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August 28, 2010


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Just discoverd your blog. Love it! and I love Mary Emmerling! I am a fan of crosses too and she does the coolest things with them.

I just started a fireplace design blog theembellishedfireplace.blogspot.com and I will definitely link to your sight.

Just found this post and your great blog! I am a huge fan of Mary's. I even have some of her own magazine issue. My favorite was her Chirstmas issue. I still look at it to get inspired. Her style is warm, approachable and unpretentious. Can't wait to visit her new shop in Santa Fe. Do you know if she still does speaking engagements?

I would have loved to have lunch with either of you here in Southampton. Better yet, I would have loved to have made you lunch!
Maybe someday!

love those natural looking pieces..really really pretty

What a style icon! Adore her! ]

E & J - just a quick message for you guys to check out this: http://holdingforthblog.blogspot.com/

It's not quite 'there' yet but Debra and I are working hard on it.
I have finished the back bones and now just adding tributes to one of the back pages before we officially launch.

Thought you'd like to be one of the first one to follow. x

I know Debra will chat to you about your contribution. Thank you for wanting to be part.

Missing Marija so much right now. It's so raw still.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

x Charlotta

Ha. Great story.

Happy Weekend.

This is really interesting.
I love your taste. :-)

Great picture of you and Mary, Eddie! An afternoon to remember for sure!

wow! what an amazing experience! congrats!

i think having lunch with YOU would be just as amazing and special!

I love this look back in time. What an inspirational woman. Wonderful post - I truly enjoyed this read!!!

I totaly dug (and still do) her way with baskets and TV show back in the day. Mary rocks.

I have Mary's books, and I loved her when she was at Country Home. She was on the cusp of change that really needed to happen, and her designs were always fresh and comfortable with a more edited and sophisticated style that I so admired (and still do). She found her style...knew who she was as a designer, and we all loved what she did in the magazine. Wish her well from an old fan.

I really like Mary Emmerling, I have two of her books.

I also have my mother's fringe western leather jacket. Might wear it this winter.


Now to make a girl feel like a queen! Love your blog!
Can you do one for me? Just opened my new store in Santa Fe! Today was 1st Day....Emmerling Vintage!!!
Come visit! Again, Silvers was the best time....we had a great week
In the Hamptons! Miss you & hope all is well!


Love, love Mary! It was after studying (literally for hours and hours) her homes in Country Home that I learned to "stack"- ironstone platters, wicker and linen bread baskets, ok- anything! What style she has! To this day I miss Country Home with a passion- when it was under her guidance it was such a fabulous shelter mag. I can only imagaine how much fun it was to have lunch with such an icon! Lucky you!

I had to return to state that my favorite of Mary's is "Romantic Country" as well. I hope she reads ALL these comments and then sees, she MUST write another book. Her fan base is huge!

What a wonderful lunch filled with such fond and warm-hearted memories. The photograph of Sarah's kitchen was one of my inspiration photos for our kitchen remodel! I loved the crisp white look, farmhouse sink, swan neck faucet AND the wood countertops...all of which is exactly what we ended up doing in our kitchen!
It's nice to have a history to go with that inspiring photograph. xo

mary is a legend... and truly special ... she has the greatest sense of style... so brilliant and seems so real...
i would love to eat lobster rolls with her one day... i am so glad you have had so many wonderful years with her... xx pam

I'd say you definitely lunched with a legend (as did she -- at least with one in the making)! As I scrolled through the post, Barbara Mandrell's "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool" kept playing in my head. Ms. Emmerling truly made country cool -- and classic and fresh and chic. I loved her HGTV program, "Country at Home." Her hosting was generous and engaging. She still looks great! Thank you for sharing the story of your first freelance styling job and of your lunch with a truly amazing lady!

Oh, how I miss Country Home. I really had no idea the creative beings behind it...so thanks for sharing. Can I come to lunch next time:)

CH was way before its time. It really had Domino-worthy shots in the magazine. Remember Brown Camp Lofts spread....that blew me away! Not much country about that.

Who knows...maybe I'll just start one one day!


I'm embarrassed to say that this is the first time I have heard of Mary. Not any longer! Thanks for the introduction. She looks like a design force to be reckoned with!

This was a wonderful interview, and Beach Cottages: At Home By the Sea is one of my favorite coffee table books. Mary Emmerling is so talented and such an inspiration to me. Oh and now I am dreaming of having a lobster roll! Have you been to the new Luke's Lobster on the Upper East Side yet? It is so good!

Sounds like a wonderful day! Just please no fringe :)

Staying in touch with friends plus lunch - splendid!

sounds like fun! such a cute picture of you two!

What a fabulous "legend" to enjoy lunch with. I know that was so enjoyable for you to catch up. Mary has a beautiful and unique style and you described it all so wonderfully. Thank you for sharing your fun lunch!

xo, Jen

Love me some Mary!
Followed her around from her Hamptons days to Key West and beyond. Have so many of her books.
And love that your first pro styling job was with her.
She schooled us all!
And Mmmmmm wish I was eating lobster roll with you al there!
xo xo

Oh would I have loved to been sitting at the next table. Two very special and talented people in one room. When I got to the picture of the quilt over the bench I gasped!!! That was an inspiration picture I had in my files. I had the quilt with similar colors and searched desperately for a long bench but had to settle for a long table. You both are so talented beyond words. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!!! ~~Sherry~~

So excited I found your blog! You are so talented!


