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May 10, 2011


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That's very fastidious article. Thank a lots for talking almost it as I am interested in this individual.

Eeeeeek I love it!!!!! So perfect!!! Congratulations and huge hug!!!

Oh how exciting, congratulations! I love Southern Living anyway, but now that you've joined their team I'll DEFinitely keep my subscription going!

congratulations!!!! what a wonderful addition to a fabulous mag!

congratulations!!!! what a wonderful addition to a fabulous mag!

How wonderful for you! Love that mag, now I think I need to subscribe!


woohoo, Now I'm going to have to subscribe to this magazine now! Congrats on the new gig!

Good thing I already subscribe to the mag! Can't wait to dig it out from my pile and read it!!!!


Eddie! Congrats! As always love everything you do! So excited to have another avenue to follow you! Jennifer

Congratulations!! I cannot wait to read it. The game table looks gorgeous! :)

Eddie, gave up my SL subscription years ago... clearly they are upgrading by engaging you. I will re-subscribe!!
The very best of luck with this exciting new gig!

Love it! I'll be anxiously awaiting every transformation.

I am so thrilled for you!!! xo

E+J: Much success! Hooray! Enjoy every minute of your adventures.

Can't wait to see more pics of the new home.


How wonderful! I received a B&N gift card for Mother's Day I'm going to go buy a copy!! Hope all is well! xo Susan

It was a FABULOUS article and the HIGHLIGHT of this issue of Southern Living! So excited to see what else you do with this column!

Re: [EDDIE ROSS] SouthernGirl submitted a comment to My New Column in Southern Living!

Please send me a picture Eddie@eddieross.com would love to help!

Grand news about the column..being southern from birth- we welcome ya'll with open arms. Greetings from LA. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

That's it, if you are in SL, I am suscribing!
Can you answer me a question? My husband has a silver tea service that I don't think he has ever polished so its tarnished. On top of that it has one of those stubborn grease buildup layers that soap and water has no effect on, this all due to sitting on top of the refrigerator for years. Do you have a suggestion on removing this layer without hurting the silver? Its not sterlin, just a nice silver plate. Thanks!


I would like live there
looks so cosy and elegant:)

So excited for this! Congratulations!!!

What a great column, I bet you are thrilled. I love this mag. We are putting product in their idea house in Texas Hill country. I can't wait to see it in person!

Congrats! It must feel great to be back in the magazine business again. Bravo! Love your ideas and am looking forward to the columns. Thanks Eddie & Jaithan

Congratulations, Eddie. Looks like a great article!

A Connecticut Yankee in Southern Living -- how nice!
Congratulations on your new column.

E+J- Very excited to see the new house!


Love it! You always have the best finds and transformations :-)

A huge congratulations! I'm one of those from Little Rock that met you and know that you are Southern at heart. Can't wait to follow your new column.

Oh Eddie, CONGRATS!!! This is great!!! I am a subscriber so will see your column! I am feeling like a proud Mama!!! XO, Pinky

I would have to second that....you have a true Southerner's heart and spirit of generosity!

Can't wait to see the new column debut!

That pink game table......hmmmm, what in the world are you going to do with that. Auction?

xoxo Elizabeth

Eddie, I can't wait to read your column! SL is one of my favorite magazines!

I'm making it a
point to pick up
this issue and may
have to re-up, now
that Eddie Ross & Co.
has arrived to shake
things up : ) Just
popped over from the
latest TRAD mag, where
I saw you quoted!
xx Suzanne

Two of my favorite things, you and Southern Living. So excited for you! I'll be reading!

I just subscribed to SL and I await with anticipation for my copy to see your article! You are so crafty and clever to find such a wonderful table for a great price. Wish you spent more time up North doing more flea markets! Any thoughts of Elephant's Trunk?

As a Southerner, I'm such a fan of Southern Living and thrilled that you are now a part of a staple in our home!!

Eddie this is great Southernn Living is smart for getting you on board. You have a way of making things look new and fresh like nobody else I know!! Great job, Love the pink and white!! xo Kathysue
PS thanks for stopping by the other day, miss you.

Eddie Congratulations! This is so so exciting! I can't wait to get my copy and say "I know him!!! Isn't he awesome?!"

MMmm, like a tall glass of raspberry lemonade on a hot Southern Sunday. Welcome home, Eddie!

Congrats Eddie! This is fabulous!! Looking forward to seeing the behind the scenes for the shoot, as well as reading the column posts (and maybe some tips on how to become a shelter mag contributor too)! xo

YOU are SO awesome!!
:D Lynda

Ahhh, and excuse to renew my subscription! Southern at heart-- love it, and know the feeling :)

From one true southerner to an adopted one...Congrads..I look forward to the column. SL is a staple here and it's nice to see them include new concepts and fresh ideas...


so cool...am looking forward to reading about all your great finds in Southern Living mag... you have such a great eye and have lots of inspiration and ideas..
congratulations on the new column debut..

congrats eddie! what a beautiful article and can't wait to see more!

hugs to you and jaithan,


Love this!
You always take things up several notches!
I recently bought an old cabinet with the veneer peeling and now after reading this I'm feeling up to the challenge. I sort of liked it the way it is but looks so old and tired next to your hot mama :)
Great column. I guess I better subscribe!

Congratulations! Looks great. I hope they have you hitting lots of flea markets throughout the South. Looks like a perfect fit for you two. :)

Southern living and hospitality is a way of life whether north or south! Great column and looking forward to seeing more!
xo Cathy

Love this magazine even though I live in the north. It always reminds me of my travels to the the southeastern part of the country that I love so much. Congratulations!!!
~Suzanne in CT.

Yay for you!!! How exciting! :) Congrats!

Xo, Screaming Meme

I'm so glad I saw this today. I love that pink and white table! Its the perfect inspiration for a table that has been sitting unused because I didn't know what to do with it. Now, if I could only find an excuse to leave work so I can paint...

in my southern drawl ... you raaawwwk mah' world!

Congratulations! That is wonderful! I'm so excited for you!!! Now, I must run and and get a subscription!

I love the idea of painting the top in a bright color. I have a similar table, a Goodwill find, that I painted white last year, I know what I'll be doing to give it that finishing touch. As always, thank you for the inspiration.

Congratulations on the column Eddie it looks great!

Congrats Eddie! Sounds like a fun gig! Love the concept of the column. ~Tracy

I LOVED the table...and your column is great. (funny, I just did a flip top table with the pink on the inside...I PROMISE i wasn't copying!) We must be on the same wavelength:) AND glad you had a successful trip to Metrolina!

Congratulations! I'm a longtime reader of Southern Living and look forward to reading your column in the next issue.

"In with the Old" sounds like its going to be lots of fun and very inspiring.


How exciting! And we're the ones that win with all of this!

Fab! fab!!!

Have a great day!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

How fun! I'll be looking for it!

Congratulations on this great coup. Look forward to reading the column.

I love this piece -- it really brings alive things I never would have thought of. You are an inspiration to me and so many other people. Thank you and I love to open a magazine and there you are!!!!

LOVE it!!!!! It is all about the hunt. xoxox

Oh Eddie! This is a great idea for a column, and you are the one to write it! I love following you and Jaithan as you hit all the cool fleas across the country and then see what you come home with.

Your new column was my favorite thing in this month's issue!

love how you are equally at home in the north and the south.

I am always amazing at what a little elbow grease and paint does. Congratulations on the feature in Southern Living. Will this be an ongoing thing?

hey eddie, you may be a southerner by heart but you are producing the goods with soul!

great look, i have ideas to copy here and may my favorite; southern living hold onto you tight.......excellent collaboration!


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