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September 06, 2010


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The table is beautiful! But what caught my eye even more is Jaithan's outfit! Jaithan, your tie and jacket look great. The poppy-photo with you arranging the flowers is a nice capture of a moment that would have passed like many moments.

These are so beautiful Eddie! I love the brightness of colors in your setting but you mastered to make it elegant and intimate. You might see an image or two of these on my blog soon :) xoxo

Breathtaking. The two of you are just overflowing with talent.

Dear Eddie and Jaithan,
Love your post. It was wonderful to get to know you in Savannah, sharing the energy of SCAD Style. Your table is beautiful. Please come back soon.


This tablescape is so beautiful! I love the attention to detail, and it was so clever of you and Jaithan to take your inspiration and get the students involved in helping you with the project. Also love the green and poppy together. So fresh. And I could go for a piece of Key Lime pie now too!

LOVE the green, LOVE the quilt, LOVE it all! Once again ya'll did an amazing job!

We love the table, all my colors, so it would look great in my house, and we love Phoebe Howard.

I don't know how in the world I missed this in my reader, but loved it! You guys are just the best in every sense of the word. And Savannah, a city I lived and loved in, thank you!

You boys get to do and experience the most fun things ever! The "quilted table" is stunning and the designs are fabulous! I loved the poppy colors with the green...it felt summery and fallish all at the same time. So well done!

Loved the room too...

Best to you both,
xo J~

Lovely... and I'm so glad you shared a snapshot of that door! xo Erica

Gasp! The linens, the flowers, the candles, the food, the music, everything looks like perfection! Well done!
Just love Savannah, I could just go on and on about it. It is, literally, my favorite place to be.
Have a great week!

I have been reading for some time and, as always, am so inspired. What a great project this must have been to work on. Love the table, just wish I had been sitting at it!

Are you kidding me? That's crazy good. I'm with the rest of the peanut gallery: book, book, book, book! If I was a publisher I'd swoop you up! Can't wait to see what else you'll blow us away with next. xo

I don't know how I missed this post!!!
I think you all totally outdid yourselves on this one! Incredible ambiance all around. It truly looked like an evening to remember!
Sorry I've been MIA... I feel like I'm in between jobs if you know what I mean.
In less than a week we take Chris to college. The anxiety attacks are getting quite frequent now. Send me you positive and loving thoughts :)

This is refreshing, inspiring and as always...Amazing!!!

The Table is just stunning! Never seen such creativity!

So beautiful. You have a real knack of making your decor and tables not only chic and stylish, but really welcoming. That entrace, the green, the look of the table by candlelight...perfection!

You are a master Eddie! Beautiful is all I can say!

What a glorious table! So colorful and chic!

Love seeing my bedroom picture when I open your page :^)
Miss you guys!

Beauuutiful! I just got a load of ideas for my own event! looove it!

Absolutely beautiful! As always, you two constantly inspire.

So fresh and amazing! I could only hope to imagine and orchestrate something like this. Inspired!

Gorgeous as usual guys! And I must say that room is just chock full of talent - sounds like an amazing trip!

I dream of one day sitting at one of your tables. Beautiful. Check out the post I just did about the tables I did and my 5 year old did this week. Nowhere close to yours, but we had fun setting them.


How gorgeous!! The added touch of poppies in the window sill...genius. I'll be humming Georgia on My Mind all day...

Glad you liked the patterns Eddie! It was fun to see it all come together. It looked beautiful.

Stunning! Eddie and Jaithan I love the design and color palette!! Bravo!!

I have a New Giveaway I think you will love!

Art by Karena

LOVE the colors!!! Just stunning like everything yall do. xoxo

Hello E & J,

I was certain I left you a comment on this fantastic table via my iPhone.. but it must have failed to connect.. I absolutely love everything you guys create and this is no exception. The green/white/coral colour scheme is fantastic - so fresh and clean looking. And how genius to print the folklore table runners. A great idea!! x

Just came back to say 'thanks' for your comment on Holding Forth. I know Debra will liaise with you on your contribution. It's nice to have close friends of Marija's as part of this journey. As you know I too knew her well and miss her so much it hurts.

Have a lovely rest of the week. I am off to Sweden (home) for a month of Autumnal bliss with the children. Back mid October but will check in on my fave blogs whilst gone.