Mr. Ross, did you leave a comment on my blog just to give me a thrill this morning? Thank you. I blushed....and all you did was congratulate the winner of a contest. Thank you! How fun!

love it!

Do you remember the wonderful spread (Country Living?) which showed those Ralph Lauren slipcovers with the brownish background - I think it was in Ms Emmerling's New York apartment - something I tore out and saved and still have - fabulous design sense and great personal style - Mary: come back! Do another magazine!

I adore her work. I miss Country Home.
I saw photos of her home in AZ. She is amazing.

I miss Country Home. I adore Mary E. and so cool Eddie that your first freelance styling job was with CH. Mary is one of the design icons that I believe always will be revered. What a marvelous lunch date.

Have a terrific new week ~ x

What fun!!

What a wonderful lunch that must have been! Loved those magazines.

You have had an awesome summer; don't let it go away!


I REMEMBER that Country Home!!! Sounds like an amazing afternoon. I bet she has some great stories to tell, and she obviously saw something great in YOU a while ago! --Gretchen O.

Sounds like a fab lunch, Eddie!

OMgosh! I love Martha and Country Home's Mary Emmerling!!! You are super lucky to spend time with famous decorators & designers. I'm jumping for joy that you've visited my blog:) YOU, yourself are so famous also- *Thank you so much* -Dolly

Thanks for sharing your lunch, and Mary with us all. What talent!!

Thanks Eddie. Great post about Mary Emmerling. I could always count on Mary for her sense of whimsy and fun color. Also thanks Eddie for commenting on my blog today. It was a great trip and yes the colors of Colorado were stunning.

I loved seeing Martha back in the day! Still the same Martha though! I loved the Country Home, and was sad when it ended. Great post!

Big fan of Mary Emmerling! What a special lunch this must have been!

Isn't having a "full circle" day the best? Coming back to those who supported you early in your career, to those that mentored you, and now being both a protege and a peer. Enjoy this time in your life, Eddie.

Lobster rolls, Mary + Eddie..IN Southampton...well, not much more I'd need! I had the pleasure of meeting her at her book signing ("Crosses") at Round Top a couple years ago. She is ever so gracious!!!! Lucky you!

Oh yes, she is absolutely a legend. What an amazing person to know. I can imagine doing a first freelance job forever would have been fantastic! How great you are still friends. Really enjoyed this post. Have a great week ahead. xCharlotta

I've loved
Mary and her
style for ages.
I have many
years worth
of CH mags and
I STILL love
to page through
them for ideas.
So darn sad that
it's no longer
in publication
as a monthly.
I hope the two
of you had fun
xx Suzanne

I just love Mary and how nice you had a reunion. I only wish I could have been there.

What an interesting woman...I can see why you are drawn to her! The fringe, well who knew that was coming!!! LOL


I love that! She sounds awesome. And her necklace is totally fab.

An icon -- and this posting reminds us of a true lesson in recent decor history. Read every one of her books -- my favorite remains "Romantic Country"! Loved her magazine and Country Home -- and those issues are missed every single month. Another reason to cherish her history -- she pushed many, many folks to create their own artworks -- and championed many folk artists along the way! She shopped at many small homegrown shops and antique fairs too! Thanks Mary! :) And many thanks for such a wonderful posting!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Mary Emmerling is amazing. I love her books and I miss Country Home so much! I just love the way she reinvents herself with country and it still always has her stamp on it. I loved the compound of homes she had, the southwest home, the florida keys home and love the little place in Laguna. I love that she said she regretted not buying in Laguna when it was more affordable. We all have those regrets, yet she just still lives her dream and her style is always fresh and not stale. Her last book, Mary Emmerling's Beach Cottages is one of my favorites.

Love you Eddie--love Mary--have all her books--subscribed to her short-lived magazine. We've all come a long way since the 80's. Your blog is one of my favorites--like an on-line magazine. Thanks!

Love Miss Emmerling! AND I used to live in Bridgehampton and dream of returning someday to live like Mary Emmerling!

Many moons ago,
I first saw her hand at work and was introduced, courted and fell into an intoxicating love with country. The torrid relationship developed into a more clean and modern country look. It was also Mary who was behind the pictures that I saw, magazines that I would read and book that i would browse through.
Well, my only regret;
I wish I had been a fly on the wall at that lunch!
Thanks for posting Eddie. Mary is a true blue country decor inspiration to say the least!

Love her style and she has definately influenced my look over the years in and out of the home.

I had her very first book and still incorporate some of her "look" into my designs.

Eddie and Jaithan, thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes!!

Art by Karena

Love ME. Her magazine inspired me to create. Miss it.

delightful post and written well!

