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October 11, 2010


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Umm, are you really just gviing this info out for nothing?

It's time to put away the Halloween decor and prepare for many thanks! This tablescape is exactly the type of non-traditional Thanksgiving inspiration I need. Thanks guys!

I saw this in Lonny and didn't notice whose it was. I'm totally in love with that sideboard/buffet. It's got the perfect combination of open display space and hidden storage. I would love to find one similar as an end table for my living room. Ta-ta. Steve

I'm obsessed with this table- I am making it a mission to make my Thanksgiving table to look like yours this year!

Beautiful! And now I'm kicking myself because I think I tossed a bunch of old linen napkins in a fit of organizing and now realized I could have dyed them!

Absolutely stunning, love the gold pheasants!! Kathysue

Dazzling! I remember when you snagged that fabulous chandelier on our Hell's Kitchen shopping trip last summer. I have been looking out for it and here it is! It looks AMAZING!!

I love your style and your blog SO much! I feel like so much of your personality didn't get to shine during the Top Design show. Honestly, I don't even remember who won that thing, but I do remember you!

I want to come over for dinner with such a beautiful and inviting table scape. Seriously love it all! From the chandelier to the little pumpkin place card holders, oh and that graphic table cloth....

I LOVED your article! It's amazing how you can change the look of your space so effortlessly. Pure inspiration. Miss you guys!

I really don't know where to begin with my praise guys!! It is beyond gorgeous and the detail had me wishing I could jump through my computer screen into your amazing world!! The colours are perfectly balanced. As are the patterns. I can't believe Lonny is a year old!! Really!!? OMG, it feels like yesterday the first issue created ripples through the virtual world (and all that surrounds it).

Those tall candles are very beautiful (the Swede I am, I have a weakness for candles!!). In the pictures they look denim blue (almost midnight blue) which looks amazing with the gold.

I still haven't read the latest issue of Lonny since I have been in Sweden for a month, but look forward to catching up on all my reading (including blogs!).

Last but not least. I am also going to divert lots of attention to 'Holding Forth' and am hoping that more people will want to contribute. I have been sad to find a very slow flow of posts and am hoping you guys are still up for participating? If you have time please could you drop me a note via charlottaward@y7mail.com

Big hugs from a rainy but beautiful Sydney in full Spring.
xx Charlotta

This table is one of my favorites. I received my latest Southern Living and they had an article about tablescapes with your favorite Southern Designers and I just assumed you were in it. I was so bummed that you weren't. I guess maybe you aren't "Southern." Darn it.

I never thought I really liked brass or gold but lately I've been warming to it. I think everything looks beautiful. I'm totally inspired and can't wait for Thanksgiving! Have a happy weekend.

Another fabulous work! This may be the direction I have to go for my Thanksgiving tablescape this year!

MMM as always its wonderful E&J you guys are masters :-)

Thanks for such beauty, it give's inspiration


AMAZING! (as usual) Great job guys!

Gorgeous spread. I feel like I need to have a dinner party to recreate your table!


Ok gentlemen, what don't you do to perfection? As always, I'm impressed!

Haven't had time yet to open my Lonny email, but now can't wait! Your table is stunning! The whole room- wonderful!
Such great tips, suggestions and ideas in the article.
Happy Fall to you two!

Hello Eddie and Jaithan,
Absolutely beautiful, as always. I love every last detail from the exposed beams down! What a great idea to interchange shades for the dining room chandelier. AND you've totally inspired me with your dyed linens...I haven't thought to dye anything since I tried to tone down my neon pink bathing suit back in the 80's (must have been post-Wham)! What a great way to revitalize a linen collection.
I'm so excited for the holidays!
Happy fall to you both,

I think it was my fave piece in the whole mag! You two are the cat's pajamas. Really!

In love with this spread, and your home. Very inspirational. I am assuming the bar cart/small buffet (dark wood with the gold pulls) is vintage, but just in case, can I ask where you got it? or where the heck I could get myself something of similar look/feel? LOVE love love it.

Hey I read the article over at Lonny before I got here. I wanted you to know that I really love that table setting. I will have to start incorporating more gold too. Also, I am loving those dyed napkins. I haven't dyed anything before. I think I need to.

Thanks for sharing all of your tips with us. Much appreciated.

I saw this over the weekend when the issue came out and meant to email you all. It looks stunning....the perfect setting for a wonderful day full of family, friends and great food!

I think that this is my favorite table yet! Thanks for all of the great inspiration.

Eddie: I love the blue and orange twist inspired by your china, I'm taking my old ironstone out of my pot cupboard and putting it on the table.

Gorgeous table! Gorgeous guys! And I bet the feast served on Thanksgiving will be delicious! xo Cathy

simply adorable Eddie! I love all the patterns & the color scheme, what a Fete this would be! And the picture of you + J is so endearing!

