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November 15, 2010


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Gosh, I’ve been looking about this specific topic of creative custom designs for about an hour, glad i found your blog and I am surprised to see this brilliant and creative post on your website! Thank you very much for your post and for your time to collect all these great and incredibly outstanding designs.

I really enjoyed the story behind the scenes! So cool and not at all what I expected. Actually I never think about the behind the scenes, I'm too awed by the beautiful presentation and stunning photos. Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

thank you very much for the glance behind the scenes. You put so much effort in your work. That's very special!

Thank you for sharing. Love to look behind the scenes on your projects. So much fun!

OMG, guys! You've destroyed every fantasy I've had when looking through magazines!

Seriously, this is AMAZING to see what goes on behind the scenes. As someone who love process, I really enjoyed seeing all of this!

Thanks! Steve

This is so cool... I love seeing the behind the scenes work. Also helps me with the photography for my blog. Thanks for providing this privileged peek that only you could give us!

LOVE the sneaky "chardonnay". too fun!

This was absolutely fascinating! I loved this post- so interesting to see behind the scenes! Pumpkins in August! Who knew?! That photo of the pumpkins in the trunk is just too cute!


Love peeking behind the scenes of photo shoots. Your work, of course, is flawless. Just used a table setting you did for Lonny as inspiration for my supper club table (used gold spray paint on my pumpkins).

And you look so much like your adorable mother!

That was SUCH fun! I had NO idea how it was done. Thank you for the inside scoop!

I think your mum's wreath should have been the cover photo! it is beautiful and elegant and country all at once...thanks for a behind the scene's look...so interesting!

Well worth the efforts...your cover design is spectacular! It's amazing how much work goes into getting and creating the mood and appearance you want. You ALL did a fabulous job! Love all the colors. Going to have to try my hand at making that gorgeous wreath.

It's so fun seeing the behind the scenes from this shoot! The cover looks beautiful, and it is so interesting to see how you came to the final photo for the lovely cover! I love the pumpkins and the pinecone arrangement...it is seasonal but also elegant and chic!

I found all of this absolutely FASCINATING!!!! I LOVE magazines, and it is SO interesting for me to see all of this action behind the scenes. It does, indeed seem like magic the way you pull it all together with the photographer and everybody, and the magic shines through on the pages we see. I really think I missed my calling; with all of the things I love and collect, and my love of great design, I would have so enjoyed having a job as a prop stylist for magazines, design books and cookbooks, etc. At the very least, I should have worked at a place like the Prop Company! What a dream job. I can live that dream a little bit - albeit vicariously - through your lovely posts! Thank you, thank you!

Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes. I feel quite silly doing a full get up my photo shoot with Cabbages and Roses!! I went all out and set up the whole room as if guests were really coming. Holy cow this would have been SOOO much easier. Thanks for the tips. Although I am still a rookie, my next photoshoot will definitely be cutting some corners!

Like so many have already stated...It was interesting to read about the styling process. Thank you for sharing! Reading your post made me feel better about my own little projects. I won't be so hard on myself when my next project doesn't turn out as perfect as those lovely magazine covers:) For that to happen I would need a small army of uber talented people! Cheers and have a happy weekend:)

Congrats again for your cover! Love the behind the scenes images.


What an interesting and AMAZING read!! I REALLY enjoyed seeing the process. Thanks for sharing Eddie!! You're the BEST!

:D Lynda

That is excatly how I do it


Every creation is perfection; I especially love the wreath!

Pure brilliance throughout! Thank you, Eddie, for taking us behind the scenes -- great fun and so many wonderful ideas! You're extremely gracious to share these oh-so-clever secrets of a professional stylist. I'm sure design bloggers the world over are bookmarking this post for future reference. I have a feeling you've just elevated the level of blog styling/photography by several degrees.

Congratulations on having assembled such a talented team to assist you. Your mom and Jaithan certainly do beautiful work! Loved the shot of the white painted pumpkins with the blue painter's tape in place (coordinating so well with the spray paint can -- not an accident I'm sure!). ;) It reminded me of a hand-tinted black and white shot.

