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February 15, 2011


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Thank you, Eddie. I made this today (did not look as good as yours though) for lunch with friends and everybody loved it.

I absolutely love brie en croute-it's just delicious!!! Your recipe looks so wonderful~ I might have to try this at my next party~thank you for sharing it! :)

I've always wanted to try this ... and you made it so pretty!

I am soooooo trying this recipe. I can't wait to have people over!
I will use the art deco style serving spatula that I bought thanks to you at the NY flea market last Sunday :)

we have all the Holidays at our house. this would be so pretty for our next get together! you did a beautiful job! susan

this is one of my "go-to" staples when entertaining. but love the cookie cutter idea!

Mmmm, this looks so delicious! I wish I was eating it right now! I love finding new easy and affordable recipes for entertaining. Now I know what I am making the next time I have friends over...thank you!

love this!
it's beautiful... thanks for sharing!


You make everything look so effortless and so stylish. I think this might be the most gorgeous rendition of this I ever saw.

that is amazing. tucking this in my recipe box. looks so elegant. no one has to know how easy it is! love that.

Beautiful and oh so yummy!

Hi Eddie-
You mentioned that your other favorite shape for cut outs besides the leaves is a monogram. Do you also do this with a cookie/fondant cutter? If so, where did you find them? Any chance of a photo with the monogram detail? Thanks, Eddie...love your blog!


YUM - this has been the winter where I have totally given in to my cheese addiction - will add this to the list!!

Eddie, I love your down to earth approach to being chic! I am going to be serving this at my twins first birthday party in 3 weeks! So, when are you going to write a book on entertaining? hmmm??? :)

looks fantastic, Eddie

I am making this definitely this weekend !!!!!! Gorgeous !!!!

Thanks for the step-by-step instructions, Eddie. Looks fabulous!

MMMMM, looks delicious and awe-insipring for a party. I'll add this to my "to try" file. Thanks.

Hello!! Reading this on the very sunny East Coast of Australia - and I have a question. Is the cheese runny when you break open the pastry shell? Do you 'dip' the bread, or spread the cheese onto the bread with a knife? It will eventually cool down here - that looks too good to pass by!


Gold Coast Kate

This is off the subject but do you have a lamp source you could share with me. I have been having trouble finding nice and reasonable table lamps.
In the dark in FL!

That is absolutely fabulous!

Looks fantastic! The power of suggestion led me to have brie on apple slices for dinner last thanks to you :) No puffed pastry in the house and when a craving comes over you, you've got to just go with it.


Gorgeous Mr. Man!


I tried it with Camenbert instead of Brie and it tasted absolutely delicious! Greetings from Switzerland

Looks delish, my mouth is watering :)

My next get together I am making that and saying Eddie showed me how to make it.

Let them figure out who Eddie Is


Then I will tell them EDDIE ROSS !!!!!!!!!!!

Mmmmmmm it looks wonderful!
Putting this on my to do list!

Thanks Eddie!!!!

Smiles, Dolly

You had me at "brie," but when you add the rest I can hardly contain myself. Brie is right up there with molten chocolate cake as a favorite, ultimate indulgence. Its almost indecent.

My mom does a version of this where she adds maple/caramelized walnuts on top. Its also good with crisp, granny smith apple slices!

This is going to my book group and believe me they will love it, especially with the red wine. We are reading the Dragon Mother book and I expect a rather lively discussion.

boy did i pick the wrong time to read this post - i'm starving and this looks so yummy!! i actually tried this for the first time last year - a friend of mine made it and i have to say it was amazing!!

ummmm is it wrong that i'm considering having this and only this for dinner tonight? i LOVE baked brie!

This is my absolute favorite recipe! People eat it up like crazy and it's not all that difficult to make.

I love it! Perfect for a party in the winter. Hope all is well! xx

It is indeed a pretty little package. I am also admiring the wonderful French rolling pin. It is on my list when traveling to France in May.

My dear friend makes this all of the time, but with raspberry jam. And with quince jam it tastes absolutely divine! xx Danielle

My mouth is watering...I can almost taste it!!