This was a generous nod to a new media platform that has taken it's rightful place in our daily lives. I've been following you for at least 2 years and have learned a lot about connecting with an audience on-line and was inspired to start Designer on Design. I appreciate the effort you put into it and hope you will drop by for a look at what I'm working on. Joe

I love this! The DIY gold accents are totally something I'm looking to replicate.

Absolutely gorgeous! I lovelovelove the gold pumpkins. And the buffet console is so pretty.

D.Y.I.N.G. over this whole spread. I seriously cannot stop looking at it! (and I don't have to because this fabulousness is splashed across every blog I read)

Sheer genius.

few moments to look
at my latest Lonny
and was sooo pleased
to see your lovely
Thanksgiving article!
It is just beautiful,
plain and simple {although
your design is far from
plain and simple!}.
Wondering when the two
of you will be launching
your own e-zine???
xx Suzanne

As always, Eddie and Jaithan, I have read Lonny and your blog and am now dreaming up ways for our Christmas table. I'm mixing things up this year and going for purple, pink and either silver or gold. No turkey in our house this year - curry instead. London meets Bollywood! Thanks for the inspiration!

Makes me want to cook something for Thanksgiving. Incredible table!

Eddie & Jaitan, you guys are unbelievably talented. You have such great taste, you dare to mix like nobody else and your rooms/areas never feel styled and contrived. Stunning.

And I smiled when I saw the small post-it notes in the serving dishes. We entertain a lot at my house, and I do exactly the same when I prepare many dishes. My husband calls me a label squirrel!

ox, Mon

Eddie & Jaithan,

Another absolutely beautiful table setting. It never ceases to amaze me how you two manage to pull together fabrics, antiques, texture, and color to create gorgeous tablescapes that still seem comfortable, homey and lived in.

Love it.

genius once again, congratulations!

i give thanks all year for your endless inspiration


Be still my heart. Every vignette, object whether high or low is deeee-vine! Love the gold-painted pumpkins. Made me want to fluff and "fall" my place!

So lovely, guys! Lonny makes me smile-- clicking on over to read your article in full!

E&J the two of you are amazing!! Antique Imari...I am so jealous!
That is one stunning table.

There is absolutely NOTHING about this I don't love! I ADORE orange but I'm afraid to decorate with it, you may have inspired me to toss some into my blue dining room! I LOVE THIS so much and that CHANDY and shades...TDF!

It is so gorgeous! I read through it a few times last night. Just beautiful!

Beautiful table. I also love that they included the photo of you and Jaithan on the porch.

I commented after seeing Lonny on line the other day. I keep asking if you guys will marry me but no response! How about just move in and keep my tables looking gorgeous and fresh flowers everywhere? No? Oh well, a girl can try. I love the spray painted pumpkings..going to use that idea at my own Thanksgiving table. Thanks, as always for great inspiration.

So really fabulous!! Blue and orange is one of my all time favorite color combos. Congratulations!!

As always, you just knocked it out of the park! I'm already planning my Thanksgiving table with Woodland Spode and my Eddie Ross pink glasses!!! I just keep taking notes from the master!!!

Hugs to you both!

I have been mocked for years for setting little notes in each serving piece before entertaining! I am so glad that someone as cool as you does it too.
Might need to grab a few of those little shades too.

I LOVE the cobalt blues with the orange and rust tones. Your color palette raises an autumn table to the height of elegance (as usual!)

Thanks also for your kind comments on my own blog. Btw, in case you haven't seen them, I featured a couple of your designs in my two pink posts last week!

I was so sad when Domino closed down - so when Lonny came about I was ecstatic! Now that they're doing actual print copies? It's bliss! :) Just saw your spread in the new issue - I'm seriously obsessed with the tablescapes you create - can you come do my thanksgiving table? :) Genius idea about dying your own linens!!

I adore the gold, orange and deep blue! they work amazing! stunning job, E & J! xoxo

Absolutely gorgeous! You do SUCH a fantastic job, truly unlike anyone else.

Eddie and Jaithan, not only is the table perfect, there is so much to love about it! Every time I squeal about something (say: those amazing plates) my eyes are drawn to another fabulousity (ahem, adorable pumpkin place settings?). Well, well done.

So lovely! The small gold birds accenting the table are my favorite part.

That table is just beyond beautiful! I haven't peeked at Lonny quite yet but this makes me want to hurry up and do so. WOW!

Read it. Loved it. Especially the gold mini pumpkins. How glam!

This table is awesome! Fantastic job and a brilliant result! Well done.......KG

Absolutely love the table setting....and that gorgeous photo of the two of you!


Stunning, just stunning! You've outdone yourselves again.
And I just love the picture of the two of you on the porch.
Look forward to seeing more features from you!!!

Thank you for another charming, lovely table. You are inspiring your readers to take their tables to the next level, making dining a lot more of a chic occasion!

It was fab, guys, you never fail to inspire. Bravo!

I loved how your table turned out. Lonny is definitely a great source of information and inspiration. They couldn't have chosen a better person to set a Thanksgiving table than you. I love the color palate you chose: the blues, oranges, golds, grays... They all mix perfectly together. I appreciate your attention to detail and the inspiration you continue to send our way. I so enjoy seeing each of your projects.

