautiful! I especially love how you did the nesting tables and the ginger jar lamps. You are truly blessed with amazing talent!

So many great ideas! Love the nesting tables. Love the chandelier. The wall color is PERFECT. Hmmmmm. Don't know which idea I should steal first! - Wendy

Another great job on a budget.It might be budget friendly but it does not look like it. You are a master at making lo look high!! What a lucky couple I can only imagine how delighted they were. You make sure that all the details are covered you never skimp on anything. You are the master of a makeover on a budget, that is for sure!!! Hugs Kathysue

This was an unbelievable makeover. I am not a handy DYI-er but now I am super inspired. I am considering opening an antiques/vintage shop and your makeovers are ideas I will borrow. I especially love the faux bois nest table. I too have created great art just by reframing like the horse print. It is great you show others what can be done. Seriously a truly wonderful job. Best, Lynn

You fellas are so darn good! Love what you did to their space...looks amazing! It's all about having an eye to spot, to re-create drab to fab and of course, the ability to pull it all together...you two have got great talent! Oh, you two always look so put together!

Wow! So many little DIY details went into this room! I'm so glad you're shared all your secrets!

I am so happy you mentioned the wall color because I am always looking for the perfect color of gray. Secondly I had no idea about the graining of the tables (which packed an extra punch) and oh wow the before pic of them was crazy. Lastly, for the the headboard is incredibly creative and original. The room transformation is amazing.

Looks lovely! I would have walked past that horse a million times and never looked back - love what you did with it....and the chandelier is to die for! I also like the butter yellow lamps and would never have thought of bringing that color into the room...WELL DONE!


I love the makeover! I've spray painted a few chandeliers, but never the crystals; what a great idea! I know you mentioned you have lots of flea market trips planned, if you ever come to Ohio for the Scott Antique Market, let us know!!!


Grey owl from Benjamin Moore? Thanks! I am needing a grey for my bedroom!

Incredible! Thanks for sharing all your secrets.

OMG that makeover is amazing!!!It's really beautiful! I would have never thought to spray paint a chandelier. I hate the one in my dining room as well and now it looks like I can finally take it down and do something decent with it. Your makeover is so inspiring and really makes me look at things in a new light. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

Great to see how you made over the bedside lamps. Thanks for the behind the scenes peek, Eddie!

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