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November 15, 2010


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Beautiful! It takes a villageto create all that beauty huh? Well done AGAIN!

Ode to Joy to the behind the scenes blood - sweat and tears! Having worked in fashion, the shoots and shows were always long and exhausting but everyone would always think they were "glamourous!" We know better :)
Just stunning!

That is pretty cool. I lovin' that your Mom was working on that wreath! All those shots lined up in a row on that computer screen are stunning! Are they using a Cannon?

I picked up my first issue of Woman’s Day magazine in over ten years so I could read first hand, what great ideas! To funny how simply getting close to take your pictures can hide so much. Love seeing behind the scenes and then the magazine pictures, who would have known so much went into one little picture? Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for this inside scoop, I was just looking though this issue in the checkout line. Who woulda thought!

That's crazy how those shots are made. Thanks for the behind the scenes view. Hope you guys are doing great!

Oh my goodness! I had no idea! Such effort and hard work for those seemingly effortless arrangements. And everybody needs a mom like yours...does she ever hire herself out?!

This is fantastic! I love all of the behind the scenes. Your mama is gorgeous and crafty too! Doesn't get much better than that!

And fun!

I loved this post! It was so much fun to see behind the scenes (and all the trickery you used :-) ). I saw the magazine and would have never guessed that all of this was behind it. I loved it all. Thanks again for sharing it.

So fun to see the behind the scenes, looks like a lot of hard work went into them!

Truly appreciated this behind the scenes overview. It's amazing to see the set up and then the final shot. Styling and lighting is everything. Thanks so much for sharing. ~ julie

Thanks for the peak in side the sneaky and clever world of magazine styling! KG

What a fun process to see, not sure people relize how much background work goes into a magazine photo. So glad I clicked in today for this post.

I love this post. Seeing the creation of the magazine pages from start to finish is amazing. They are abosolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing the process.

super cool! thanks for showing all the details! i love behind the scenes type stuff :)

Thanks for sharing some behind the scenes details. Very fun!

Oh, the WREATH. Love. The plummy wine color, the creamy pumpkins, and the gold accents go perfectly together. May I please come work with you? ;)

Thanks for sharing! It is so interesting how the magazine shots are made.

I loved the processes from start to finish, the wide shots and the finished cropped version. I think I missed my calling. You are always so good to share so wonderfully.

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