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October 28, 2010


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Eddie, I had so much fun reading this. The tip of starting in the back then to front is awesome!I also love the idea of mixing silver flatware.This is my next search. I think I am ready for some fun sets. Thanks and Congrats!!

Now that is some fabulous press! Janell

I was in Greenville last week and still catching up on my New York Times and the home section is my favorite. I have to go out and check and make sure my boyfriend did not throw it out. Can't wait to read it.

I know where you are in that photo... you're in Pippin! My favorite secret... well not so much now... place to get great finds! I love them. And the owners are wonderful people. :) Congrats!

Yay!!!! You're coming to Texas!

I love that you were featured in the NY Times! Congrats! What a great article...I have learned so much from your blog, but I also found some great info in this article. I can't wait to visit the The Antiques Garage with all the helpful tips from this article in mind. Happy Halloween E and J!

Oh I enjoyed reading this so much...and am very grateful for the cleaning tips. I'm never quite sure what the best thing to use is on some of the items I bring home...especially linens.
Thanks you for your fabulous words of wisdom and congratulations!
xo J~

Great article! - love the idea of starting in the back!

Hi E & J: The girls and I have not done the antiques garage, so we have something to look forward to. I like the idea of starting in the back, and finding a set of sterling silver.

Thanks for the head's up about the article! Can't wait to read it!

Loved the interview and spending my afternoon sipping coffee and reading every inch of your site. I was hoping to find a visit to the southwest, will have to try to make a trip up to LA.

Wil be returning for more inspiration, best wishes for a fabulous Halloween weekend. Coryanne

I'm sorry I missed that article in the NYT. I love flea markets and am always looking for other places to get great items for Fly Me To The Moon Florists, my boutique flower shop in Westchester. Hope to get on one of your trips sometime soon!

Congrats on the NYT article, doesn't get much better than that!
See you soon....

sooo cool! Flea Market & antique shopping is the bomb! enjoy!

Congratulations! Wonderful & very helpful article. Clearly you were the wizard behind the curtain at MSl. Great idea photographing car location....

HI Eddie/Jaithan!

I've gotta double check the calendar but I'd love to come to January's Flea Market trip! Hope you guys are doing well!

Much Love,

Seagrass Interiors

i love this.

it's so important that people learn you don't have to read 'the art of the deal' just to get one at the flea market. i love talking to sellers about their stuff, that we obviously mutually appreciate, and pretty much all will work with customers on price if they ask nicely or make a reasonable offer.

and good job getting into the times!!! i think you might be the most famous flea market expert in the states!

Seriously, what fun. I have to get to Atlanta when you go next. I will check out your sidebar for your upcoming shopping trips. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh It would be my nº1 dream to go with Eddie and Jaithan to these fleamarkets.
Nobody in my family, not even my love of my live understands my passion for decorating and going to flea markets. It will be so nice to be surrounded by inspiring people who share the same passion.
One day I hope to take part....

Great article and great advice! I shopped the Garage for many years. I think back to the good old days when we had more parking lot vendors and less highrises, shopping with a hot coffee on a cold morning. We would love to have you come by our Metis Linens booth at the Rose Bowl one of these days; enjoying your blog, which I found via Karena.

Woohoo! Awesome, although not surprising :) I was so sad to miss out on your trip to DC earlier this year, but I so hope that the calendar will be clear for next year's escapade!

Congratulations on the Times article.

I can NOT wait for the Texas trip. I don't even care which market you guys go to, I am there!

I am off to buy the NY Times -- can't wait to see it. I'm also planning on registering for the NY flea. You'll hear from me soon :)

I loved opening my paper today & seeing this. I also look forward to a trip with you in NYC!


Congratulations on all the success and notoriety! So glad we made contact from your Martha Stewart days. We could not be happier that the universe is applauding your talents. Sending our very best from the Candle Factory.

congratualations you guys! have a fun weekend!
happy halloween :)

I was so excited to see you in the NY Times in the black and white print version -- but you positively light up the room (and my heart) in living color!
Congrats again!


Congratulations Eddie and Jaithan, I will be posting an image of a recent find I came across!

Art by Karena

Excellent advice. I hope to share my finds with you someday - but I really like to see what you create. I am inspired to look at things differently.

Ah... Flea markets! I love them...! It's fun to discover hidden 'jewels' and even better: find bargain jewels!

Congratulations Eddie! So thrilled to meet both you and Jaithan in Little Rock today. You did a fabulous job with your presentation for The Fine Arts Club.

My Sister and I had another thrill when we went by our space at Fabulous Finds Antique Mall after the luncheon to find that you had bought an old,cigarette box from us yesterday. Thanks so much!

We hope to see you guys again, soon. We'd love to do one of your flea market trips. Obviously its our passion. It would be a blast to get your take on it.

Congratulations on the great press, Eddie. Great advice, and YES, that truly WAS a huge score on the sterling flatware. yippee! xo Lidy

Great article! I got a lot of good info out of it. Working from back to front at a flea market, genius!! Also I love replacements.com, we move every 2 yrs (military) so sites like that come in really handy:) Love your site!

Yeah! Congratulations!

