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August 24, 2010


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Can't wait!!! I will have a booth there. Come on by Jolie Jonque, under the covered area. Next to the FOOD!!!! ;)

Lit-tle HUN and I are coming down for Friday!!!!! Chicken wing express or bust!!!!!

It looks like so much fun to shop with you! How about Louisiana? Any time soon?!

Can't wait...blam blam blam!

Flea market finds are the best!! I so wish I could be there... Charlotte is a beautiful city! Have fun!

I have to ask myself, How did I grow up in, and live in Charlotte up until last year and never go to the Metrolina Expo flea market? Now I am across the country and am kicking myself I didn't take advantage of that. Of course I didn't start my collecting until after my move. Oh well. Have fun! Maybe my mom would like to meet up with you guys.In the meantime I better find a great one here in the west. btw-Thanks for your sweet comment on the baby photos.:)

Oh, How I would love to attend...I guess my next question is when you might be able to come to Ontario, Canada? Would love to meet you and tap your wealth of knowledge!!

Hi. I found your blog from Rachel's Cottage House. I really like your design style, and the fact you adore antiques. I am a fellow antique collector myself, and I've noticed some of your favorites are also my favorites. Will return.

Oh, I hope to go! Everything sounds so wonderful!!!

By the way, if any of you cooks and bakers are interested in a little GIVEAWAY, please stop on over to my blog for details. I would love it if you entered!


Just sent you guys an e-mail! Hope you still have room for me!!

Hi guys,
I wish I could travel around the country going to all the flea markets! What fun. When you come to DC you should check out some of our local thrift stores too. I know you've got a GPS app to tell you where they are, but I could give you the tour:)

Check out my latest post--my attempt at a beautiful table setting :)


Eddie: Of course we are coming!! Dovecote Decor wouldn't miss it for the world. Come by and visit my friend's amazing Ruard Veltman/Mrs.G. collaboration. He's a Bobby McAlpine alum now settled in Charlotte! You should make a date with him, and also run over to see Mrs. Howard's unbelievable conversion of the spectacular Charlotte Women's club into her design vision. It's not a flea market, but its totally fabulous. Looking forward to seeing you again (don't forget our High Point rendezvous--so memorable and exciting for little us!
All the Best,
Liz, Viive, Benji

I am coming! Can't wait.

I want the samovar for flowers, much much flowers! amazing find, can't wait to see what you do with it!!

Oh, I would LOVE to come! But Switzerland is a bit far for a day trip :-(

Can't wait to see what you find! It's always wonderful to come here and see how you give your flea market finds a makeover, you are a true artist.

Have fun!

Metrolina sounds like heaven. Pity I am stuck in Amsterdam around that time. Should aim to schedule some E+J on my next trip to the States. Have a wonderful day x

How much fun it would be to come along to one of your flea market events! Sydney is so remote and of course I won't be able to join you this time.. One day though!

Hoping you guys are well.
Was nice to read Debra's quote. She's such a sweetheart and I am thrilled to count her as my friend.

Have a wonderful week.

xx Charlotta

Yeah! I promise you will not be disappointed! Please let me know how we can make your trip--easier. Metrolina is two exits south of Lake Norman. I am passing this on to all my Flea Market Gurus--I know many that have booths there! This is going to be a blast!

I just might make a girls birthday trip out of this. Mine is on the 9th!

I can't tell you how much I'd love to attend one of your flea market workshops! It sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it.
Have a great night!

Sounds like a blast, wish I could be there.

If only I could go!! Lucky lucky readers that get to go. Such a fun time with Eddie. You are so full of knowlege and vision just like Debra said. I ditto that. Sign up people if you live close enough to go. You will be soooo glad that you did. Kathysue

Sounds like fun - going to have to see if this one works into my calendar!

I would so love to go....maybe another time! Can't wait to see your finds....Go rock the flea Eddie!

Oh come see my tree bench I just finished! Tell me what you think!


Oh my, what a treat for those Southerners!!! Love the options - better stuff or better deals! :) You've got to try Mac's Speedshop and BBQ while you're there!
xoxo Elizabeth

I love shopping for antiques! Thanks for sharing your awesome finds:) *LOVE this site*

While you are in Charlotte, you should check out The Depot. It's the Largest Antique and Designer Mall in the South. It's an awesome place to shop. Check it out! http://depotgibsonmill.com

I wish I could go to Charlotte, too! Eddie, will you be stopping in Kansas City anytime this Fall/Winter? I sure hope so!
xx fallon

That would be so much fun to sink my teeth into...would love such an outing! I'll catch up with you at some point! You should also do a post on stylish dressing...you always look fab!

Wow you don’t stay in one place for very long do you? Must be the eternal hunt! Brimfield in two weeks if I survive that I just might take you up on Charlotte if they’ve cooled down by then, their summer has been brutal! Thank you as always for your kind words and my kitchen update before and after is going up this week.

The Charlotte area is my mom's old stomping grounds. Her family originated out of Salisbury, N.C. (home of Elizabeth Dole who is my mom's 2nd cousin) and they always visited relatives in Charlotte...wish I could be there to shop with you!

Love that silver piece, who was the lucky buyer?


You are right - it looks great for both Halloween and the Holidays.

hi loves!

wish i could go, learn something with you EVERYTIME!
i always hear from my friends in the biz that this show is one of the best

I was so very sad I couldn't make it to ATL last time, but CLT?!?! That's way closer! Will check my schedule and email Jaithan! Yay!

When you're done working, New Orleans is only a puddle hop away, and the guest room is always awaiting you and Jaithan.
xo xo

My Dream has come true!!!! I will be there with bells on. YAY!!!! Can't wait. --Gretchen O.

oh sounds like some fun will be had! miss you guys. soooo wish i could be there. hope all is well. xoxoxoxox

Hi Eddie and Jaithan,
Wish I could join you in Charlotte - HOW FUN!!!! And love what Debra Phillips had to say.
I soooo look forward to joining you on one of your flea market excursions someday!

I would encourage anyone near Charlotte to go - love Eddie & J,
they infuse energy to any sort of salvagaeble item!

Finds versus deals? Always a challenging decision!

Hope you make it up to the Boston area sometime this fall so I can join in the fun!

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