Have a wonderful week...
xoxo, Jen

Happy Birthday Lonny! And the spread was just beautiful (as always:) From the flowers to the place settings, I could definitely sit down at that table and enjoy a turkey and all the trimmings. So inspiring. --Gretchen O.

You guys rock!

E & J--you knocked it out of the park (see, I told y'all you should do a table-setting book :) Just lovely and inspiring...and already over the blogosphere.

Pairing blue with the orange for Thanksgiving. So unexpected and wonderful!

E & J, last comment I made on the orange vase, I think I said orange is my favortie, and here it is again! Looooove it. Did you change the chandelier shades to orange, or were they inspiration? My guess is you did it! This is a beautiful table, and congratulations. I love the color interest and the elegant simplicity of the whole look.

I thought this issue was the best one yet. And I loved seeing more of your home. I love the way you manage to make you home look colonial chic. I love the mix but it still feels very American. I really adore that black buffet. This looks like the perfect Thanksgiving setting to me.

I'm so loving the dark blue and pops of orange - just gorgeous and a wonderfully fresh inspiration for a Thanksgiving spread. May just have to stop by on my way to Hillsdale!

Happy birthday to Lonny & bravo to you & Jaithan for putting together a smashing Thanksgiving table. I adore the gilden mini-pumpkins as place card holders!

Have a beautiful week ~ Deb

oh so lovely!! and bonus: blue and orange are the colors of my alma mater. what could be better than that?!

damn y'all are talented! love the lonny article!

ps. when are y'all visitng again? melissa openened up a new store!


let's go shopping! hehe

Gorgeous, as usual. I love that you can make brass accents look current when they can so easily look outdated. Great job!

That's awesome Eddie!You did a great job on your table and it looks great!I love the dishes and flatware.Bravo to you and J!!!


So delighted to pause during a hectic day and to take pleasure with your design. Classical with a twist of something new and fresh. Thank you for making Creative Candles tapers look so elegant among your treasures. Please let your readers know about the monthly candle give-aways at Creative Candles for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the holidays. And you please know there will always be room at our holiday tables for you two.

The table setting is a real triumph. I would like it in my own dining room. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOTALLY loved the fall dinner table!

You did such a great job with the color selections, so often everything is too brown at this time of year. Really like your pops of color, and that big roasted veggie bowl is just beautiful!!

I'll be looking for my invitation in the mail... this is a party I would love to attend ;)

Northern Light

AMAZING table!!!

Eddie and Jaithan, Wow, I love ths setting. That sideboard image is fabulous. I have a new piece and am thinking of black laquer!!
Congrats of course as always!

Art by Karena

Congratulations! I love the golden pumpkins -- and the beautiful bowls on the buffet! Your pumpkin porch is splendid! Believe it or not - I haven't figured out the Lonny thing yet -- but now I will!

Stop by the market - I have just posted the recipe for my favorite autumn confection -- chocolate covered tarantulas -- sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy -- frighteningly delicious -- and very fun to display for any spooky occasion. I really think you'd like them. (Did I mention they are easy to make??)

Keep up the good work, ER.

I am hosting Thanksgiving again this year at my house for 14 so I was thrilled to see this post. So many great ideas! And your little pheasant in brass is just la piece de resistance...

I am going to try something different this year and try to do two tables side by side in my dining room instead of one large one. We'll see how that works out. You are so right about testing the recipes before hand. Very important if they are new I think. I always like to try at least one new dish but I always test it first!

Great table and tips (dye! great idea). I must say I love every image in Lonny's new issue.

What an elaborate spread! I'm sure each guest will feel like they guest of honor at that table, I sure would!

I absolutely love the gold touches everywhere. Looks like King Midas was one of your decorating assistants.

Wonderful job as usual!


This is just perfection.
I feel as though the parade has just finished, and we're just about to sit down to dinner.

Love this! So many great ideas!

Love all your design elements and the table is fabulous, what I wouldn't give for that side buffet. What a great picture of you and Jaithan! I've never heard of Lonny so I'm off to check it out, thanks for sharing!

Ahhh... I'm just in love & am definitely planning to use gold spray paint on some of my own quirky accessories to create more consistent table decor - brilliant! And many congrats to the Lonny team on their 1st birthday... Here's to many, many more!!! Thanks for sharing your latest amazing project E & J!

And I am really impressed (as if I couldn't get easily) and also inspired by Lonny's work. Thank you for all these information Eddie.


Well this is the time of year for thanks, to you and Jaithan, Michelle and Patrick.

Love working with you, call me anytime.


This is such a LOVELY spread! I shrieked with excitement when I saw this tablescape in Lonny! I adore the orange and blue combination- and all of the gold accents make it feel so luxurious! Great job! Thanks for the CONSTANT inspiration!

I just did a post not long ago about an orange and blue room in my home- check it out!


It looks fabulous -- I loved the tip about dying your own linens!

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