OK, I'm rambling. Thank you for all you do. Hope you have the happiest of Thanksgivings.

Kindest regards,
Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements

You totally inspired my thanksgiving table this year...I blogged about you today, and tomorrow's post is my version of your splattered pumpkins!

Thanks so much for sharing your talent and ideas!

Most defintely a good post for behind the scenes. It all makes sense. You can do so much...with so little

Mr.Goodwill Hunting

I can't find the magazine!! Have checked everywhere but book stores and Joanne Fabrics. Any hints who carrys it?

What a fun post! Loved getting a peek at how it all happens. Everything is beautiful.


I am amazed how you can take something so ordinary and turn it into art! Great job and teriffic ideas!

The behind-the-scenes glimpses are so interesting! Thanks for sharing - everything looks absolutely beautiful (like always)!

Very cool to see the behind the scenes shots! xx

It is always fun to see behind the scenes...thanks for sharing.

I love this post! Seriouly I read it twice (some parts three times). I felt naughty peeking behind the scenes :+) Each project is perfect, although your moms wreath on the door Jaithan painted takes the cake!

This story was both classy and assesible. I like that you do sophisticated on a budget. That is missing in the work of some designers and publications. The wreath is amazing!

your imagination has no boundaries

This was fantastic! What you do is so much work, but you are so generous to share.

I made those pumpkins for my thanksgiving table!!! thanks for the great idea...I'll be sure to link your blog to my post Friday!

xo, cassie

It's so fun to go behind the scenes with you!
You really are a genius and I love seeing your creations photographed professionally!!
Give Margie a big hug from me!
No one can hold a candle to you :)
You elevate DIY to an art form.

This was so interesting! Thank you for giving us the inside scoop! I loved how you wrote it too...putting beautiful words to something informational is a talent. :-)

Brilliant...love seeing the steps from creating the piece, to staging it and the final photo!

Thanks for sharing this with us...I love it all. Wish I had all the decor in my home.

Dayum....that IS magic. Your work is phenomenal...the way they staged it for the shoot just blows my mind!

Glad you are still enjoying the magic Eddie - can't wait to see that issue - will get my mum to bring over to Ireland - exciting that Elizabeth is bringing new life into it.
Was so much fun seeing behind the scenes - what magic it is - I'll get back to it someday!

What a great post ~ I've taken notes on your great ideas!

I just posted about an Indian corn hurricane I created for our Oktoberfest party this year. After seeing yours, I think mine needs a little brown wrapping. Take a peek if you have a chance.

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to meet you and Jaithan tomorrow in NY.


Oh, HOW many times have I used the frayed napkin trick!!?? And the best part is?? Toss them after––I have strict aversion to ironing and can't seem to get myself together and be proper enough to send them to the dry-cleaners like a good girl should ;)

Still reeling over the paper-wreath and that pecan pomander!!! You make me want to stylize every single corner of my house. Seriously. Can I stylize the microwave? I'd do that too, if I could ;)

Very happy for you and thanks for the behind the scenes action--I completely know how it is! Meltdown in 5 4 3 2 1 unless I get some freaking diet coke and water!!!! NOW! Also, admiring your delegation skills.....I think that's perhaps the hardest part!


Gorgeous as always! Thanks for keeping it real:) I love the behind the scenes, isn't that real life...props and stage hands LOL.

E&J, you truly worked
your magic for this issue!
And Eddie, NOW we can see
that the apple hasn't fallen
far from the tree.....your mom
is very talented....and adorable,
to boot! Loved the peek behind
the curtain : )
xx Suzanne

E&J: The back end of a photo shoot is fun. I want you to see my friend Randy McManus's space. He is a brilliant floral designer and party designer. Greensboro does not sound glam, but he is incredibly talented. All eyes on Randy: http://randymcmanusdesignsinc.wordpress.com/

Thank you, that we can see that work behind this beautiful pictures. Very intersting. Thank you again regards jürgen

This is SO interesting!! Love love love seeing this. xoxo

I have this issue! And I didn't know you were behind the styling either. Very cool to see it arrive in my mail box, and then to see how the whole process took place. It's gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing these behind the scenes pics. It's so true when you see a magazine spread or photo you imagine the whole area is just as pretty, interesting to know it might be only a small area that is really staged.

