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December 01, 2010


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Hey! Thanks so much for the mention!
I am currently working 3 new groups!
Napolean and Josephine, Seafloor and LoveBirds!

Hope your Spring is coming in leaps and bounds.

Best Regards,

Eddie, doll, your tips have transformed my home's entrance from whoa to pro! The beaded garland and extra baubles to anchor corners of greenery are too fab for words. I want to pop open the champagne two weeks early!

Nice one, there is actually some great points on this post some of my associates will find this worthwhile, will send them a link, thanks

OK....so the cake stand, hurricane lamp and wreath....BRILLIANT. So easy, so elevated, so festive....it will be perfect for my table! Thank you!

HEY! Check out Sally Bridge Metal, Rustic Modern Wrought Iron furniture, FABULOUS!!!!


Loverly!! May I ask what you used as the "flocking" on the tree? It would be the perfect addition to my white/silver/ice blue tree this year!

Gorgeous, Eddie and Jaithan. Haven't been to a Kmart in years, but this post might just get me in to take a peek. Hope you'll have a rockin' holiday at the new house.

I LOVE your behind the scenes posts -- so cool, especially on the eve of the weekend when we have to tackle our own holiday decorations. Good luck getting settled into your new home/ can't wait to see it!

Gorgeous! You've motivated me-- I was going to skip the exterior this year. I'm off to Sears tomorrow. Does Sears realize they struck gold with you two ;)

so, so, so LOVELY!! want to come and decorate my new place?

really, really beautiful, Eddie. I love your work, you are my inspiration! Kisses

All of it looks wonderful Eddie & Jaithan. Loving the warmth of it all!

I agree on the cup cakes - they look amazing. Isabella would kill for them for her room. I may have to get crafty..

Hope you had a beautiful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

Sending you sunny hugs from Sydney.
xx Charlotta

Fabulous! I love it all. So natural which is what I'm drawn to this year. I did the same thing this year mixing faux with lights and real greenery. You guys are making me feel even better about it. Have a great weekend. Mona

I watched all of the videos and thought they were great, I used several of the tips. Thanks for helping with my Holiday decor this year.

Thanks for sharing all the excitement. Have a wonderful holiday!

GORGEOUS, inspiring and fun. You both do this so well. Here's my question? Can you do a follow up PLEASE and show your faithful fans your secret for attaching the garland to the mirror and to the mantle and to the house. I have never seen any explanation for how those things are secured without putting nails into the mantle/side of the house, etc. And, how is the wreath on the mirror attached? Where do all the Christmas lights that are prewired get plugged in and how do you hide all of that wiring?
Thanks for any help you give to the non-professionals!!!

You do have a way of spinning straw into gold! Love all your holiday touches. So cool you stopped by my li'l ol blog & left a nice comment-- you made my day! I will most definitely enter the giveaway! I subscribe via RSS at work (well, I'm a graphic designer so it's allowed!)

eeeek can't wait to see it!!!! :) love yas!!

The wreath on a cake stand idea is genius! I have really simple glass pedestals that would be perfect for this project. Looks like I'm stopping by Home Depot on my way home from work tonight!

Everything looks great but I especially love the outside entry. What a great idea to mix the real garland with the faux one with lights. And it looks so fabulous at night!!

I love traditional Christmas decor, it works everytime in any decor. You guys do it so effortlessly and fabulous each and everytime.

I enjoyed watching the videos. Seeing the house all lit up at night really gets me in the Christmas spirit.

E & J,

WOW I'm totally inspired... headed out to stock up on garland, and prelit wreaths :+)



You make it look easy, but it's such fun to see "behind the scenes" because we know this is so much work! You make it look fun, though, and you're a complete pro!

And how much fun to have two elves as wonderful as Jaithan and Ronny!!!

Happy Move!
xo Elizabeth

Eddie and Jaithan I love the nightime image, gorgeous!!

I have a $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!
Do come and enter!

Art by Karena

Jaithan & Eddie, CONGRATULATIONS on the shoots & your blog ads.

And, PUPPET BARBUDA thinks perhaps 2"-3" further apart on those terra cotta pots at the front door. Yep, go back and look.

Hoping we overlap at another speaking venue in 2011.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

The end results were wonderful - love seeing pretty things on a budget!

Just posted to twitter @MarcyMichaud - Love your tip of combining both the faux and real greens together!

Love the look of your new house! How exciting you found a place.

E&J, Loved these videos what a great way to show the readers how to do it step by step. I really enjoyed them, In fact so much so I posted them on my blog!! I have a post up right now of pink and red I did for my dining room a couple of years ago. It is just a fun combination and the tree you did was fun and whimsical. xo Kathysue

The entry all lit -- hello, could it be more beautiful, inviting, and fitting to the house? Gorgeous and inviting. I also love the cake plates and the arrangement of ornaments and hanging bauble garland on the sides of the mantel. That was super clever. It's always a joy to watch what you do.

Okay fellas, you are the two most fabulous guys in the design world...what can you not do? I love every single thing you both put your hands on...fabulous! I'm happy to hear you like mixing faux and real garland as I started working on that this evening! I've also scored some fab shatterproof balls at Christmas Tree Shop and Ikea in the past (perfect for outdoors, right?)

What a wonderful post and such a great way to ring in the holidays!

wow. you really know how to do christmas right! whatcha got for hanukkah? lol. jk, you are fab!

Your work is always so fabulous! Love seeing the 'behind the scenes' look at your work. Your creativity is endless. Happy Holidays!

I can't believe how many great ideas you store in your head! They are always unexpected yet simple. Faux garland entwined with the real thing? Brilliant! And that mantel with the beaded garland just on the sides? Magical!


Thanks for the behind the scenes footage! You and Jaithan always make it look so effortless!

I always love your behind the scenes post. Makes each one more personal. Especially like the one for the Woman's Day shoot you did for November. I love your new home!!! You must be so excited to start decorating it for the holidays. Can't wait to see what you do. ~~Sherry~~

The house entry decorations are so warm and welcoming! Bring on the carolers!
xo Cathy

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