How absolutely delicious and perfect for an evening of hosting friends! I bought ingredients for this at Christmas and then didn't make it because I was afraid that I would mess it up. You make it look so easy!

Hope you guys are well.

xo, Jen

PS... I have a new blog that I am slowly switching over to. Please stop by.



My, that does look rather good. I'm having a bit of a pastry phase - curry puffs, as it happens, but not nearly as prettily decorated.

None of these are of course any good for the waistline.

Oh Eddie an all time favorite brought to another level of lusciousness!

Art by Karena

OK, so I AM drooling... ;)

No... I wouldn't say crazy! I'm the exact same way, the devil is in the detail, and that's what makes it special!!

Northern Light

Lovely. Definitely delicious. I even cut my brie in half and slather more of the mixture on the inside as well and then put the two halves back together! I twist dough pieces into little rosettes, but without a doubt, yours is prettier. Why am I not surprised?!!!

YUM! I wish i was there digging in to that baby!

I am going to Fl. with 3 friends next week and I will make this while we are there! YUUUMMMMM!!! Thanks so much for the idea! XO, Pinky

I miss you + Jaithan so much...even pb&j would be delightful as long as we were together. xoox, P

I miss you + Jaithan so much...even pb&j would be delightful as long as we were together. xoox, P

Yummm...my mouth is watering!

That looks delicious & beautiful!! You make it look fairly simple to make! ( I prefere detail-oriented too!!LOL)

Oh my! That makes my mouth water! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Delicious! What a gorgeous demo...I can seriously cook but cannot present. Thanks!!

OK then, Yum! Seriously. :)

Wow Eddie, this look incredible. I've made this before, but not embellished with the leaves. Makes a huge difference in the presentation. I'm sharing this with my chef/catering son and daughter as an idea for their next gig!

One dish you must try, if you haven't for brie is just top it with brown sugar & chopped pecans, drizzle melted butter on top, then pour on some yummy Kahlua and bake till warm and it is starting to melt...so delicious! I also sometimes slice the ring in half and add brown sugar and pecans for a little extra oomph.

I love brie but have always removed the top of the rind??? Yours looks fantastic and makes me hungry to entertain again. Take care and keep inspiring :)

YUM! My mouth is literally watering. Love the leaf details, adds a nice touch.... I have made similar except with oodles of garlic, honey and butter.

Soooo, tell me, what time would you boys like to come over? Don't forget to bring the brie. :)

Enjoy the week.

sounds wonderful – but you DO mean compliments, not complements!


one of my favorites too. I always say it is faster than a cheese tray to assemble and people really do go CRAZY over it too!

Ok, yummy AND beautiful! I will share this on my blog and link back to yours soon. After a challenging morning at the gym with my personal trainer, I would love to take a swan dive into this dish! Thanks for sharing!

Looks gorgeous and delicious!!! Wish I was there right now and we would dig in with a glass of that red!

Shut up this looks delish! Your post had me at "good red wine" so I kept scrolling! :0)
I love the leaf detail. I will definitly be trying this one out for sure!
Thanks for sharing,

Ok, ok. I'll do it! I've been putting this off, but EDDIE...your easy instructions make it do-able! Perfectly yummy...

Looks delicious and gorgeous, Eddie! I can't wait to make this for our next cocktail party.

Eddie you are KILLING me here!!
I am on a strict food detox..!! Mamma mia, cheese treats like these are my weakness. I LOVE cheese and am keeping this recipe for later.

THANK you for this wonderful punishment. :)

xx Charlotta

And this had to show up in my email box right before dinner!! Yummo!

That is beautiful!! I will definitely be making that for my next get together. Mmmmm, thanks for sharing. You went to culinary school? Anything you aren't good at:)

YUM! Thanks for the great tutorial!

Yippee....my "detail oriented" friend! I think I can actually do this. In fact I know I can, thanks to these handy dandy photo instructions!

This might just be my new "go to" appetizer!
xoxo Elizabeth

Ooh, I can't wait to try this and impress all of my guests! It looks fab!