Thanks again for your support and sweetness.

xx Charlotta

I LOVE this event! How amazingly beautiful and well executed! You two fellas are beyond fabulous. I love the green too!

This is why you are who you are. You continue to come up with fantastic ideas that are fresh and original time after time!!!!! I can see why the President had tears of joy. Wonderful!!

I think I need you to come do my wedding :) I am in L.O.V.E!!!!

Eddie, you are FABULOUS!!! It's wonderful to see people using their God given talents to make this world a more beautiful place!! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

I agree with Milk and Honey home, A tablescapes book would be so fun for you two to come out with. Your work is so original and absolutely beautiful! This looks like it was a very lovely night. Great work once again!

They were so lucky to have chosen you..how fab. it looks..thanks for letting me take a peek.XX Peggy

Totally LOVE it - and I've been so curious ever since you cryptically alluded to your top-secret quilt-inspired project! And I am sure the SCAD students learned a lot from you and Jaithan :)

Looks like a fantastic party!! Heard it was a blast.

This is eye candy for a graphic artist like myself!! I love the way you transformed a quilt pattern into a modern and fresh tablescape!!

I loooove Jaithan's pink blazer, tie and jeans combo. You are both so übe-keul!

Please come and visit Toronto!!!!!

WOW. I love the modern take on the quilt and how you tied in all of the elements. Looks like the perfect setting for a wonderful evening. It would be a great part of a new book!

Eddie, This is amaaaaazing. You know I am not an orange girl but I must say this is beyond stunning. What a clever idea to do the quilt runners. The bright lime green with the orange poppies and the candles lined like soldiers watching over all is truly Stunning!!! Love this idea, another inspiration from our Eddie. BTW You and Jaithan look so handsome in your jackets and ties, Happy week, Kathysue

Oh wow! That table looks so gorgeous! I love the colour palette! And I'm so glad you got that reaction...so rewarding!

E + J - I LOVE this table setting!!! Hope you had a great holiday weekend. xx, K.

Wow, Eddie. this is just gorgeous! I think my favorite aspect of the whole setting is the way you kept the watermelon/red/orange tones to a "stripe" down the center of the table - so graphic feeling, in addition to the actual graphics you and Jaithan chose! Love everything!!

I agree with President Wallace, it is beautiful...every detail. By the way, I love Jaithan's jacket.


I love the way you show your creative process. The end result is just magical! A great week to the both of you E & J x

as i am scrolling down this post i noticed that my breath was audibly taken away. your ideas are endlessly original and fresh. gentlemen, take a bow!!

what a gorgeous event! I love the poppies.

Ya'll that is just fantastic!

I agree with President Wallace...it is beautiful! I love that color combination. It always reads clean and happy to me. Don't you just love Savannah? The whole city is really amazing and old.

Great job Eddie and Jaithan!!

I went to SCAD in 1993.Oh what fond memories & yes there is a tear in my eye as I look at this.Beautiful! Fabulous! & there was singing too??? Ah bliss!

you are divine and your creativity always inspires me. i love getting a glimse into your world and watching you make magic. thank you for blogging, thank you for sharing your world with us!

WOW, what a table! I love SCAD and so wished I have could have attended the panel "From Magazine to Monitor — The Rise of the Blog." Spot on topic! Hey... Chartreuse chairs? Where'd those come from?

Hi Eddie and Jaithan!
Gosh, this is exciting,
as I was in Savannah at
the end of June while my
daughter attended a pre-
college program at SCAD,
which is an opportunity
for rising high school
sophomores and older to
"try on" art college. I
just love Savannah, her
people and SCAD, which has
contributed SO much to that
venerable city. Your table-
scape was amazing and I
can see why President Wallace
was so moved. Wonderful!
xx Suzanne

Wow, Eddie and Jaithan- I am seriously wowed by this project. I have never commented before, but I felt compelled to write this time, to applaud you on a spectacular job. You keep setting the bar higher and higher with your creativity, resourcefulness and relevance. You really captured the essence of your guest of honor's work and then tied it in beautifully with the setting and ambience, right down to the last detail...it's no wonder the Pres of the School was moved to tears. Bravo

That table is just stunning...PERFECTION!