I plan to join you in NY or LA. And I am bringing another blog friend along. Can't wait!

Hugs to you both.


Hey, Eddie, perfect timing because I am having a tag sale in Pelham Manor, NY! It will be better than a flea market. You can check out craigslist for Westchester for details. I hope you can stop by! There are many treasures that you mentioned in the Times Article!


What a great and informative article Eddie. I so hope you are writing a book - 'A buyers guide to flea markets' soon..! Really!!

As usual I dream about being able to join you guys. Have fun and hope you get a great turn up!

Have a lovely Halloween weekend!

xx Charlotta

P.S. your new profile picture looks great! x

That looks to be a great rug under your foot there! And that kitchen stool with the pull out stair is a dead ringer for the one in my childhood kitchen. My mom was a real rebel in the fifties. When we had new gray linoleum laid in the kitchen she designed a yellow coffee pot to be inlaid in the floor!

Love the shot and you look fabulous, happy - that's what counts.

When you get a chance to come to the San Francisco area, I'd love to shop Alameda Antique Fair with you :)

I opened it up this morning and was SO excited to see Eddie sitting there and read the great article! Congratulations on a huge and amazing feature!

grand article...Love your post+thank you for being so "giving" on your blog. xx peggybraswelldesign.com

I was so dern excited to see "Texas" on your itinerary I came to comment before reading the article! See you in Marburger!!!

Just found your blog and was surprised to discover that three of the pictures you posted as part of your portfolio are currently living in my decorating inspiration notebook after having torn them out of various magazines over the years! I guess I must love your work, because I'm pretty choosy about what gets torn

Would really like to see a picture of that chandelier you mention in your article. And the silver too.

Loved your Times piece and hope to do one of your tours!

Following on FB.


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

Congratulations on your interview in The New York Times - love the picture and of course all the tips!
xoxo Elizabeth

Great article! Great pic! xoxo Ronny

Loved the article. I know you often recommend the Gorham polish but I have never been able to find it. Can you help a loyal reader out?


Nice- headed to check it out now- I love all your tips!! Everytime I head into a shop I cross my fingers a pair of beautiful Murano lamps is waiting for me just like yours :)

If only I could be so lucky haha

Fabulous write up!!
You are the King of the Flea!
Great photo of you too.

How fun and good for you! I HAVE to meet you on one of your flea market days! Would love to tag along...maybe in Feb. in NYC. Although it is going to be freezing there!

You're a ROCKSTAR! ;-) I'd so love to go fleaing with you and Jaithan sometime!

How perfectly, perfect! Way to go!!

I just got finished reading the interview. Great tips. I will be sure to bring some of the items on my excursion.

Great feature! Congrats!

Well done you!
Fabulous article and great advice.

Congrats for being featured in the Times! I am really looking forward to the flea market trip in Charlotte coming up next week. Time flies!

great article!

Great article. What a national treasure you are as well........
We are lucky to be able to share the same time and place with you and your design tips! Never disappointing, always in the mix and in the know!

Great job, Eddie. When ya coming back to Atlanta and Scott's???

I loved my trip to the Antiques Garage in NYC with Eddie and Jaithan last year and now my brass sconces (with a shell motif) are looking great hard wired into the wall of my newly decorated room. I got them both for $40. Up here in CT new they would easily sell for $250 each retail. I love them. The trip to the "garage" was extremely fun and educational even if it did rain on our day. I really learned a great deal in one morning.

Congrats on your spread in the NY Times! Wonderful!

Congratulations! Nice article. I'm jealous of your sterling flatware find :)

great article....wish I'd signed up for Charlotte before you were sold out. I'll catch you another time...Donna

Great article....are you planning a trip back to Scott's anytime next year? If I know ahead of time, hopefully I can make the trip again.


Hey guys! Great article!!

congrats! can't wait to see it!

You aren't believing what I'm finding at my junk shops this year.

I shop at Scott Antique Market with my clients. When are you coming back?

Having another incredible year. Who knew so many women would want a fabulous landscape in a bad economy?????

Keeping up with you and Jaithan & loving it. Congrats on every accomplishment. Including the ones that never make it to the limelight.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Great advice. I love Gorham silver polish but can't find it lately. I'm selling lots of mismatched silver lately. When are you coming back to Atlanta? Have a wonderful day.

Hey there, you look so happy and I love that you are in the NY Times!
Happy scouting to you!

Congrats! Can't wait for the shopping trip next week!

Excellent article as always!You've inspired me so much, we've decided to go to Charlotte next weekend, its just 5 hours away !Too late to shop with ya'll, but we'll have fun!!Thanks for be so generous with your tips and advice!
Carol in GA

Flea markets are always fun and I'll be sure to have a look since we subscribe to the paper. You should also tell people to see your comment regarding entertainment in House Beautiful!

Fabulous article!

Congrats, Eddie! Fab feature (I love your shoes, too!)

Congrats on being in The Times! KG

Oooooh! Gotta check it out IMMEDIATELY :)

Great picture and interview! Would enjoy following you around any one of those markets. And so happy to read that I am not alone in needing to take cell phone photos of where I parked my car so I can find it again!!

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