I have had this before but never presented as pretty as yours.I think that is what puts you above the rest-it is all in the details and you always cover all the details. xo Kathysue

Literally my favorite appetizer to bring to parties etc. People never believe how easy it is! I typically use raspberry.

You made that delicious appetizer look easy!
xo Cathy

One of my faves! I've been making it with some of our homemade peach jam from last summer with some slivered almonds--yummy! Yours is so much prettier than mine is, though!

you make it look so easy and so good.
I'm hungry.

umm...YUMMMM! ;-) And so pretty too!

i can't wait to try this!!!!! thanks:) xoxo

Mmmm ... my mouth is watering! I love making Brie in Puff Pastry, though I've never tried making it with preserves, I usually do a butter-and-brown-sugar filling. I never thought of using the extra pastry to make cutouts for the top! Can't wait to add that to my recipe!

PS Happy (belated) Valentine's Day to one adorable and classy couple;)

PPS Linked to you in my most recent post re: flowers.

Hi Eddie, I have to say your picture up the top of the blog is so cute! I never knew you went to cooking school. This recipe looks fab and I am going to make it!
Hello to the tall handsome Mr. J too!

I was enjoying a little bit of cheese and crackers while reading blogs but not now because it's cold cheese. I want some of that yummy looking warm from the oven goodness you have pictured. I'm going to make this Friday and can't wait! Is there anything you can't do?

How lovely. Ina Garten made a recipe similar to this - and I must say, with the little cookie-cutter leaf cut-outs you did, yours looks even more delightful. Thanks for the idea!

I swear this is our go too easy appetizer during the winter months. And, I have to admit....when it is just me and my husband it and a bottle of wine has been known to become dinner....

The brie is one of my favorite appetizers to make. Sometimes I use butter/brown sugar instead of the preserves and serve with applie slices. Yum!

Lawsy-mercy! Pass the brie en croute, E&J!

Just delish! Brie is my absolute favorite cheese!


I make this for every party I have and everyone goes crazy for it! My guests actually request it every time. So glad to hear someone else it a huge fan of it too! It's so good!

This looks delicious. But I have a question.

Not to be dense, but if you bake it at your house and have to serve it warm/hot, how do you transport it?

Do you bring it unbaked and borrow the hostess's oven? Probably not good for Thanksgiving in that case.

Or do you only bring it to places that aren't too far away? Do you wrap it to keep it warm?

I'm not trying to be rude, I am genuinely curious because I would like to make this for some family events, but the travel time is about 60 minutes.

Thank you. It really does look fab.

I love this! You are making me hungry!


Those are my very favorite apricot preserves. Have you used other flavors with the brie en croute, like raspberry?

I made this exact recipe except with phyllo pastry last week. Of course, mine wasn't as pretty as yours but it was so yummy! All the girls raved about it & it was super easy!

YUM! That is my absolute favorite snack. Yours looks delish :)

eddie ...
I'm melting over here in the burbs ...

got wine?
need wine with these

I'll bring it.

This looks fantastic I can’t wait to try this! And by golly brie is my favorite.

Yum! I think I will try this for family dinner this week....I love the "detail-oriented" leaves; it makes it look so pro...

Yum. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!! I love the idea of a monogram (like the good Southern girl that I am)! Definitely going to do this at my next little get-together ... As a matter of fact, I have a brie round in my refrigerator right now!

Yum - I'm on my way over. You make the cheesey goodness thing and I'll bring the wine. See you around 7ish! Deal?

That sounds delicious! Could you clarify something for me? You say bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. You also said wait an hour, but serve warm. So are you suppose to wait an hour after it is finished baking to serve it? Does it stay warm that long?

Stunning and edible , my favorite combo ( other than you too of course;) I gave you two some sugar on my blog today.

This is always my go-to app! But I must admit I don't get fancy with pretty add-ons (but want to going forward!). My mom makes all sorts of pear and apricot preserves that are just perfect for this - my mouth is watering!

My husband always request this appetizer for New Years Eve!! Love it, but I serve mine with apple and pear slices. Yummy!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
Carol in Georgia

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