What I love most about you most is that you have such respect for those around you and true admiration. Your Mother raised you right!

Have followed Mary's work since the 70s when she was an editor at Mademoiselle magazine. (I think she and Martha were there at the same time pre-House Beautiful along with Mary Randolph Carter, who has a similar vintage aesthetic -- have followed all of them through the years. As other posters have mentioned, I too remember her NY apartments (wall-mounted quilts, graph design fabrics, baskets and that herb-drying rack in the kitchen!) -- she was truly a pioneer in American "country." I have every issue of her short-lived magazine -- wish it had gone further; each issue is a little gem. Have most of her books, have used tons of her recipes. Her little book American Country Cottages is my favorite escape -- it is a virtual visit to wonderful country and seaside houses...just as this post offered a terrific virtual visit across the table with Mary and with you, Eddie. (This post is a keeper!)

Wow, how cool!!Lucky you! Mary Emmerling is truly a legend, what a pioneer in classic country style.
Carol in GA

Great post! Thank you so much for sharing your lunch with her. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

Funny but I was just going through one of Mary's books the other day. Wonderful post and always great seeing an icon! Happy Sunday!

Yes yes yes.... I have every book, every magazine, and article about her. I am a true fan.
Thanks for sharing this... she is truly an icon. I've adored her style for years.

Oh for the days of Mary Emmerling & Country Home...her warm and friendly personality was evident in all that she shared with us. Greatly missed!
How wonderful that you were able to spend time with her! xo J~

(I'm hungry for a lobster roll now) :d

Love Mary! Love you! Mary and Jennifer Knopf used to give Mani G 'Raps great editorial back in the day. I have all of her books and magazines!!! Awesome post!

I love, love, love Mary Emmerling! I have all her books, and even every issue of her short-lived eponymous magazine! Legend, you betcha!

Great post on a name I haven't heard about for some time. I too am a HUGE fan of Mary Emmerling and miss seeing magazine stories about her new home or new decoration of one of her old homes. I have always been taken with her styling and use of antiques in new ways. Thanks for reminding me of a great talent!

I am such a fan of Mary Emmerling since her very first book. I keep hoping for another book! Please, Mary, let all of your followers know your current thinking. I am not often envious, but I couldn't help but wish I had been at your luncheon--or at least at the next table eavesdropping.


She is SUCH an AMAZING lady!!!!! I love her work and her books!!! What a wonderful lunch that must have been!

Mary Emmerling was an idol of mine and I still have trays and other items featuring her darling cherries. I loved her magazine and during the nineties many items in my home were hers. I am still in love with red, black and white combos along with tiny polka dots and black and white checks, whimsical topiaries. I miss the paper doll that was included...it so reminded me of my childhood. She is a one of a kind and good things can rarely be properly replicated although many have tried. I would like to have been a fly on the wall for that lunch! Lucky you

Great post--she has always seemed so real.

Love, Love, Love Mary! What a great lunch to be part of! Thanks for sharing this and thanks to Mary for all she has done, collected, inspired, shared and created!

Wonderful blog as usual. I remember Mary's apartment in New York City. It was such a revolutionary idea to have country in the city. Mary has always been quietly working away. I appreciate the quiet way she has achieved her goals. I know in the process she has raised her family, remarried and successfully worked on Country Home. Go Mary!

Oh my gosh! She is my hero! Lucky you to share Lobster rolls with her. Lucky Mary to share lunch with you. I would have loved to listen to that conversation. You are BOTH legends!!!

I loved her magazine. I wish she would do a blog.

what a great afternoon eddie. i would love to meet mary. besides brilliant design and ahead of the curve inspiration, i imagine her to be warm and fun! no doubt the two of you made for great lunch partners.

She is so missed!


love this!!!

Oh Eddie...just love the article from 2004. Again your style is ageless. Beautiful esthetic and such a lovely place to work with. Oh to dream to have your talent and opportunity.
Thank you again for such a great post!!!

What a treat to eavesdrop on your lunch with Mary Emmerling!!! How many times did I go page by page, time after time through her book recounting the Santa Fe house she redid. She was showing step by step how to toss a throw just so and her desk in that book made a serious mark on me.

Living legend. And, this is so timely since I was just about to consign my white leather fringe bag....I think I'll just tuck it back in the closet.

I'd hate to regret getting rid of it.
xoxo Elizabeth

What a wonderful post!
Thank you for sharing!
Love it!

What a treat. Lunch with a great mind is always lovely. Country Home still sits on my shelf of collected favorite magazines.

How fun Eddie, you have had some wonderful experiences in your life.I think because you are so down to earth and genuine you can have relationships with people from all walks of life. You are quite the guy!! xoxo Kathysue

Oohh!! I am so jealous! Mary is absolutely a "legend" in my eyes! I have been following her for years. I love that she stays true to who she is - trendy or not!

Love this!!! and... Mary's turquoise necklace in last image!!! Fun post!

you are right. she is a legend. and the fringe and turquoise are a constant inspiration to me.


speaking of legends we just bob dyland perform live the other night and he tore the roof off the arena. it was amazing.

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