I have so got to attend one of your events. They are all so over the top. I love lime green and paired with orange and watermelon. Please! Great job guys!

Ohhhhhh so lovely! I am truly madly deeply in love with this table, the menus, the menu etc! Glorious!

Eddie, Isn't Savannah amazing? My husband and I went there last year for our 20th anniversary and we are still mesmerized. It has grabbed our soul so much that we are thinking about moving there so I can transfer to SCAD. Your table is devine as usual....I just love that green and haha..yes it goes well with key lime pie..yum

One again you have shown how inspiration, research, creativity and planning, in the hands of true talent, can lead to magical endings.

xoxo, Elizabeth

This is absolutely incredible!! I can't stop looking at the pictures.

OMG..what a beautiful table and how lucky to have a resource for turning great ideas (i.e. quilt patterns) into custom table runners. Did you donate or auction off those runners and napkins or are they lounging somewhere waiting to be used again? Great color scheme as well...I really enjoyed this post!

Quilts have always held a special place in my heart, and a part of me was sad when the styles changed away from using them. This fresh new take on the patterns brings the charm back in an updated way. I'm going to be on the lookout for other ways to use updated quilt patterns. Love the black and gold star! Lovely!

WHAT a table!!!! Love hearing all the details behind (your scenes!). Georgia may indeed be magical; but you and Jaithan are the topper to any event!

It is absolutely stunning! You brought the colors and graphics together perfectly!!

Antique and modern merged seamlessly - love the combination!

what an amazing time - truly captured by your photos! i love, love love what you did to the tables - very clever indeedy! KG

Eddie & Jaithan,

You both are truly amazing creators and stylists. These images are beautiful and isn't Savannah an amazing place? Hope you are well and having a great Labor Day!

Eddie... It IS beautiful!!
Once again you hit it out of the ballpark!

Northern Light

That printed linen is stunning the students did a wonderful job. As did you and Jaithan, love that color green, so fresh. Thank you for sharing and I hope you're having a wonderful labor day!

That table is positively divine..it is so very gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this event with us Eddie!I love Mrs. Howard and I read her blog. Angie xo

What a beautiful table, a perfect interpretation of the art. It looked like a magical evening. Thank you for the inspiration.

WOW. WOW, WOW!!! J' adore the green!! What a nice way to showcase the SCAD talent, through a tablescape. I bet it was a wonderful evening. --Gretchen O.

So festive...love the color combinations, especialy the green (my favorite color!)...just lovely!

I'd buy those fabrics in a heartbeat.

Awww, you made him cry! It looks fantastic!

Oh how I LOVE Savannah. I cannot wait to return there! Your table was stunning! I love the way you laid the runners like that and placed all those candles. I have never seen anything like that exactly. So beautiful and love the colors you chose. Of course, I AM partial to green!!

Tell Jaithan I love his outfit, he looks so handsome!

Just amazing, as usual. I love that you used poppies! I would have expected tulips - and once again, not only your talent shows through, but your originality. It's never "same old, same old" with you guys, and I LOVE that!

Absolutely Stunning!!! Love the color of the candles and the attention to detail is fabulous. Another source of inspiration!!!

Firstly, my favorite color green and then just look at how easy and elegant it all looks to do! You both inspire and infuse everything you touch.
Such magic! (even though I know you both work really hard!)
Happy Labor Day!!!!!


What a beautiful collaboration! The printed fabric by the talented students is divine!

Oh my goodness! Stunning!!!We love SCAD, our oldest daughter went there a year( until she changed her major!) and we 've been interested in its projects and growth ever since! Thank you for showcasing it to the world!
Carol in GA

Such a lovely and intriguing table and scheme! As always...it's FABULOUS!

could your pictures be any prettier? E & J...I think you need to put out a tablescapes book!

Hey, did you get to peek at Paris Market in downtown Savannah? Perhaps my favorite store, ever.

Lovely post....happy labor day, Julie

Wow! The table is amazing! Love the fresh colors and the repeated patterns. Another success!

Amazing! I love the colours that you use here.

I can't wait until Christmas when I hope that you will be showing us some nice decoration tips!

Greatings from Sweden!

Congrats to you both, this tablescape is vibrant and fresh, with a touch of playfulness. Love the mix of fabrics, fresh blooms and flickering candlelight.

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