You can tell you are your mother's son....pretty lady, handsome son.

Love to you and Jaithan!

What a great look behind the scenes. Love that sideboard and mantel - now if the Prop Company could just furnish my apartment I'd be all set. (And change it out monthly of course).

I just love all these behind the scenes shots! It's so hard to imagine it's not all staged in a lovely old house in the south somewhere.

Your mom is adorable! Now we can see where you get it.

That post made me cry. I miss working with you.

I have to say, that was the first issue I had bought of WD in a long time, having contributors like you surely has upped the ante if you know what I mean. XOOXX

I loved you contribution to Womans Day. You have great imigination and know how to accomplish your ideas. The two of you work so well together. Kenney's B & B

Its all about the theatre and set design ...(I'm a tech theatre person).

What a cool behind the scenes look. I thought all of those pictures were from a house. Who knew they were all small pictures with styling. Everyone involved had great eyes for what would work.

E & J, that was FASCINATING! I really enjoyed see the behind the scenes fun. THANK YOU so very much for sharing that with us.

Great looking projects! I love the insider look into a shoot! Great tips!
Thanks, and great job E & J !

What fun to see the behind the scenes! It's got to be so rewarding to see all your hard work and talent (and the hard work and talent of your cute mom and Jaithan) come together for one amazing spread.

It is so neat to see what goes on behind the scenes of a photo shoot. Looks like a lot of work! But it's totally worth it because those shots turned out so well!

Really neat behind the scenes. Magazines do tend to give you the feeling of being in someone's home. I can see it is a lot of hard work to give it that feel! I loved the article ... as always, so inspiring.


Eddie and Eddie,
I was in NYC this week-end and walked what seemed like forever to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. I didn't buy anything because I was flying, but I brought home some ideas to search for here locally.

This was such a fun post to read! I loved learning the secrets behind these pretty shots. Sneaky bugger!! Eddie, no denying your talents and what a great team you have~ your mom looks so cute, and Jaithan, do you love painting like I do? Its weird, but I find it relaxing (and gotta love that one coat Valspar)!

I love to see all the behind the seens stuff. It still amazes me all the prep it takes for a shoot.

Everything is gorgeous! Thanks for taking us behind the scenes and how wonderful to see your lovely mother!



Wow! Makes me miss my magazine days with HGTV and Food Network. You are right -- creating these photos is like magic. Thanks for sharing -- and I will now go out and buy the magazine!

So much fun to peer behind the scenes and see your magic at work. Can't wait to meet you tomorrow and be part of all the fun!

I'm so glad that you are both back. What a fantastic post. Now I am full of ideas to try out - the behind the scenes posts are always my favourite!

Eddie this post rocks! Isn't it lovely when a shoot finally starts to come together and the shots you first imagined way back before you'd even started propping or sketching, appear on screen. My favourites are the wreath and the mixed nut sphere. Thank you for inspiring me so much first thing on a Tuesday morning!


Thank you for the inside scoop. This was seriously so fascinating/interesting to read! You're such an amazing talent and I love that I get to keep up with you through your blog.

so interesting to see how its all done so will forgive your absence but sure miss your fun posts...have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday...bet your table is something to behold!

i must say this was the most attractive cover that i have ever seen woman's day produce.....whqt you did was pure magic...it caught my eye right from the first glance....i hope we see a lot more from you...

Eddie and Jaithan I love seeing the behind the scenes look. Wow adore the pincone arrangement, showing us the huge difference with the gorgeous ribbon!! In love!


Art by Karena

I love seeing how different things look outside of the perfectly styled and cropped photo - thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks for the back stage pass! That was really fun...I love to see all those secrets revealed! And that door color was beautiful! I want your job!!!!!!!!!!


So many creative ideas here! I always love seeing the secrets behind a shoot. Thanks for sharing with us!

Old door, fabric swatches, watered down diet coke and hard work, yet you manage to make it look effortless. Margie must be very proud! Cathy

Best post ever! That was such a treat to see.

Wow! That is so generous of you to share your secrets! And what fun to see behind the scenes! I LOVE that your family helps and supports you. Doesn't it make life better?

Well, who knew?? What a great look into the other side...I am totally amazed by it, and it was a great reality check to see how these things are actually staged. Gives me some great ideas. Thanks so much, E & J!

I'm loving the copper corn ring! Great seasonal crafts...simple, creative and ultimately beautiful! Can't wait to get my copy!

What a fun post to read! Thank you for taking us behind the scenes.

I already bought the magazine. But this added even more value to the beautiful images and fabulous projects. And to know that Jaithan painted the door! (:

Love to you both.


congratulations eddie on making the cover of woman's day!
i have never considered this magazine until you came on-board under the tutelage of elizabeth mayhew who is modernizing a long forgotten publication.
loved the behind the scenes and that wreath, stunning!!!

Another amazing creative-fest! Your mom is lovely and you look just like her!

Okay, I guess I am going to have to add that magazine to my list now! And I'm going to paint my pumpkins TOMORROW! LOVE those and really love that they started out orange. Fun! Great Job!!!!! Thanks for the behind the scenes look.

This was fun to see...I want to play like this all day. I always tell my students that the key to life is to find a job that is fun and it will never be considered "work" - - they will all see this post tomorrow as a great example!

That was such fun to read and see, I want to now go back to the magazine and savor it all over again!

i loved reading this!!! seriously amazing & so fun to see he behind-the-scenes

love margie too


Incredible. I mean... In-cre-di-ble! I can't believe it. I really learned something and I am amazed by it!


This is really quite amazing to see how it all starts and comes together. Honestly, I did think the pics were taken in a house. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Amy R.

I loved this post, it was so very interesting! How cool, that you get so close to your subject and when you zero in on it, everything else disappears! Awesome! Show us more....
Carol in GA

What a great post! I don't think it can be stated too many times! I love the pumpkins for the cover. The wreath is beautiful and reminds me of one my mother made years ago using old punch cards, spray paint and glitter.

Fabulous, as always! Your craft comment re: the fabric leaves remind me of my floral design teacher. I once asked her if she considered floral design art or craft.

"Good floral design is art; bad design is craft."

I'd say that applies to most any design. Thank you for your ARTwork!

When I was in the airport last weekend I heard someone say "look at the great cover of Woman's Day" and I smiled! Love seeing the behind the scenes work and ideas. Congratulations on a wonderful feature.

Absoutely Fabulous! You guys inspire me!

Every thing you do totally charms me. And the rest of the nation. You are awesome! oxox, P

Thanks so much for letting us behind the velvet curtain! It all goes to show that the magic is YOU!

Can you bring some of that with you tomorrow?!!
xoxo E

I love to see behind the scenes! Thanks for the peek! Oh and I am still so smitten with that wreath! Amazing!


P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog! Put a big smile on my face.:)

This was a really fun post! Thanks for sharing behind the scenes!

fantastic wreath and nut sphere. you make it look so easy.....

thanks from us all for the holiday inspiration!

I had to really smile when I read this post. I entered flower shows with my Grandmother in the 1960's and '70's. She taught me how use unusual items as the base for many of our arrangements. No one ever knew what we started with under our designs to get them to where they were to be prize winners. I never really thought of magazine shoots to be so much the same way. Really enjoyed this post and the magazine article that it became. I don't think you have shared with us where you are moving!!! ~~Sherry~~

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